Woman Being Taken To Detox Tries To Bite Cops

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (WCCO) — Police attempting to arrest an intoxicated woman in St. Cloud say they got an earful. Or a mouthful. Or both.

When officers attempted to escort 35-year-old Ashly Ann Madson from a business she was refusing to leave on Thursday evening, they say she pitched a fit.

Police say Madson was intoxicated and kicked at officers.

They say she also tried to bite them as they put her in the squad car.

She has been booked in Stearns County Jail on charges of fourth-degree assault and disorderly conduct.

  • Andy

    So she had a craving for pork, what’s the big deal?

    • Licks with a tounge

      I’d go to the land down under on her.

    • GH

      Could you please stop with the rude police comments? This woman is at fault for getting drunk and refusing to leave. She has no right to kick or bite police officers or anybody else.
      You just always have to turn a story into “let’s rag on cops” bs session. I would love to know what the police did to you to earn such disrespect.

  • Andy

    Gh it was a joke that’s it, relax. You’re right she was drunk and acting stupid, she deserved to go detox

  • d0 d0

    NO….she tryed to bite? OO my gosh! next thing ya know these women will try to spit at officers……

  • MrB

    I thought she was just trying to take a bite out of crime…..oh wait, that’s not it. lol

  • Lagerhops

    I’ll rag on cops. I would not believe the words they speak unless there were independently recorded sound and video to support them. The face bruising would require a stock explanation and cops have a sack full of fiction they like to reach into.

  • jimmyp

    Another model citizen and an obvious recent charm school graduate ?!?!?!?!?

    • Stands with wood

      I bet she’s good at turkey calling. ….*gluck*…..*gluck*….*gluck*……good girl!

  • Murph

    No doubt toxicology test will reveal a lot of Mary Jane in her system.I got that hungry once and gnawed two of my own fingers off! After my fifth offense I never did it again! My belly is too big for me to reach my toes!

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