MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A coach who admitted to firing a gun at a parent was sentenced to 180 days in the Hennepin County Workhouse on Wednesday.

Imposition of the sentence was stayed by the judge for a period of five years, amid protest by county prosecutors. So long as Hill doesn’t violate probation terms, he will spend no time in jail and will have the felony reduced to a misdemeanor.

“This was not a gut reaction,” said Assistant Hennepin County Attorney Dan Allard to Judge Daniel Moreno. “He left the gym, got in his car, drove away, got a gun and came back.”

Forty-five-year-old Paul Hill pleaded guilty to second-degree assault in connection with the Sept. 29, 2011 incident.

Hill, a basketball coach, got into an argument with Patrick Adams at a Minneapolis YMCA before driving away to get a .22-caliber pistol. He returned and drove up to Adams in the parking lot, saying, “I’ve got something for you.”

Hill then fired a shot from his truck.

Judge Moreno said he had to take Hill’s clean record into account when deciding whether to deviate from sentencing guidelines.

Adams released a statement protesting the decision, saying he and his family were “severely affected” by the incident.

“I told my son that I don’t believe in guns and it is never okay to take another man’s life, regardless of what he has done,” said Adams. “I also told him that the law deals with people who decide to commit such egregious acts of violence. If, in fact, you are going to sentence Mr. Hill to work house time and not prison time for his pre-meditated act, how do I justly pound home the fact that any act of violence towards another man is deplorable?”

Comments (28)
  1. Richard Cheese says:

    Wow, if I were the guy who got shot at I think I’d have a little some thing for the judge.

  2. Mike says:

    Come on now Richard. It was only a 22 he fired.
    That only gets you probation. Had he hit him he might
    have gotten the 180 days.

    1. JQ Public says:

      Dude………….ever kill something with a .22? Yup! Kills ’em deader than a doornail. Just like a bigger gun. Suggest you go to a shooting range and find out how guns work before your wacky comments. Just saying………..

  3. The Truth says:

    Gee, fed up, I’m glad you have researched this judge’s political positions.

    1. Wait....What? says:

      @The Truth….sometimes things are so obvious you don’t need to research, but thanks for taking the side of the crminals (including the Judge & Lawyer)

  4. MN NICE says:

    judicial system is just as broken as rest of government

  5. Rich says:

    The only way You get more time IF you accidentally shoot/kill
    someone. Guess near misses don’t count .
    (There was an article about a man who was drunk accidentally
    shoots and kills son. He got 4 years)

    Why didn’t this teacher get charged with these crimes?

    a. Aggravated assault.
    b. attempt to do bodily harm.
    c destruction of property
    d. premeditated assault
    e. Discharging a firearm within city limits
    f. Carrying a fire arm without a permit

    Probably missing some

  6. You got off regarding the law, but how ya going to deal with the rest of us? says:

    Personally, if I were the victim, I’d be looking for a little retribution on Hill’s @$$. What do ya think about that, sonny? How’s about a few strangers pay you a little visit to your home? Eh – that work for you? Address? No problem son – you’re already found. Might want to look over your shoulder, at least for the short term…

  7. Common Sense says:

    I wonder how much time he would have been sentenced to if it would have been a police officer he’d shot at… 40 years for attempted murder? I find it interesting the court puts more value on the life of an office who’s job is putting themselves in harms way vs the life of an average civilian. Pretty messed up…

    1. Grynch says:

      Actually, if he shot at a law enforcement officer he would’ve been shot dead. Same thing if he would’ve shot at me if I were to have a firearm. That’s why more good American citizens need guns… they do more justice than any judge.

  8. Common Cents says:

    Is this true, premeditated attempted murder with a firearm and he gets probation with no jail time and since its not a felony, he can legally still drive around with a loaded gun in his car?

    Are you kidding me? This has got to be a joke.
    People do time for facebook threats, but not for attempted murder with a firearm?

    This guy will be in the news again soon, knowing that he can get away with it.

  9. Common Cents says:

    Adams should file a HUGE civil suit. Some attention needs to be brought to this judges actions as well, this is not acceptable. I’m outraged!

    1. ez says:

      Unfortunately judges enjoy absolute judicial immunity. It really won’t do any good to file a lawsuit.

    2. Disgusted!!! says:

      Lawsuit against HILL & the school district, the YMCA or whomever employs him as a coach…. and of course, a LIFE TIME BAN on ANY SORT of public assistance for HILL (welfare, Medical Assistance, public defender, etc., and most of all, Social Security Disability–as he’ll claim some sort of mental disability and get a life time of free social security money).

      But, hey, if the judge had been shot at (even if this bad shot missed), don’t you believe he’d be in jail for many, many years to come? What year is it? Could it be, possibly, be a re-election year? Go figure!!!

      Come on, judge, you leave the scene, come back WITH A GUN and make a statement like, “I’ve got something for you” and that’s NOT premeditation of assault with a deadly weapon, or premeditated attempted murder??? A misdemeanor, really? WOW!

  10. Mary Lombard says:

    I wouldn’t be shocked if there’s a large civil suit in the works. 🙂

  11. See BS says:

    Remember the Massage therapist who got 10 years for slapping a repeat customer on the backside?

  12. Ramona says:

    I would hardly think this is a color thing, usually when one of this age (offender) has a long criminol record. Dont know the specifics, but every one is given a fair chance for making it right. Many break the law and do not get caught. I agree in second chances.

  13. R U Joking says:

    I would think it was a right wing nut job judge ruling for another right wing nut job .. The guy went and got his pistol in hopes it would help him put an end to the dispute! A lefty would have used his BRAIN to reason through the problem. A lefty judge would have thrown his butt in jail for 18 years cause he hates guns and right wing nut jobs!!.. Enough said!!!

  14. Sandy says:

    We can tell our kids if you shoot at someone with a gun to scare them good you only get a little slap on the wrist. Just do not hit them. Good way to get the upper hand in a argument too. It looks like it is OK do do this kind of thing.

  15. My 2 Cents says:

    My civics is quite rusty, but it seems there should be some action to be taken against Judge Moreno to prevent him from EVER judging another case. Hill left the scene and returned with a gun. That’s attempted murder and should not be excused.

  16. My 2 Cents says:

    Wonder what the ruling would have been, if Adams had been a LEGAL gun owner with a CC permit and shot back.???

  17. Bill Clintons Cigar says:

    Let the parents shoot at him and the Judge…payback….

  18. Sonjay says:

    I WANT to agree with the victim but to EXPECT safety in every situation on EARTH is ridiculous. If you really think about it you CANNOT expect safety just because of your surroundings if the way in which you conduct your life creates DANGER. Thus this is how building “Public Housing” in a nicer area and expecting the neighborhood to “magically” stop criminals and thugs from moving into said public housing and spreading their “culture”(murder) around. Take a realistic perspective on life and realize that if you get caught up with “ghetto” people don’t be surprised by ghetto actions.

  19. Ace says:

    Do whatever you want and nothing will happen to you unless you steal some money like Denny Hecker, then you go to jail. Denny Hecker is no threat to us but he’s locked up and some idiot with a gun who threatens to kill somebody is OK to carry out his plans. Strange world and too many bleeding heart liberal judges

  20. AP says:

    Judge Idiot has a public defender history along with multiple minority and multicultural activities. Color me not shocked that he doesn’t think trying to shoot someone is a big deal.

  21. Brett says:

    Sorry, but this CONVICT got off WAY TOO EASILY, but it is understandable, given that it happened in Murderapolis. I don’t CARE if his history is more or less, crime FREE. What should have been taken into account is the FACT that he had a chance to WALK AWAY, and let it go, but he returned with a LOADED GUN, and FIRED IT. Doesn’t matter what caliber the gun was, it was a GUN, and it could have killed somebody, even an innocent bystander. If he thought that he had been a victim initially, he could have called a cop and had the situation dealt with. Bottom lne is, the sentance was a JOKE, somebody needs to have a serious talk with this so-called “judge”, and not allow this travesty of JUSTICE to EVER happen again.

  22. Murph says:

    City life,ain’t it great! Filthy streets,filthy air not to mention danger around every corner ,at any event or just sitting at home.Canadien owls flying south in January,Canadien geese flying north in February and a loaf of bread and a small jar of peanut butter costs ten bucks! Why would anyone think there is something wrong with judges sentence? All is well in this country.The hedge funds pockets are full,the oil companies pockets are full and peanut butter and bread is flying off the shelves! Oh yeah,maybe the people on wall street or in the Congress or Senate didn’t get the message of 2007.People are angry,angry and broke.Our money is the real job creators in the U.S. So stop fooling yourselves into revisiting 2007 again tommorrow. We don’t have the money to buy decent food with all the thievery going on in places high and low! Move to the countryside people,this country is going to get even uglier and worse and soon! You will eat your pets food and then your pets and then?

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