Dayton: Don’t Put Off Vikings Stadium Vote

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton says his administration and lawmakers “may be getting close to a site, a deal and a bill” for a new Minnesota Vikings football stadium.

The Democratic governor offered the update Wednesday night during his State of the State address. He urged lawmakers to press ahead on a proposal this session and not let it linger into the fall or beyond.

Dayton suggests that some lawmakers may prefer to avoid a vote on the thorny issue until after the November election. He calls that unfair to unemployed construction workers and the team.

The Vikings and public officials have yet to nail down where a new stadium would be built, how much it would cost or where the money would come from.

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  • viewer

    Fix the headline

    • tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, . . .


  • Joe Jakubik

    Looking for a proofreader? Your current one doesn’t seem to be working out.

  • Ash

    This news source is just as stupid as Dayton!!!!!!!!

  • Al

    Headline brought to you by Education Minnesota.

  • Christopher Mankey

    Governor Prozac and his obedient little minion Ted Mondale are going to ram this thing down our throats. Why? Just so Dayton won’t be remembered as the governor who let the Vikings slip away. So we’re going to eat two-thirds of a billion dollars just to protect the governor’s legacy. The part about the poor “unemployed construction workers” is just a ruse.

    Tax and spend, tax and spend….

    • Bill

      You republicans are all the same, fat and self centered. Go lay down by your dish and behave yourself . Scratch at the door if you have to go outside.

      • kevin the pompous

        Bill, are you really that ignorant? we don’t want these overpaid idiots anywhere near the state. Now go back inside your trailer and drink your beer and watch some basset ball….same thing as football- overpaid trailer trash fools tossing a ball around…..try thinking for a change.

  • Sean

    Yes! Let’s have a voter referendum!

  • b

    Its pretty pathetic that our elected officials care about there career and there parties future before they care about the people in this country instead of getting the people who make this country jobs politicians only care about there job. Lets get rid off all of these worthless politicians the people should be the one to get to vote and make the decisons for this state country these guys who we elect to run our country are over educated and not capable of doing anything if your a guy and you wear a suit get a life your not a guy your a chick

  • politicianssux

    Where did the story go about the White Earth Band volunteering to pay for a new stadium with a casino downtown Minneapolis? It is gone off of your web site. Did your politically correct , bought and paid for by the Prior Lake Band, Democrat, Editorial board decide they did nto like the idea?

  • purple paint on the pig - still a pig

    Zippy can fund his own stadium; that will create the same number of jobs as if the taxpayers get stuck funding it but it will be a much better deal for the state.

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  • chivalry man

    I have the ideal place for the Vikings stadium. “BROOKDALE” I know it is currently under development, BUT!!!,, STOP THE PILE DRIVERS!!!! Brookdale has all the space for a stadium, parking, tailgating and Walmart & Sears. Yes that’s right introducing Walmart\Sears stadium @ Brookdale Mall. Walmart could anchor one end of the stadium while Walmart anchors the other end. This keeps the stadium in Hennepin county and if you want to keep it in Minneapolis, extend the city to Brookdale or 694 or you could just annex it.

    Putting a stadium at the Brookdale Mall site would really boost the economy of an area that has witness the decline of Brookdale mall for over a decade. You could build the stadium, bring all the stores and jobs back to Brookdale. If it’s too late for Brookdale Mall (Center) look across CR10 at Brookdale Square (including the old Brookdale Ford) or combine the 2 to make a mega sports center complex.

    This is by far the best location for the Vikings stadium. It’s close to 694/94, CR10 and CR152 and there is uncontaminated space for days.

  • Sulaimon

    Dog:You smumed up pretty well the deal on the beyond liberal posters here.One other thing they have in common: General inability to use CAPITAL letters.Trucking’s post is in small letters with one exception: When he/she uses the pronoun “I”, that is capitalized; it happened twice. I wonder if that means anything psychologically…

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