WILLMAR, Minn. (WCCO) — A 72-year-old man died after being involved in a single-vehicle crash with a tree in Willmar, Minn. Tuesday afternoon.

According to the police department, Wayne Lyle Chadwick, of Brooten, Minn., was found in cardiac arrest when authorities responded to the crash.

Chadwick was driving a 1995 Chevrolet GMT pickup truck along 19th Avenue Southwest when he crashed into a tree near 19th Avenue Southwest and 11th Street Southwest.

Authorities said the crash happened at about 3 p.m.

CPR was performed on Chadwick before he was taken to Rice Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

It isn’t clear yet whether Chadwick died as a result of injuries sustained in the crash or because of an existing medical condition.

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  1. Andy says:

    To bad, we should have at least 5 benefits for this man.

  2. Be honest says:

    what difference does his age make?

  3. Grumpy Old Man says:

    I think the legislature (instead of spending time on B$ laws and bills) should mandate that every one over 65 be given a ROAD TEST before their license is renewed. The test should be FREE. If they fail, they should be given another chance after a few free lessons.

    Yes, I realize that sometimes the vehicle is the only mode of transport for our Seniors, but it would keep them and everyone safe.

    And before anyone starts into me… I will be there in a few years… and I would not mind doing it – IF IT WAS FREE.

    We have age-related driving restrictions on your youngsters, why not for those of us getting on in the years?

    1. K. says:

      Did you know that your suggestion could be viewed as age discrimination? And anyway, it may not have made any difference in this case if he had had a heart attack or something which caused him to crash. Age would also have nothing to do with this as anyone could have something medically happen to them while they are driving (i.e., epileptic seizure, insulin reaction, etc.). I really don’t think that anyone would even suggest that everyone get a medical exam before they are allowed to drive either. This could end up as a “slippery slope” kind of situation and wouldn’t solve anything.

      1. Wait....What? says:

        @K calling it discrimination is idiotic….do you realize that unless you die at a younger age, everyone would be required to take a test at 65..And your whole rant about a “slippery slope” is just as idiotic. The aim of these tests would be to show if the elderly were in fact capable of driving…and yes that would iclude you, me & everyone else who gets to that age. Now granted I undertand that you probably read Sociology 101 and that now makes you a profound thinker….

    2. Sean Kelly says:

      First, prove to us that elderly drivers are inherently more dangerous than any other age group and then prove to us how a one-shot test will ensure that any driver is a safe driver?

      1. Grumpy Old Man says:

        K: Totally agree with you that this would not have made a difference in this case. Unfortunately, this gentleman had a severe heart attack that could incapacitate any of us. Why is it age discrimination? We discriminate against 18 year old adults and say they can not drink till 21, right? If I suggested that we pull driving privileges of all 65 years and older, now THAT would be age discrimination. It’s a flawed argument on your part, I think.

        Sean: My point is not to prove a safe driver – many seniors I know are. But I also know many who have slow reflexes and still drive like the roads and speeds are like they were back in the day when we got our driver’s licenses. The one shot test won’t prove anything other than they still can follow the rules of the road and can keep up with the changes in traffic conditions. It is a known fact that the older we get the slower our reflexes and our reactions. Statistics will show that law enforcement requests “re-evaluation” of elderly drivers more than they of younger people.

        Be Honest: Yes, that is true and unfortunate too. Personally, I would like to see a FREE driving test every time we renew our licenses but not only would not be feasible given our State’s population, if I were to suggest that I would have more detractors than I have now.

        We need safer drivers on our roads – just because you got took a test 30 years ago doesn’t mean you are proficient in driving. Other professional licenses require a recertification and a retest – why not driving?

  4. Be honest says:

    The driver that ran over the little boy and killed him was in his 40’s. Lets mandate testing for everyone in their 40’s.

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