Hope For Neglected Dogs Taken From Bemidji Homes

BEMIDJI (WCCO) — Six dogs rescued from two Bemidji mobile homes in late January are now ready for a new home, but there are still several others that need a lot of attention before they can get a new place to live.

These dogs are being helped at the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley, and others are being helped by foster families in the Twin Cities through Pet Haven, Inc.

Now, volunteers are trying to turn fearful dogs into playful pups.

It’s been a big adjustment for a little guy, named Moe, who volunteer Laura Geib is working with at the Animal Humane Society.

“This is all new. A very scary time for him, but he’s coming around fast,” said Geib.

Moe is shy. He’s fearful of people, just like the other 100 dogs that were taken from the Bemidji mobile homes. These dogs lived in a pack and didn’t get to interact with people.

Police called their living conditions “very bad” and the amount of dogs “unbelievable.”

The dogs’ female owners were evaluated for their medical conditions, and their homes were condemned.

“I’m just going to gradually pet up to the top of the head, up to the ears, down to the barrel of the body,” said Geib.

Geib wants Moe to get used to her touch, her smell, and the simple act of someone else around.

After three weeks, Moe and a handful of other dogs are responding well in the shelter, but three dozen other animals need additional work, more long-term care.

There are dogs like Diamond. She’s now living with Youa and her boyfriend, Nick, in their Twin Cities apartment. They’ve become Diamond’s foster parents.

“She doesn’t really know how to play yet. We’re teaching her how to be more comfortable,” said Youa.

Diamond needs constant contact, in a much calmer environment than the shelter, away from other dogs and numerous distractions.

“She’s very shy! Shey’s shy at first. There are moments with us.. she’ll go and hide and peak her head out and observe everything,” said Youa.

The couple is giving Diamond individual attention, but they know soon, she’ll be ready to venture into a new home, a permanent one.

“So yes, great experience over all,” said Youa.

It’ll be another week before Diamond goes to her new home and Moe gets adopted too.


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