Sisters Have Babies Just Hours Apart In Woodbury

WOODBURY, Minn. (WCCO) – There are two bouncing babies in Woodbury that will have a lot in common the rest of their lives.

For one thing they are cousins, but that’s just where this story starts.

The baby’s moms might want to place some bets in Las Vegas. That’s because the mothers are sisters and just happened to have their babies on the same day.

“We were just shocked and wanted to hold each other’s babies,” said See Vang.

Vang was due to originally to have her daughter on Feb. 19, then it changed to Feb. 13. She named her daughter Zuri.

Her older sister, Shoua Ly, was due on Feb. 12. Both delivered their baby girls at Woodwinds Hospital in Woodbury on Wednesday. Shoua Ly was three days late with her new daughter, Sophia, and Vang had her baby two days later than expected.

Zuri is about six hours older than her little cousin.

“I didn’t have her until 6 in the morning so when I was pushing her you guys came in,” Vang said with a laugh.

“I called my mom and I told her ‘Yeah I just gave birth,’ and my mom is like your sister just called and said she had her baby this morning at Woodwinds too,” Shoua Ly said.

What are the odds of becoming a new mom, a new aunt and having your baby delivered at the same hospital?

“I didn’t think we’d actually have the baby on the same days so it’s surprising for us, and I’m happy that we both had our little girls on the same day,” Shoua Ly said.

We’re also told the babies were delivered by the same doctor.

  • aethelbert

    Yeah – the topic is clearly spelled out in the title. You’re the moron who clicked on it, and then wasted time puking on it.

    Get a life.

    Cute story, and fun that they can share the experience going forward.

  • jennifer l

    This is so sweet! Its a happy news story for a change!

  • Kevin


  • Abby

    My sister and I had babies on the same day and at the same hospital (Fairview Lakes in Wyoming) 5 1/2 years ago. Cousins Jacob and Clare were both born on September 28, 2006…7 hours apart!

  • Brett

    Must be a really slow news day.

  • Citizen00

    Stop your hating Jack! The land belongs to everyone.

  • censored again by WCCO

    Incredible….they are so beautiful.

    Bet this doesn’t get censored like my other comments

    • censored again by WCCO

      Told you. Didn’t say anything that time about minority story of the day because they need at least one a day.

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