PINE CITY (WCCO) — Police have arrested a man in connection with an attempted home invasion and burglary that happened early last week.

According to the Pine County Sheriff’s Office, officers arrested 26-year-old Darren Allen Dexter, of Forest Lake, on Monday.

The robbery attempt happened on the 500 block of 5th Avenue South in Pine City on Feb. 6. Police said two armed men confronted two apartment building residents and demanded money.

The suspects fled after a witness yelled they were calling 911.

According to the criminal complaint, witnesses identified one of the two as Dexter, who was acquainted with the intended victims.

The complaint says one of the two used to live in a halfway house with Dexter a few years ago, and they had recently become reacquainted on Facebook.

The intended victims told investigators they believed they had been targeted because one of the two had just received a student loan for $10,000.

Dexter is currently being held on $150,000 bail without conditions, or $75,000 with conditions.

Comments (10)
  1. Kevin says:

    Shoot him……

    1. Dale Gribble's wiser Momma says:

      so yer little love affair with the lad ended poorly huh?
      Keep the chin up Kevin – there’s someone out there for everyone.
      Even a mutt like you has a chance for a mate

      1. stands with a dollar says:

        Cut Kevin some slack, they said the ahole connected via “crookbook”

  2. ok says:

    Finally…a white guy.

    1. js says:

      Come on, now. It’s a white guy half the time. Of course, you’d think 13 % of the population would be in the news a lot less of the time. Hmmmm…

      1. Jungle whitey says:

        Bet the DWI’s and manslaughter numbers are 4-1 white vs other.
        One is prone to wasting you with a vehicle – the other a knife or gun.
        oh well …… we knew things come to an end at some piont in time

        1. ok says:

          I don’t know can non-whites drive the bus or just ride in it? The upside of not getting up and going to work I suppose is you can’t afford a car and cause any vehicular related trouble.

  3. getaclueplease says:

    armed with what?knives,baseball bats,glock pistols?nice reporting

  4. Andy says:

    Sure he is not a sheriff from pine city.

  5. Sgt.Ybarra says:

    Wow !! a non-coon-related crime

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