Bachmann Plans Run, Demands Medicare Oversight

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann announced on Monday she will be introducing federal legislation that calls for greater oversight of how Medicaid dollars are being spent.

She made the announcement at the Minnesota State Capitol to show her support for similar legislation that is being proposed at the state level.

Minnesota is under federal investigation for how it administers Medicaid insurance payments.

The move comes the week after it was revealed that Minnesota is under federal investigation for its handling of Medicaid reimbursements and whether HMOs are collecting too much for Medicaid services. “It’s time that every single dollar of federal funding is accounted for and every single instance of misallocation of funding must be stopped,” said Bachmann. “Minnesota taxpayers and the American people deserve nothing less.”

Bachmann was flanked by Republican State Senators Sean Nienow and Michelle Benson, who are introducing a state bill that calls for more oversight. It’s a bill that also has support from DFL State Senator John Marty.

Political analyst David Schulz says as Bachmann begins her reelection bid after spending a year campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination, she is trying to sound a bipartisan theme.

“No one has ever lost votes by calling for more oversight of federal dollars or local dollars,” he said.

This is also the day before the announcement of new boundaries for Minnesota Congressional Districts.

“Depending on what happens in her district, she could end up with a whole bunch of people who have never been in her district before. It’s a good way to start off with something that is going to appeal to moderates. It’s also going to appeal to Democrats too,” Schulz said.

While all Minnesota Congressional boundaries are going to change, Congresswoman Bachmann’s is the most likely to change because it has 100,000 more people in it that it should. Those new boundaries will be announced on Tuesday.

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  • Begging to please

    Thank you Michelle, I’m on my hands and knees

    • JackemDown

      Bachmann’s VOICE and FACE does more for birth control than any pills or abortion clinics ever could.
      This woman is as friggen ugly as Billiary. Marcus and Willie gotta be looking elsewhere or maybe they both have squeeky voices by now ;-)

    • Tommy Lee

      Looks like she knows how to handle a large microphone.

      • Greg Loosanus

        I can show her how to plug it in if needed.

  • ICUP

    Mommy, make the scary lady go away.

    • Brett

      Lord, make ICUP just “go away”, before it’s TOO LATE.

  • A Voter

    I can’t wait to slam dunk her with my vote..

  • Lt. Dan

    Hmmm, seems like the only ones being arrested these days for voter fraud are the repulicons

  • maxey

    She’s not done feeding at the public trough. And subsidies alone are not enough for her and her family.

    • Marcus

      Amen – we cut back our lifestyle to the top 10% … but it is so hard. Sheely may have to foster some kiddies too. sad

  • Kman

    Pundit Please Provide Facts to you Voter Fraud or you Just another Clueless Republican with Zero Facts.and What has she done over Her Last Term oh thats Right she Touted Her Roots from Iowa Just Look ay her Voting Record she could have used some of that Voter Fraud to make it look like she was Doing Her Job

  • Real Talk

    Not saying much for the population of a district that elects her! Why dont we just elected bobo the talking squirel monkey while we are at it.

    For all things logical…she thinks the world was created 10,000 years ago and that man and dinosaurs co-exsisted. So while maybe name calling isnt the most couth thing to do….its not like we are even discussing a serious person. Her ridiculous beliefs have literally made her a joke…literally, late night talk show hosts get atleast 2 or 3 a night when she was on the national stage. And it isnt because she is a Republican, Religious or a Woman…its because she couldnt pass a 10th grade civics exam to save her life.

    I have voted GOP in our last 2 governnor races, 3 senate races, and my last 4 local races. I am ashamed this lunatic gets to attach her name and her ridiculous platform to the party.

    • John Schnabel

      True, but I bet she’s re-elected with at least 65% of the vote.

  • Krelm

    Light Bulb Lady, she make everything bright and cheery. But not gay. never gay, yeah yeah. Light Bulb lady, she no want government handouts. Not for you. Not for me. But for her, yeah yeah. Light Bulb Lady, she from Iowa. Iowa her home. She an Iowan. but she want Minnesota job, yeah yeah.

    • Marcus Bachmanns

      we can’t get elected at home. Plus, come on …. you got more gays here that I can heal. Back home , well, they live amongst the hogs and don’t seek help. Amen

  • Marcus Bachmanns

    I hope you are correct. I fear we gets our butts wiped with Charmin tho

  • Cindy

    Thanks God for Michele Bachmann and people lke her who are stopping the government from treating us all like small children that have to be taken care of our whole lives. Grow up people… the government wants to keep you in childhood forever and control every aspect of your lives.

    • ydnic

      Cindy, that’s exactly the type of authoritarian government in your face, you bed, and womb that she supports.

      A Bachmann theocracy disguised as freedom.

    • Brett

      You are correct, Cindy. Way too many overgrown children here today…..

      • MB's trained parrots

        Or in the case of Brett and Cindy it’s way to many grown ups who can’t think straight.
        Maybe Michele needs to have the Feds investigate the MN Puppy Mills that put out these 2. Inbreeding and muppets and puppets oh my ……………..

    • Tom

      @ Ciindy

      People like you and Michelle Bachmann want the gov’t to take care of you for the rest of your lives. Do you think Bachmann is going to turn down any gov’t money when she retires? If you think that you are delusional but you already are. You claim you dont want gov’t in your lives, but you turn around and ask gov’t to get involved!

    • Parker Schnobel

      Michele just wants to swallow the seeds of the voters. Amen

      • John Schnabel

        Get back to digging, Parker.

    • Mark

      @ Cindy;

      The government wants to control every aspect of our lives? Like the republican’s who wish to determine who it is ok for us to sleep with. Or how we have to continue to give huge tax breaks to those on the financial spectrum who for certainly don’t need a tax break. or allowing businesses and corporations to buy the elections with huge campaign dobnations without having to say who gave the money.

      Thank Goid we do not have any form of government like that….

      Oops I thought I was still in Scandinavia!

  • DG

    Her latest project, check out the medicaid and Minnesota care programs for fraud??????
    what about all the money she got for foster care plus medicaid for foster care children and possibly Minnesota care for her family medical expenses.. how about all the subsidies she got including her school aid.. It’s okay for her but not for other citizens that have worked all there life..

    The right to work law that there trying to put through will hurt the general constituents because if it goes through the employers can say this is the wage take it or leave it…Sure it works in the southern states: but there cost of living and housing is about half of Minnesota’s is.. such as rent $300.00+ ours on the average for a 1 bedroom is over $600.00 + a month..


    Two things you liberal whiners.
    1.I hope she requests over site for all entitlement programs and how many of you have made it your lifes work cashing in on all these entitlements and have contributed nothing to the welfare of this country.
    2. Please all you whiners complaining about voter ID. Please take a look at todays pioneer press. There is voter ID in India one of the most populated countries in the world and one of the poorest. Please give it up that people in this state would not have the means to aquire an ID.

    • Sandy

      Yes – Go, Michele…and keep going – far, far away – never return!

    • tan pup

      I want to see MB ID and set her as an example of voter fruad; she stated for the record she was from Iowa . . .

    • G Dog

      Kevin wants America to be India.

      Don’t step in the cowpies!!!

    • Brett

      Not as much as you do.

    • Pundit

      I called it correctly.

    • Tom

      @ Kevin

      IS she going to request oversite for the entitlement programs that she is getting money for? I doubt it!

      Once again where is the voter id problem that you and other conservatives are whining about? You have only been whining about voter fraud in very recent elections. So what is so different between past elections and recent elections that have conservatives throwing temper tantrums?

    • Michele Bachmann not

      I am a DFL voter.
      I totally for the ID and most I know are. Those that feel otherwise are right there with the Michele Bachmann’s fruitcakes and fruitloops.
      As it was said above, good ol’ Michele just gets ….
      Lost in my mind
      Lost in my mind
      Oh I get Lost in my mind
      Lost, I get lost, I get lost in my mind
      Lost in my mind
      Yes I get lost in my mind
      Lost, I get lost, I get lost
      Oh I get lost
      Oh I get

      every time she speaks. About as dumb as a sow. And so are the far leftys. May they each share one anothers fluids

      • Pundit

        I called it.

        • MB's trained parrots

          another one

  • Michele Bachmann

    Oh Pundit cease thy shilling for I am not running any longer for the WH.
    When I take the microphone …… I get
    Lost in my mind
    Lost in my mind
    Oh I get Lost in my mind
    Lost, I get lost, I get lost in my mind
    Lost in my mind
    Yes I get lost in my mind
    Lost, I get lost, I get lost
    Oh I get lost
    Oh I get

  • Foster #11 Bachmann

    Oh Marcus – your bride is attempting to cut off your feeding fraud tube at the clinic leverl…..maybe time to tuck her in the closet too, eh!

  • Reasonable

    How long will she continue to portray the act of biting the hand that feeds her?

  • A King St. Paul MN

    Shes running again???? Seriously? I figured after making a complete, and total ass of herself, she would slink away into the shadows. But nope, she is just. that.. dumb.. ladies and gentlemen. IF she is actually re-elected, the stupid, stupid people who elect her will get what they deserve.

    • Pundit

      Called it.

      • See a weenie

        @ Pundit
        That is name calling to you? Put a name of a democrat out there and see what garbage you have posted. Grow up.

        • See a weenie

          Here is your comment on Franken and Klobuchar a while back


          The impotent duo.

      • MB's trained parrots

        Parrot Pundit

  • ?

    I thought she was an Iowan….

    • Brett

      Another Minnesotan IDIOT. She was BORN in IOWA, STUPID. She can represent me ANYTIME, over the likes of you. I haven’t heard of any “values” coming from you, for all I know, you “occupy” something…..

      • ICUP

        Boy Brett, You know some pretty big words.

  • soap opera fan

    I was hoping she’d announce that M@rcus is a ‘mo and she’d been articially insemin@ted all this time.

    But no, we’re back to the boring soap opera.

  • Tom

    @ Pundit

    What massive voter fraud? Show your proof of this! She will probably win easily with her loyal nutjobs.


    Tom, sounds like you are a benifactor of to many entitlements. Sounds like you want to deflect oversite on your gains without giving anything back to the country.
    With technology advancements it’s only time for your Acorn type friends to start messing with voter honesty. Your excuses for not wanting voter ID is just that EXCUSES.

  • Iowa Voter that learned.

    Yo Amy …. put MB at top of list and then take it from her top here on down…go easy of KEVIN and let him slowly ebb away

  • MB's trained parrots

    seed been tossed —– got one

  • Murph

    Stick it!

  • G Dog

    She would be a great representative from Cedar Rapids.

  • js


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