Woman Stabbed In Columbia Heights

COLUMBIA HEIGHTS, Minn. (WCCO) — Police are investigating after a woman was stabbed in an apparent domestic dispute late Sunday evening.

According to police, it happened at about 11 p.m. on the 3700 block of Tyler Street Northeast. Officers found the victim bleeding heavily from multiple stab wounds.

The woman was taken to the hospital with what authorities reported as non-life threatening injuries.

Police dogs were recruited to help look for the suspect, who fled the scene. Thirty-seven-year-old Antonio Robinson was later caught and arrested at 45th Street and Central Avenue.

Police said the stabbing happened after a domestic dispute.

  • Uncle Rico

    “Marcus Bachmanns” & “A. Senser” are living proof of overpopulation and the common worthlessness of the every day idiot with communication capabilities.

    • Robin

      wow Rico – you must have made it to class today huh.
      Holy big words from a small mind Batman – Chico’s outdone himself today.

    • Charley Manson


  • Frank

    I will take him over Obama, better qualified.

  • Uncle Rico

    Even when you have all day to think about something funny to say you still can’t do it. Nobody likes you.

  • DEEP

    To bad all the old Nord Easters are dieing off….. NE is getting as getto as the North Side…..

    • Yuri Nator

      Deep, you’ve never lived in any real ghetto in your entire life. You want to know what a real ghetto is? Harlem is a real ghetto. South Side Chicago is a real ghetto. Detroit is one giant ghetto. Northeast Minneapolis is just full of a lot of black people. And besides, CH =! NE.

      • DEEP

        You are correct. I hear ya. I have spent some time in Sao Paulo Brazil and traveled extensively in the NE of Brazil…… Growing up on the North Side in the 80’s and attending PYC Alt’ High (Penn N Broadway) gave me a taste of “getto”. But I am quite aware of the larger metro areas that have a larger poor population and therefore are “more getto”. I strongly believe ending the drug war would help the divisive nature in our communities. We are all trying to do our best with what experience we have.

  • Tom

    More loser’s commenting on loser’s…yahoo is priceless…LOL!

  • Kevin


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