MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A St. Paul man faces serious charges after he tried to kidnap a woman in downtown Minneapolis Friday morning.

It happened near a popular downtown night spot shortly after 2 a.m. Police said 21-year-old Michael Rucker led them on a foot chase and ended up in custody after he attempted to kidnap an innocent bystander.

According to police, it was shortly after bar closing Friday morning when officers got a call that a man was walking near 5th Street and First avenues north with a gun tucked into his waist band.

Within minutes, police got to the area and saw a man who fit the description.

“He took off running from them, we chased him about two blocks and during that period of time officers did see him drop a gun in a parking lot,” said Sgt. Bill Palmer, public information officer for Minneapolis Police.

One officer recovered that gun as another chased Rucker through the parking lot and onto 6th Street. It was there, in between Hennepin and First Avenues, that a 19-year-old woman was waiting for a friend to come out of one the bars.

She was sitting behind the wheel when, “He jumped into a vehicle that was parked but occupied and then threatened the female who was in the driving seat that he would shoot her if she didn’t drive off with him,” Palmer said.

The woman did what she was told, but she didn’t get far. She drove just a few feet before police intervened.

“Officers stopped the car and arrested the suspect for kidnapping, possession of a handgun without a permit and fleeing officers on foot,” said Palmer.

Rucker was arrested and now sits behind bars at the Hennepin County Jail. Police said the female victim was shaken up but not harmed.

Police do have some advice for people who serve as the designated driver for friends who go downtown for fun.

“Locking your car doors if you are sitting there waiting for someone,” said Palmer.

Police believe this incident came to a peaceful resolution because of their beefed up presence in downtown Minneapolis at bar closing time. Uniformed and plain clothes officers work the core area around the bars, so if there is something going on they can get there fast.

Comments (24)
  1. poindexter says:

    Another fine upstanding citizen of Minneapolis.

    I wonder if he pays taxes so he can help with the stadium?

    1. Dave says:

      I thought everyone named Poindexter is good at research. The Pioneer Press states “St. Paul man arrested after jumping into woman’s car in attempt to flee”.

      1. I Aint Fat...I'm with Stupid (t-shirt pointing towards a parent) says:

        Yeah right, like St. Paul is his real address…get a clue before you rip on others…ddddddduuuuummmmbbbbbbbb dave

    2. Larry Dentz says:

      Hey I Guess you cannot , read or spell

      1. Newton Gingrich Is Typical washed up Republican says:

        “Hey I Guess”?????? ok Einstein what is the purpose of capitlazing Guess???
        I guess “Larry Dentz Hey I Guess you cannot , read or spell”

        1. The Infidel says:

          Awe, feel better now? Richard….

  2. mpls says:

    He sure looks like kevin’s dad.

    1. Kevin says:

      You know for a liberal f*g you sure are a racist! He is a little to young to be my father. Is there something wrong nameless f*g with having a black father?

  3. shoot him next time says:

    What no permit for the gun? Where are all the bleeding heart liberals stating that carrying guns should be outlawed? I am sure if that was the case this fine upstanding citizen wouldn’t be carrying one either.

  4. Brett says:

    Would be interesting to see this dude’s “rap sheet”. If he was a felon in possession of a gun, this should go to FEDERAL Court, and he should be doing some really hard time for this. The cops need to have more surveillance in that area, I’ll bet that he was just one of many like that down there.

    1. Larry Dentz says:

      I think the cops will figure it out boss.

  5. big banjo says:

    well he looks like one piece of work…..i’ll bet hes every bit as stupid as he looks.

  6. Larry Dentz says:

    jim dumb a** , judging by your comment you ain’t to smart.

  7. Conrad says:

    So this comment was in response to Kevin’s comment “Sniff, sniff…… hmmmmmm.” Why would his comment be deleted for saying that?

    1. iCat says:

      It’s the Brother’s bond, looking out for him, delete.
      Do not allowed Truth to surface in public.
      Nothings going to change in the next million years.

      Australia took their guns away 15 years ago, now they just stab you in the face.
      The cities put up shocking view, over size face kiosks to the largest billboards on freeways showing face full of stitches now.

    2. Kevin says:

      Its not WCCO deleting….anyone can delete a comment. Once you click the report comment……its removed. I have a fan club of f*gs who love deleting me…..life goes on……

      1. iCat says:

        Ok, so that’s why yesterdays post of mine vanished.
        Now I have f*g fans.

      2. ^ doofumous maximus ^ says:

        Ummm, hey ghey-boy. We can tell you’re not Kevin. Give it up, loser – there’s only one Kevin, we know him – we love him – Kevin knows his chit, and you ain’t Kevin.

  8. Crazy Joe says:

    WOW now there’s a face for radio.

  9. Kevin says:


  10. @Kevin says:

    Like you say bro “aint diversity grand”. I think diverstiy stinks myself. I mean MN is now the newest third world country. The census shows the white population is leaving MN. I wonder who will pay for all this “diversity” when we leave. I guess the Mexicans, they are the only other ones working.

  11. Tom says:

    is there someone in that picture, maybe they should have made him smile so you could have seen his teeth and knew there was someone in the picture.

  12. liam gilmorrison says:

    He should be euthanized. They’re not allowed to do that.
    So he should at least be neutered. And that would be against his civil liberties.
    As long as there is no scientific approach to this sort of crime it will continue to grow despite periodic declines in violent crime.
    There are certain components to violent crime, at least according to the math.
    What is disheartening is that we live in a culture where 2+2+4 when it suites our social sensibilities.

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