Bachmann Denies ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Rumors

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — She’s no longer in the running for the Republican presidential nomination, and she’s also no longer in the running to tango with Mark Ballas.

Rep. Michele Bachmann announced Wednesday that she will not be joining the next season of ABC’s reality competition series “Dancing with the Stars.”

Bachmann responded to recent rumors, suggesting that even though she has a “lifelong love of ballroom dancing,” she will continue to focus on her political career.

“Serious issues face our nation,” said Bachmann in a press release.

If she had competed, Bachmann wouldn’t have been the first person to do the fox trot primarily based on political connections. Former contestants include Bristol Palin and Tom DeLay.

  • DuperThug

    gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaging at thought

    • idknockthebottomoutofit

      Are you kidding? Dude, she’s hot. Should be called ” dancing with a tight grip”

  • Red

    that the lord

  • Red

    lets try that again- THANK the lord

  • Glory Be

    visions of her working a pole at the Chapel Hill Assisted Care facility flash before my eyes and Nurse Nancy saying to some old chap “Martin, get your hands out of your pajama’s. Now Martin – right now !! ”
    Michele’s all giggly playing the pole. I imagine she’s happy to know she can make it happen to someone brings her joy.
    Meanwhile Marcus is o’er in the west wing looking for a …………….

  • Real Talk Snitch

    Dear Ms. Bachmann,

    Please leave the “serious issues” facing our nation to the serious people. You are simply fodder for late night television host….you are literally a joke, literally. One never knows, maybe you will be good at DWTS, lord knows you love the attention.

  • Crazy Joe

    I think Marcus should be on that show, he could become the next dancing queen.

    • BizOwner

      No joke! Marcus for President of HRC!

  • You-betcha

    Michelle Bachmann sounds just like one of the female characters from the movie Fargo, firkin hilarious. Ya you-betcha

  • Kid from USA cannot tell

    Oh, ye gawds..

  • G Dog

    Marcus has his own gig on “Dancing With The Fairies”.

  • steve

    Isn’t this woman’s 15 minutes up all ready!

  • john

    No, Palin continues, so why not her?

  • X-Puffer

    Bachmann has been Dancing With The Stars her whole career!

    • Glory Be

      I am not sure if she’s been dancing with them but she sure as hell has been seeing them in her little mind

  • G Dog

    Doesn’t dancing raise carnal thoughts??

  • BettyC

    welkl if she had gone on it would have been a real jumping the shark moment for the show.

  • anti bachmann

    keep that dumb b**ch out of the news already
    like she even knows how to dance

    • dave

      She will stay in the news and probably wants to until after the November 2012 congression elections. Then she will ride off into the sunset until 2014 when her (god forbid) re-election time.

  • Charles

    Maybe if it was Tea Dance?

  • Shawn

    What political career?

  • Shawn

    What political career would that be?

  • Rufus Larkin

    Bachmann is a modern day Anita Bryant

  • Murph

    Of course she denies it! Once Marcus saw the pentagram prop and candles she planned to use he scuttled it! He’s been trying for many years to pray her sane with no effect! Finally he had a breakthrough! Now if he could just get his orientation difficulties under control.They could live well on their “get paid to grow nothing ” farm and blend in to a more NORMAL society!

  • angus

    She is not a good dancer. She keeps being the lead and going to the right.

    Tea Parties are for little girls with imaginary friends

    • Murph

      Angus and REAL fairies!

  • Disgusted

    I implore the good folks of Minnesota to let her know her “political” career is over. I’ve been embarrassed to be from Minnesota — I was soooo relieved when she dropped out. Her views would be fitting for the 13th century perhaps. Our people deserve better than this, please.

  • Stupid Minnesotan

    I am embarassed to say I am from Minnesota. What a bunch of hateful dispicable souls you are. Beat her at the polls, not this way. What a sad day for Minnesota politics when people stoop to petty insults.

    • jackactionhero

      She deserves it, and after this comment, so do you.

  • aeiou

    Really it should be Marcus in his favorite dress, dancing with the stars. They could pair him up with Chaz to show him what a real man is.

  • Not watching Up North

    Even Chas won’t go that low!

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