Somali May Live In Ohio Pending Terror Sentencing

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A Somali-American who pleaded guilty to a terror charge in Minnesota will be allowed to live in Ohio with his wife and child pending sentencing.

Twenty-seven-year-old Ahmed Hussein Mahamud admitted this month that he helped raise money so others could travel from Minnesota to Somalia to join al-Shabab.

Mahamud lived in Eden Prairie until last year, when he moved to Westerville, Ohio. He’s been at a halfway house in Minnesota since his June arrest, but a judge says he can now leave.

Prosecutors did not object to Mahamud’s request to return to Ohio pending sentencing. A date has not been set.

Minnesota’s federal investigation into the recruitment of fighters for the al-Qaida-linked group is ongoing. Since 2007, at least 21 men are believed to have left Minnesota to join al-Shabab.

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  • Yepppp

    Genius idea, someone convicted of supporting terrorism allowed to roam free…anyone wanna bet he skips town and goes to Somalia to fight for jihad?

    • Andy

      I’m going to take an educated guess that he had to surrender his passport, and where a tracking device on his ankle. I Think we are safe from”jihad” on this one.

      • Yepppp

        I’m sure then that he can’t cut it off and flee then right? I’m sure it’s impossible to sneak out of this country right??

    • Liberal

      Hey… Enemies of America have American constitutional rights too you know.

    • kp

      or moves across the street, change his name and collect food stamps.

  • Andy

    Sorry wear tracking device. iPad insert.

  • d0 d0

    I feel sorry for ohio, now he will bring all his little and big somli trash with him….

  • Kevin

    Just shoot them all………

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