MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Prosecutors have charged the 18-year-old stepbrother of a severely malnourished Wisconsin girl with repeatedly sexually assaulting her beginning around her 10th birthday.

Dane County prosecutors on Thursday also filed felony child abuse and other charges against the 15-year-old girl’s father and stepmother. The girl told police the couple had kept her confined to the basement since 2006 and that they beat her, starved her and forced her to eat feces.

A motorist spotted the girl Feb. 6 walking barefoot in pajamas near her home and called police.

The girl weighed just 70 pounds and the doctor who examined her determined she was severely malnourished.

Prosecutors say the girl’s stepbrother first sexually assaulted her around December 2006, then again from February 2009 to February 2010.

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Comments (9)
  1. SassyStacie says:

    That poor girl. And why weren’t the neighbors who supposedly called the police more active in trying to save her? This is terrible.

    Those parents should be flogged. How do you do that to another person??

    1. gordokong says:

      What neighbor?

  2. Ron Gaskin says:

    Let us start a fund for this girl’s recovery she needs all the help she can get.

  3. Joe's Mom says:

    I read another article that said child protection had been called by several neighbors over the past two years. (don’t know exactly how many times) They saw her digging in garbage cans for food.

    Poor baby girl

  4. felice says:

    Parents should be flogged? None of them-even the sick, disgusting brother, should ever be able to walk free again.

    1. "Whoa Black Betty" says:

      @Felice- You seem to really hone in on the brother here. I don’t know, because I wasn’t there, but it would seem really odd to learn that the brother (a kid mind you) wasn’t forced to do these things or through years of severe abuse has become so damaged himself that he literally may not be sane anymore. I’m not excusing the behavior, no way, but I am willing to bet that kid was tortured in his own weird way himself. This story is going to get more and more disgusting as it unfolds.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        It was an older step brother… NOT a brother. Big difference.

  5. lawbuff says:

    Finally, protective services, after knowing and doing nothing are doing their jobs. Geezz, will they return her to her home now too? Geezz. In my county they take certain kids into protective services with out logical cause. They leave the ones who need to be taken in the abusive homes. Protective Services is a hoaks. It is a ‘business’ and the system is broken and politically sick. Shame on the local government for ignoring this case.

  6. mmm.. says:

    The problem is they called child protective services. They SHOULD have called the police. The police would have been able to actually start an investigation process and get CPS’s butt in gear to ACTUALLY do something.

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