Little Free Libraries Pop Up In Twin Cities Neighborhoods

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — As more of us turn to E-readers, you may think the days of visiting the library have come and gone, but a new kind of book borrowing system is showing up in dozens of neighborhoods in the Twin Cities.

In the Cherokee Heights neighborhood of St. Paul, one such library opened its door Saturday. It’s called the Little Free Library, and it’s very small indeed – about the size of a birdhouse.

The library is located just steps from Dan Liljedahl’s front door. As a librarian, it was natural for Liljedahl and his family to join the Little Free Library, a program that promotes literacy.

The program works like this: You build a book house on your property from which neighbors or passers-by take or leave books. The program works under the honor system and it’s free.

“There’s something about a real book that you just can’t beat,” Liljedahl’s said.

Lisa Himmelstrup, whose parents have a similar tiny library in their yard, said her dad’s neighbors are always borrowing books.

The program is a great way to meet your neighbors, Himmelstrup said.

Sylvia Hoke, who built a book house last October at her Como Park home, said she didn’t know whether the program would be popular.

But she quickly learned (due to numerous notes) that her library was appreciated in her neighborhood.

For more information on the Little Free Library, click here.

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    Please, give me a break.

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    who really cares???? is the the best you can report on

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      So sorry you can’t read and can’t appreciate this. Please stick you head back into the sand.

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    How about if we have banks based on this principal?

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