ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Leaders of northwestern Minnesota’s White Earth Tribe will ask the Legislature to let them build a Twin Cities-area casino as a way to help pay for a new Minnesota Vikings stadium.

Tribal chairwoman Erma Vizenor will pitch the proposal Thursday at a Capitol news conference. She first raised the idea in December at a state Capitol hearing on various proposals to bankroll the Vikings’ stadium push.

Backers say casino revenue estimated at $300 million a year could be split between the 20,000-member tribe to meet financial needs, and the state to pay stadium costs.

But the proposal will be a tough sell to lawmakers wary of expanded gambling. Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty proposed a White Earth-owned Twin Cities casino in 2005, but a state Senate committee killed the proposal.

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Comments (12)
  1. politicianssux says:

    OK Dayton and Republicans, you both win with this proposal. What is wrong with this one? Private enterprise will own and run it, Taxes will go to Vikings stadium, we will not be stepping on compacts with Indian tribes and best of all, the poorest tribe in Minnesota will finally get some real help. It is a win, win, win, win. And for the vikings fans, the team will be able to stay here. Come on politicians, time to shut up and put up (not out like Amy did)…. ha ha ha

    1. James says:

      Dayton and you left wing liberals, take note….

      This proposal grows government and opens up a new line of taxes. Why can’t people like you understand… “ITS THE SPENDING STUPID!” When the stadium is bought and paid for, the taxes don’t disappear, they simply shift to funding the next big project, and that is nothing more than growing government and growing taxes. This is a lose, lose, lose proposal. There simply isn’t a tax revenue problem, there’s a spending problem. Can’t anyone get it through their heads? The majority of MN tax payers can, so this is a dead issue. The vikings are always welcome to move to a state that taxes everything you do, such as California. They’d fit in well there.

      1. Dennis from Elk River says:

        Left wing lberals?
        This proposal is not a TAX it is revenue generated through gambling. If you are anti gambling then don’t gamble. If you are anti stadium then so be it but don’t shoot this proposal down with the conservative no tax platform.

  2. X-Puffer says:

    This makes too much sense. The poorest tribe trying to better themselves with a win win situation.
    Unfortunately, this state can’t possibly grasp on to something so logical. So this will die of course.

  3. tim zielske says:

    Come on idiots let them build it. Don’t be panzies if that is possible.

  4. paul says:

    do we dare trust them look what fond du lac is trying to do to Duluth with the legal agreement on fon duluth casino !

    1. randy says:

      I agree with Paul. If the White Earth tribe needs that much help, why doesn’t the tribe at Mystic help them?
      If there’s going to be any new casino games in the cities, they should be at Canterbury Park.

  5. Paul Bunyan says:

    This is a win win situation.They are more in depth on this story on this sounds like a winner.

  6. travis says:

    This sounds like a great idea. I always favored a downtown casino… but at the same time understood the problems tribes might have with it being state-run. This solves and bridges the issue. Good idea white earth.

    Anyone else see erma on bizarre foods with andrew? They did a MN episode and she was in it.

    1. Pedro says:

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