Plane Loses Power, Makes Emergency Landing In MN

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 42-year-old Minneapolis woman made an emergency landing Saturday afternoon in a plowed farm field in Hamburg, Minn., after her plane’s instrument panel lost power, authorities said.

The pilot, who was the only one in the plane, suffered no injuries, and the plane sustained no damage, the Carver County Sheriff’s Office said.

Fire crews and police responded to the landing, which happened near the 13000 block of County Road 31 at 2:49 p.m.

A representative from the FAA inspected the plane and released it back to its owner, police said.

  • ohwell

    women cant drive a car, why let them fly

    • Ace

      I’ll bet you don’t have a pilot’s license. It takes a fair amount of intelligence to pass the written and then the check ride. It also takes some intelligence to take a solo cross country flight of 100 miles each way, navigation skills, etc. I am a woman and have a pilot’s license and a driver’s license. I’d like to see you in a plane doing spins and climbing turn stalls. The woman made a landing without any damage to the plane. You are indeed a poor excuse for a man criticizing people when you have no idea what you are talking about and nothing going for yourself. Get a life

      • SoDak

        As a man I have to agree with “Ac”e and feel you are just a bit short sighted “ohwell”. I have to look no further than an example like Svetlana Kapanina. A top pilot rated pilot among all women in the world and a woman I would put up against any man in the world. Are there some poor pilots that are female? Probably. Are there some poor pilots that are male? Probably. She had an in flight emergency, she followed the first rule of pilots and flew the plane. She walked away and is alive to fly another day. Good enough for me.

  • Charley Manson

    Inspected plane – released plane.
    Si was it then a electrical issue?
    Or something else?
    interestin’ …… she trying to escape the Charles is she?

  • big banjo

    what is this ditz doinf flying a plane?…..a failed instrument panel DOES NOT in any way justify or demand an emergency landing. This pilot, dare i call her one, clearly does not have a sufficient understanding of her vessel to be responsibly in command of it……at the time of failure she should instantly know how much fuel she has left and then emmediately head for the nearest airport……unless there was smoke coming from the dash there was no emergency and her actions were unwarranted.

    • Marcus Bachmanns

      you no can spell – you no can read and comprehend – you no can have an IQ above 95

    • Bpath

      Big banjo: if it would have been you, no doubt you would have crashed. Don’t speak about things that you are clueless about. She sounds like a good pilot, who did the right thing. I’m sure that the same could not be said of you, if you we a pilot, that is.

      • big banjo

        yes i m a pilot and absent of more info i stand by my comment, however, given additional info not provided in the article, specifically loss of power, an emmediate landing would be warranted………..low level reporting seems to be the norm .

    • Frank

      You don’t know the whole story, cco failed to mention the plane lost power, there were no other options, bad reporting

  • Richard Head

    The Glencoe airport was probably less than 5 minutes away by air, and wide open. Could have glided there.

    • Mark T

      You have no clue as to altitude, speed, wind etc so like I said —- you have no clue period.
      Good job of taking her down safely. Easier said than done in a field….plowed frozen fields are nasty if now snow covered and using skiis
      Had the misfortune twice to have done it with electrical and mechanical issues. 38 years flying and these were the scariest 2 times to date. Thanks but no thanks.
      Well done

  • Crazy Joe

    Great job of ditching with no injuries.

  • Dave

    People cant even drive between the lines on a highway. Have you noticed how people drive these days .They dont have clue as to where there going . Im going to assume your not one of them . No turn signals.Oh There just options these days ? Afraid not .. She did a good job with the plane.

  • d0 d0

    I also have a PPL and it is no harder to pass the written/flying test than any other test (car/ MC/ row boat)…10 year old kids learn how to pilot a plane…..No one except the pilot knows the whole story behind this, I stand with the girl pilot on this… BTW i need lov and some air time, give me a call…..

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