MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Officials say talks continue on a new Minnesota Vikings stadium proposal.

Representatives of Gov. Mark Dayton, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and the Vikings said Friday that no agreement has been reached on a deal for a new stadium in Minneapolis.

Dayton spokeswoman Katharine Tinucci says in an email that “everyone continues to work hard on this.”

Rybak spokesman John Stiles says the city, the state and the team will be negotiating through the weekend.

The Vikings have sought a replacement to the Metrodome for nearly a decade. The Vikings’ request has taken on new urgency in recent months because their lease at the Metrodome has expired.

Recent stadium negotiations have focused on a new facility in downtown Minneapolis, on or next to the Metrodome site.

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  1. Manny says:

    Well, if they aren’t lying as usual, it may be time to contact your representative and tell them what you want.

    They love hearing from the people they have sworn to represent:


    1. Mayhem says:

      You seriously believe that, huh.

      This is a done deal. Apparently up to this point there hasnt been enough people whining, ors theres been more people for it so whats going to change at this late stage.

      But go ahead and email the reps if it’ll make ya feel better…..

      1. Manny says:

        Great attitude.

        You know that eventually you’re going to die right? You might as well just stay in bed and give up.

        Any so-called deal has to get through the legislature.

        1. Mayhem says:

          Attitude? Thats reality.

          Guess Id rather stay in bed than live my life being completely naive.

          The legislative LEADERS are the ones making/forging this deal…votes are just a formality.

          1. Tic, Tick, Tock, Tock, Tic, Tic, Tock, Tock, . . . says:


  2. elmo says:

    I wish they would pack up their 51 year losing history and leave the state. I’m sick of the Vikings, sick of Zygi, and I already puke when I hear the names Bagley, Rybak, Johnson, Bennett, Ortega, Senjem, Mondale, etc.

    1. Dennis from Elk River says:

      Personally I puke at elmo!
      To each their own.

    2. fan of molly says:

      Molly, you are very attractive and smart. I am glad you are on the WCCO team.

      1. fan of molly says:

        Molly….Holly….who gives a rats behind?.

  3. politicianssux says:

    this is a long shot because the democrats want to keep the White Earth Band the poorest tribe in the state. This proposal will cost the tax payers NOTHING, but it will not propel the local power brokers like Minneapolis, or the existing givers to the Politicians (Unions, Lawyers, LOCAL Indian tribe), so it will not even be considered. Minneapolis and the legislature would rather tax us all out of our homes versus get a stadium and keep a team in the state … it is all about power, and has nothing to do with the common good or getting another grade a facility to help grow our economy.

    1. Tom Truth says:

      It WILL cost the taxpayers. If public money is diverted from education, roads, health-care, etc, to a billionaire from New Jersey, that money has to be replaced from…guess where….the TaxPayers.

      1. dan says:

        Hey Tom,
        Politicianssux wants the stadium to be funded by the local Indian tribe, not forced upon the tax payers. the problem is that the Democrats want to raise taxes so even when the stadium is built they can keep the higher tax revenue. For them to not consider the Casino option is amazing. Rybak simply wants to make sure he gets it in Mpls and somehow ties in TargetCenter repairs as well.

  4. Ben says:

    There is no way to tabulate this, but certainly some of that $150 million in new state revenue from the casino will just be shifted. Won’t all that money come from minnesotans who may have spent it elsewhere? I’m a total sports fan, but I’m curious how most of that “new” state revenue isn’t just moved from somewhere else.

  5. Jason says:

    I have contacted my rep. multiple times regarding this debacle. You know as well as I, the current proposition will be very different from the end result. We as the taxpayer ALWAYS pay. If you are against this you should contact your rep. as well.

    1. Mayhem says:

      multiple times, eh….and the bill is a few feet from being reality anyways. You showed them. Call ’em a few more times.

      Seems you wasted your time. Obvious that there have been more people for it than against I would say.

      1. Jason says:

        @ mayhem I will do my part. Will you? You see some people have pricipals that dont change with the wind. My actions may be futile in your opion. You are not the first naysayer in history that goes along with the appearingly majority view. Some lead, some follow. Which are you?

        1. Mayhem says:

          If it is your desire to be a leader in futility thats certainly your perogative.

          I see nothing but good things coming from this stadium…in the long run, I think MN will benefit greatly from it so I will continue to support it.

          1. Belinda says:

            Of course you see nothing but good things.

            You are a blind idiot. A perfect shill and dupe for Zygi. Well done sir!

            1. Mayhem says:

              Thanks, Belinda! Right back at ‘cha!!!

              Are we a weeeeee bit angry and pouty this mornin’?


              SKOL VIKINGS!

  6. Super Freak 84 says:

    all you people have to take your head out of the sand! People will move out of state if there is no NFL team… one team leaves and the others will follow suit, take a look at other cities that lost NFL teams, they realize the benefits after they leave and will end up spending more to bring one back!!!

    1. Lucifer says:

      There aren’t enough Vikings fans in the state to have a significant impact on the State of MN even if they all left. Sports fans are a pathetic breed of people that waste their weekends watching someone else do something while they overeat and get drunk. Maybe if the Vikings left they would find something more productive to do with their lives.

      1. Brittany says:

        Like what go to Church? Sports fans does not mean there all lazy or drinkers! Sports is a family event weather it is football, baseball, hockey, or any other sport. There is many vikings fans in MN just because your not dosent mean you speak for the whole state. If they left and we had no NFL team people move, jobs lost, high unemployment, less revenue… Maybe if you looked outside of your small little box you would see that!

        1. Lucifer says:

          Going to chuch might do you some good Brittany. Perhaps you would learn that it isn’t nice to take from others for your own benefit.

          and oh yeah… Most of the sports idiots I know are overweight alcoholics and quite lazy. They complain endlessly about how busy their lives are and have a multitude of excuses why they can’t seem to ever get things done.

          If there are so many Vikings fans in this state that support yet another stadium for the Vikings lets put it to a vote this November. I think you know what the result would be…. right Brittany?

      2. Sandra says:

        Sounds like Lucy had a rough childhood.

        Perhaps you would find tranquility and peace in South/North Dakota or Iowa where there are no sports teams to remind yourself of such a sad and pathetic life. Surely if you left you could find something more productive to do with your life.

    2. Captain Obvious says:

      >>People will move out of state if there is no NFL team

      I’ve got news for you…

      If living in a state with a professional football team is THAT important to someone…..THEY WOULD HAVE ALREADY LEFT!

  7. Swamp Fox says:

    Here we go again with a ‘close’ deal on the stadium! After 10+ years of this nonsense my stadium and Vikings money will go for a wager that Hell will freeze first before Minnesota sees a new Vikings stadium/venue we can all agree upon.

    This stadium debate has divided this state on many demographic and political fronts besides paralyzing the Legislature into mediocrity and rancorous stupidity.

    Build the damn thing and be done with it! The new stadium venue will belong to the people of Minnesota. Make the facility pay for itself and generate revenues for the state and local communities. Make the users of this facility pay for its construction, use, upkeep, and leases. Isn’t about time the state starts showing a modest profit on a public works project such as this?

    Before you naysayers, soothsayers, and ersatz pundits start prognosticating here, let me point out there are cities in worse economic shape than the Twin Cities and the state that have pro-sports venues that are showing modest surpluses or breaking even financially on their venue facilities. Why can’t we do it better?

    Yes, the Wilfs will make money, eventually, off the Vikings and the new stadium but what about Minnesota and the Metro getting its fair return? Come on folks lets make money wherever we can off this deal. Isn’t time we start thinking for the future? If we don’t start thinking ahead for the good of all us then Minnesota deserves the Stone Age mentality and outlook that will befall us. Think about it!!!

  8. Again? says:

    They had a “deal” for the Arden Hills site. What happened with that?

    1. weswon says:

      Absolutely, we should thnk about the future. A future without the LOOSING, INCOMPETENT Viking organization embarassing the State of Minnesota with another 51 years of loosing professional football. It is too expensive and it does not cash flow. PERIOD. If it did we would not be entertaining this thought of building a stadium for a billionaire to parade his toys in front of us and expecting us to pay for them. He, Mr. Wilf would pay for it himself. PERIOD! IF it was a really good deal. Some how I think MR. Wilf has been into the public coffers before and he likes it. Once you get the taste of free money you just can’t get along without it. Please move to L.A. or some other sucker metropolis, MR. Wilf, and take the Vikings with you.

  9. Lucifer says:

    Spend.. Spend… Spend…….

    More money for light rail, a St. Paul Saints stadium, more buildings for the U of M, more parks, more bike trails, state capital renovations, a bailout for the failed Target Center, a bran new Twins Stadium, high speed rail to Chicago…..

    Hell, lets just buy everything we can think of, its only money afterall and what would we possibly do with our time if we didn’t have a stadium to host our loosing Vikings team so we can waste away our weekends doing absolutely nothing. Go for it Markie and don’t forget to contribute some of your own ingherited money or perhaps one or two of your government pensions to help pay for it. Afterall, you are the 1% and need to pay your fair share Markie.

    1. Mayhem says:

      whine whine whine

      I think you just like to hear yourself type there, Lucy.

      States like to do things to spruce up the quality of life once in awhile…unfortunate for you….sometimes it costs money.

      IIf we all hung skulls and crossbones on the
      “Welcome to MN” border signs lke you apparently would rather we do, well now that’d just kill the tourism right there in its tracks and we wouldnt have NO money at’tall now would we?

      Ya goofy Commy.

      1. foolish taxpayer says:

        Tourists form Wisconsin or Iowa? …or is it all those people that come from North Dakota to see a game.

        1. Mayhem says:

          They form in Wisconsin or Iowa, huh? I’m of the opinion they form every where in the world.

          Are you sure youre in the right forum topic?

    2. Ace says:

      you forgot that St. Paul now wants to put streetcars all over and are conducting studies. The damned corridor is not enough for their ever expanding appetite for making it look like Europe. Why would anybody dig up streets and spend billions to put in streetcars when there are already buses that go everywhere?

  10. Jason says:

    Something I dont get about all this. Dem/Libs despise big business, but in this case its ok? NFL / ziggy are by definition big business. Remember when I say this if this goes through the casino funds will fall short of financing this. Mark my words. Guess whos going to pick up the tab.

  11. X-Puffer says:

    So in other words, nothing has been done to settle this.
    I’m astonished!

  12. HOPSTAR says:


  13. tea cup says:

    Hopefully the city council and the legislature will nix the Viking stadium once and for all. It’s a stupid move to own a stadium and Zygi must be the only person who recognizes that.

  14. PackFan says:

    It funny how we watch this drag on, when the Packers to the east have renovated Lambeau once, and now are on their second renovation. The second renovation is being done with no tax dollars, and in 30 days their fans contributed >$60M for the effort in exchange for a piece of paper.

    1. Captain Obvious says:

      You have a better football team than us.
      You have better politicians than us.

  15. avast! says:

    Sleep on your wallet and keep one eye open. If Zippy doesn’t try to steal your cash, Dayton or Rybak or Senjem or Johnson or Mondale or Bagley the Bagman or ……… and the list goes on …. will!

  16. Malthus says:

    What happens next?

    The pretend deal falls through and both sides blames the other?

    The voters are paying attention this time.

    Just because 4 Hennepin County commissioners got away with Grand Theft doesn’t mean the rest of you can.

  17. dontwory22 says:

    Here is some more speculative news i may or may not go out to dinner later

  18. Paul Bunyan says:

    If this stadium does happen,my state leaders who said yes to this WILL get my vote in November!!

    1. Jason says:

      @ pb So you will vote for all that said yes, huh dont really know how your going to accompish that.

    2. Jill says:

      So you don’t believe in democracy?

      “Would you favor or oppose using public money for a new Viking’s stadium?”

      Favor: 22%
      Oppose: 74%
      Don’t know: 4%


      1. Mayhem says:

        You should probably include the number of people that took this poll.

        I did it for you though, dont worry about it….807

        Population of MN….5.3 million….give or take.

        Strib might as well have went to a town with a population of a million and polled 50 people to get these same skewed results.

        Not alot of credence can be put on these types of polls….this doesnt even scratch the surface. NIce try though.

        1. Jason says:

          @ mayhem, well 3 to 1 does actually does scratch the surface. Many would consider this a majority. Strib historically runs cover for the dems, why would now be any different.

          1. John says:

            In case you haven’t noticed Mahem is a blathering idiot.

            1. Mayhem says:

              spoken like another disgruntled republican taxpayer who hates sports and was beaten up a lot in phy. ed class.

              Someone need a nuk?

          2. Mayhem says:

            m-kay, Jason – so roughly 605 peeps are “speaking” for the rest of the state, huh?

            I think theres about 5 million other peeps that would like to weigh in on this issue in these “polls.”

            Pretty worthless poll.

            1. Jason says:

              @ mayhem.. worthless poll? blasphemy, libs all over the state get their marching orders form the strib. Your right, there is many that demand this go to a referendum.

              1. Mayhem says:

                yes, worthless poll…thank for clarifying with me.

  19. Barnsley says:

    Don’t worry. This deal will not happen. It still uses tax dollars. NO

    1. Mayhem says:

      hooooooohoohohhoh-kaaaaaaayyyy Barney thanks for playing……

      See ya at the games in the new building I helped pay for (ok, you too) in about 4 yrs!


  20. kp says:

    Let the tax payers of Minnesota build a stadium so the guy from New York City that is worth $1.3 BILLION can be worth more. So he can remodel the dump penthouse condo in the sky over looking central park. Let the 74 % of the people that do not want to pay for this with public money go to hell. Lets cut spending on schools, housing, parks, police, fire department, the NOT SO IMPORTANT PART OF MINNESOTA LIVING. Lets build a stadium so the VIKINGS CAN loose 8 games a year on the backs of MINNESOTA TAX PAYERS. I hear L A is looking for a team, any one want to help them pack? Every one remember to vote in November.

    1. Lucifer says:

      Yup, I can’t wait for November to arrive so we can finish the job we started last November. Too bad that we are stuck with that loonie liberal Mark Dayton for a few more years but he will soon be impotent. As for the looser Vikings… BYE!

    2. Mayhem says:

      Would it have really made a difference to you if the owner was Glen Taylor or any other local bazillionaire? Zygi isnt really the issue here.

      Youre argument is about 6 months too late and has been said so many times, its not even funny to hear anymore, rather annoying…theyre not moving and theyre in inch away from a deal.

      LA is always looking for new residents…perhaps you and Lucy can move there and shack up together in your own miseries.

      Just a thought.

      1. Jason says:

        Actually I and many others have been making a case against this for quite sometime. Evertime we are reminded our state is broke I take it at face value. This stadium is not a priority. Sorry.

        1. Mayhem says:

          No, we’re not broke…we had a surplus if you recall….or if you dont follow along, Ill bring you up to date on MN finances….we had a surplus.

          Anyways, the stadium has been an issue for 10 yrs so no it hasnt been a priority now and never was. It had to be addressed sometime, the time has come, there is never going to be a “good time” to bring up a taxpayer financed stadium bill so now is as good time as any….get it over with.

          1. Jason says:

            @ mayhem, our state shut down this summer due to lack of funds thats what we were told. Maybe you should try and follow along.

            1. Lucifer says:

              Nice to see the presence of the informed on these message boards to help throttle back the liberal retoric Jason. Kudos to you…

              The State of Minnesota did indeed shut down due to Marie Daton receiving ill advise from heis friend and hero George Soros. Our new conservative leaders in congress called his bluff after it was aparent that noone missed the services of government except for the greedygovernment worker unions. The budget dilemna was solved by delaying yet another payment to the teachers unions (ie: their pension funding) and cashing in tobacco bonds for a one time influx of money. The problem was not solved by these actions and the liberals keep on spending like it was Christmas year around. It should be interesting what they come up with next year to plug the hole in the swamp. I suggest they stuff Markie Dayton (and perhaps guys like Mayhem) into the hole to plug the leaks.

              1. Mayhem says:

                You are just a complete and utter CLUELESS idiot…magnified every time you type your drivel.

            2. Mayhem says:

              Seriously Jason? You and Lucy need get your heads out of each others rear and follow up your statements with something factual. Heres some for the both of you…..

              MN shutdown was caused by budget challenged republicans inability to form a legit budget presentable to Dayton for his signature.

              Lack of funds? Where did you pull that out of? Uh, Nevermind………

              The final shutdown tally shows Minnesota lost $60 million from the shutdown, but that’s offset by $65 million saved from unpaid salaries of 19,000 laid off workers. Pretty much even.

              AND…we had a surplus when all was said and done.

              I think I follow along quite nicely, thanks.

              You definitley need more morons on your side like Lucifer.

  21. Paul Bunyan says:

    So the anti stadium oppostion is now represented by the devil? Not a great spokesman,later Duucifer.

    1. foolish taxpayer says:

      ….and all the rest of us….
      If you want, help Ziggy or set it up like The “Current” radio station. People that want it, can pay for it. Just like 89.3 FM.
      As for the republicans, look at how much taxpayer money pays for that.

  22. foolish taxpayer says:

    Come on people, Ziggy cannot afford his own toybox, he just spent 350 million on a cabin. We should help him, all the taxpayers of Minnesota owe one person a fair chance at his own MEGA park in Arden Hills. He can keep all the parking revenue and any other money he gets from renting out the MEGA park we build for him. Just think of all the 1 year Union jobs….

  23. Jason says:

    Shame on our state reps for peddling this garbage on your constituents. Not all of us slop it up. One word sums this stadium debacle up. Unbelievable.

    1. Mayhem says:

      Guess you’ll be moving out state then, eh? N. or S. Dakota maybe? Where you and Lucy will never have to worry about sports sports sports and building stadiums forever and ever and ever.

      Dont let the border lines slap ya on your arse on the way out!


  24. Donald Trump says:

    Here’s a deal:

    -You play in the dome
    -We’ll charge you one million dollars each time you play a game there.
    -After 650 games, we’ll kick in 650 million dollars to build a stadium.
    -Then, we will charge you two million dollars each time you play a game in our new stadium.

    Take this deal.
    Or build your own stadium.
    Or get the hell out of here, I’m a busy man.

  25. Lucifer says:

    And so it goes…. History repeats itself as Rome (Minnesota) burns.

    How many stadiums, light rail, trolley cars, new U of M buildings, park and ride lots, etc. etc. etc. can this little state of MN support? How many taxpayer funded venues of entertainment do the looney libs need to make them feel fulfilled in their pathetic lives? Perhaps if they spent more time working and retired when the rest of us do they wouldn’t have so much free time on their hands with nothing productive to do. Hey I have a novel idea…. If you like football so much why don’t you get off your fat behind and try to find a few friends to meet at the locval ballpark and play the game yourself instead of watching some other overpaid slobs play the game.

    The NFL and the Vikings aren’t entitled to a new stadium paid for by the majority of the population that has bettter things to do than waste weekends and a boatload of money to attend a game. If you want a stadium then pay for it yourself. Double the ticket price, get the money from the overpaid Vikings, the NFL, Ziggy, Markie Dayton and Rybak, double price drinks at local bars for Vikings fans, $100 parking fees during games, double the price of NFL merchandise. Just keep your grubby fingers out of the wallets of the rest of us sane citizens.

    1. Mayhem says:

      Do you need a psych referral or something? Or a nipple to suck on?

      1. Lucifer says:

        Ahhh my dear Mayhem

        I’ve seen your posts around the web depicting your support for all things liberal and your unconditional love for Obama. Your mindless babble is not unlike the typical liberal mindset and your continuous insults and name calling to all that disagree with your minority opinion is indicative of your pathetic lot in life and your low intelligence. It must suck to be you Mayhem.

        I have purposefully ignored your ignorant comments on this and other boards simply because you do not merit an intelligent response. Carry on Mr. Mayhem in that world of yours that has no purpose. May you not take it too personally when your dismal world comes crashing down around you.

        1. Jason says:

          @ beelzebub, stinging comment. Impressive and I like. I too will ignore the uninformed.

          1. Jason says:

            almost forgot.. LOL!

        2. Mayhem says:

          I DONT CARE…Struck a nerve…did what I set out to do.

          By the way….you respond by saying you dont or didnt respond?

          Now THATS intelligence! You and Jason….definitley of the same mold.


  26. Mayhem says:

    oh, almost forgot……MUUUAAAAAAAAAAUAUUAAUAUAUAUAA!!!!!!


  27. Brendon says:

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