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ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Fresh off the national stage of a failed presidential bid, Republican Michele Bachmann said Tuesday that she will seek re-election to her Minnesota congressional seat, even though her home is being thrown into a district currently represented by a Democrat.

A judicial panel released a new congressional map that put Bachmann’s St. Paul suburb of Stillwater in the new 4th District. Had Bachmann decided to run there, it would have set up a potential general election matchup with six-term incumbent Betty McCollum, the state’s only other woman in the U.S. House.

Instead, Bachmann said she plans to seek re-election in the redrawn 6th District, which runs from suburbs north of the Twin Cities in a line northwest to the city of St. Cloud. She said that represents “the heart” of the district she has represented since 2007.

WCCO’s John Williams Interviews Bachmann

Bachmann said the national prominence she gained on the presidential stump paves the way for her to be an even more outspoken advocate for fiscal conservatism in Congress. She made a splash early by winning a high-profile straw poll of Iowa Republicans in August but was unable to maintain the momentum. She dropped out of the race in early January after finishing last in the leadoff caucuses in Iowa, the state where she was born.

“I embody the voice of the 6th Congressional District,” Bachmann said. “I faithfully took that voice all across the United States, and amplified that very common sense Minnesota heartland voice of not spending more money than we take in, not increasing anyone’s taxes and having the government live within its means.”

Bachmann, a favorite of tea party conservatives who has often clashed with establishment Republicans, fared better in the court-drawn map than the one drawn by Minnesota’s GOP-controlled Legislature in 2011. Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed that plan, saying at the time he believed Republicans unfairly targeted Democratic incumbents and that he was only willing to sign redistricting proposals if they had bipartisan support.

The inability of Dayton and GOP lawmakers to agree on a political realignment threw the issue into the courts, where it has almost always landed in recent decades. Supreme Court Chief Justice Lorie Gildea appointed a panel of state judges to draw up new maps, and the group considered proposals from interested groups including the state Democratic and Republican parties.

Bachmann’s 6th District gained nearly 100,000 residents since the 2000 census, forcing the panel to trim suburban areas on its eastern edge — including the Stillwater precinct where Bachmann lives. Shortly after word of Bachmann’s decision broke Tuesday, McCollum’s campaign sent out a press release taunting Bachmann for “running away” from a challenge.

The new 6th is largely made up of her longtime turf and political power base, including the suburban city of Anoka where her family moved when she was 12 and counties northwest of the Twin Cities dominated by the kind of socially conservative voters who have traditionally supported her. If anything, the district might be even more conservative because it gained a portion of Republican-leaning Carver County.

That comes at the expense of her fellow Republican, U.S. Rep. John Kline, whose 2nd District appeared to grow slightly more favorable toward Democrats.

There were few revisions to Minnesota’s other seven congressional districts as a result of redistricting, the once-per-decade redrawing of congressional and legislative boundaries to reflect post-census population shifts. Bachmann was the only one of Minnesota’s eight members of Congress to be displaced; the other three Republicans and four Democrats stayed in the districts they currently represent.

Neither Bachmann nor Kline has gained a Democratic opponent yet.

Bachmann’s presidential bid will hand campaign fodder to her eventual opponent. She missed 71 percent of congressional votes between when she declared her presidential candidacy last June and when she dropped out in early January. Also, while campaigning in Iowa she repeatedly stressed her roots in that state directly to Minnesota’s south.

While members of Congress aren’t required to live in the districts they represent, Minnesota state lawmakers do face that requirement. Of the state’s 201 legislators, 46 were thrown into districts with fellow incumbents, including the Republican House majority leader, Matt Dean.

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Comments (84)
  1. politicianssux says:

    Why no comments? The democrats “jerrymandered” the process for 32 years, when the republicans tried to do the same thing to even out the years of one way abuse, the democrats filed suit. Come on WCC0, lets see a little history and UNBIASED reporting on the history of this contentious process…

    1. Jason Kahl says:

      Did you read the article? “Members of Congress don’t have to live in the district they represent, so Bachmann is free to run wherever she likes.” Not get back to watching the “No Spin Zone”

      1. See BS says:

        Doesn’t it reflect our local population to have both of these women in congress?

        Both have strong support in their districts the way they are.

        I think the Minnesota State Supreme Court is making political rulings for Nancy Pelosi.

    2. See BS says:

      The Minnesota Court System is engaging in Election Fraud in front of everyone.

      It’s pretty obvious based on the chain of strange rulings they have been making for the past 4 years.

      1. Ima Dolt says:

        Oooohhh election fraud!!!! Sounds serious. What color is the sky in your world BS?

  2. cindy Erickson says:

    I find it hard to believe that someone who believes that any process was abused would than promote that the other side be able to blaintenly abuse to “even things out”. What happend to two wrongs don’t make a right?

    1. politicianssux says:

      Cindy, Would you propose we continue to give away this state to Unions, illegal aliens and welfare cheats, even though it was wrong to do so in the past and has put us on the path to economic and social collapse? I am saying we need to fix the system and the first thing that needs to happen is we need to fix prior wrongs, one way or another. Once everyone is on a level playing field, then we can work to be sure that the abuse does not happen again. Think of it this way, many democrats hate that corporations can now plow money into elections, but unions have been able to influence elections with money for years and they did. That was wrong and now it is not the best solution, but it did start to level the playing field and pointed out past abuses. So this solution byt he republicans was not right, I agree, but without a court case, would the past abuses ever have been corrected or addressed?

      1. Bob Schwiderski says:

        politicianssux, question: do you add bleach to your chicken noodle soup? second question: did you not understand what cindy Erickson stated?

        1. jack says:

          i just like when people say 2 wrongs don’ make a right” . the person usally did not minde the first wrong and only has a problem with the second wrong.

      2. Ironic times says:

        Folks – you can do all the court cases you want and things will never be settled. Heck _ I have land in the UP on the rez. Or one of the rez’s – depends on which Treaty people like to play, read where are the minerals and resources. lol There have been more Treaties than you can shake a stick at that been flipped this way and that…. only difference if they were never flipped to benefit the natives.
        Funny we talk “economic collapse-social collapse-the BKing of a way of things. That’s what occurred in the 1800’s to the natives…..is this a “what goes around comes around” moment???

  3. DEEP says:

    Reading news from sites such as Infowars is like eating a tasty steak dinner.Reading news from sites such as WCCO is like eating a really bad frozen TV dinner……

    1. msm presstitutes says:


  4. Murph says:

    When the end result is tax dollars going to political donors what does it matter? They have to steal from somebody and the tax payer is the most vulnerable! Predator also starts with a P ,just like politician.Coincidently Pawlenty also starts with a p and he is a prime example! The political system is broken as is most anything once a politician gets ahold of it! They are supposed to be public servants,yet the public is their personal slaves,meal ticket and the paving stones trampled under their mad dash to personal wealth.Welcome to to Economics part I .

  5. G Dog says:

    I just hope Michele Bachmann’s district includes Waterloo and Cedar Rapids.

    1. Tim says:

      Laugh. That was funny.

  6. Mickey finn says:

    These SUPERPACS give more to political parties then the unions ever dreamed of giving. get to a REAL level playing field and everyone run on thier name and there own DAMN money!!!!!!!!

  7. J says:

    For a story about redistricting, the political talk from both sides broke out real fast. And for those who comment complaining about what WCCO has on their site, I have one simple solution, don’t go to the site

    1. insignificant says:

      we go to these sites to see what they ARE NOT COVERING

    2. Susan says:

      whoa. I am in the wrong article, I thought thisvwas about Michele running again, back to the other article, God help us she is running again

  8. Happy Feet says:

    Doing the happy dance!!

    Oh…and WCCO reported “Members of Congress don’t have to live in the district they represent.” This is not correct. You must live in the district you wish to run for at least 6 months prior to election day. So if Bachman wants to keep her 6th district seat, then she has to move.

    1. Pundit says:

      If you look at what a gerrymander the 6th district is, it is obvious that this was by design.

      The courts should never have been involved.

    2. J says:

      Congressional candidates do not need to live in the district they run to represent, STATE legislative candidates DO. Bet your happy feet are tripping all over themselves.

      1. Susan says:

        ah. I miss the happyfeet

    3. Ed says:

      I hope this is true. It would be nice to have someone that represents the people.
      There is a reason she did not do well in the GOP race for president. The US is bigger than Iowa.

  9. Joe Hanson says:

    So now that the 4th Congressional district includes Stillwater, will Betty McCollum now support the proposed 4 lane Stillwater bridge?

  10. big banjo says:

    McCollum will win because by now everybody recognizes Bachmann as the loony tunes that she is……..after this defeat hopefully she will just not be hear from again.

    1. Jill says:

      Really? Well if you say so it must be true.

      By the way, how does that bile in your mouth taste?

    2. The Architect says:

      I predict Bachmann will win in a landslide. The people in that area aren’t very bright, and they openly wish the Vatican ruled the U.S. instead of the U.S. ruling the U.S.

  11. Murph says:

    Maybe Marcus can pray her into a sane person! If so,no doubt then that he can part the sea,harm the sick,turn elderly social security recipients into pillars of salt or soylent green most likely and rig the 2012 elections! As well as help tthe GOP round up all the newly homeless slave workers and levitate them into those 800 REX 84 concentration camps.Wow the GOP would have a new king.King Marcus! The GOP eats the carrot and social secuity recipients get the stick or more correctly the shaft.Her and Marcus ,the whole GOP have a real good and very damp dream ahead of them!What could be better!

  12. maxey says:

    Time to pick your looney.

    1. Ironic times says:

      done …. and I am not talkin’ 😉

  13. See BS says:

    The Minnesota Supreme Court is engaged in Election Fraud — if they think the League of Women voters have more say about the Election map than the entire Minnesota State Legislative Branch.

    The League of Women voters does not reflect the “Will of the People” at all.

    The Minnesota State Legislature should impeach a few Supreme Court Justices for blatantly ignoring plainly worded text in the Minnesota State Constitution.

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      Amazing what the anarchist trolls are thinking and saying today. “BS” you really outdid yourself with this comment today today.

      1. See BS says:

        You are just pretending Article 3, and Article 4, sec 3 in the Minnesota Constitution isn’t the Boss of Judges.

        1. Swamp Rat says:

          Hi, BS!
          Just read the MN Constitution especially Art.III and Art.IV-sec 3. Surprise, BS, “Distribution of powers” means nowhere does it say any branch of government is the ‘Boss” of anybody. Powers and jurisdictions are distributed equally as defined by the Constitution and applicable statutes. However, you forgot to read Article VI regarding the ‘Judiciary’ branch and related statutory evidences. .

          “Sec. 2. SUPREME COURT. The supreme court consists of one chief judge and not less than six nor more than eight associate judges as the legislature may establish. It shall have original jurisdiction in such remedial cases as are prescribed by law, and appellate jurisdiction in all cases, but there shall be no trial by jury in the supreme court.” –MN Constitution; Art.VI, Sec.2.

          Shall I go? You forget that US or MN Statutes and legal case precedence cover the issues of redistricting when the state legislatures do not do their statutory and mandated duties related to such redistricting.

          Redistricting [aka-gerrymandering] dates back in legal precedence to circa 1812 when the MA Governor Elbridge Gerry tried redistricting Massachusetts to his parties political advantage. The rest is American political and US legal history when the MA State Supreme Court then the US Supreme Court entered the political maelstrom created by the Governor. If state legislatures can’t reach a consensus over their every 10 year redistricting the relevant State Supreme Courts entered the process. In rare instances the US Supreme Court will decide over the redistricting as US statutes dictate.

          It’s not a matter of who is the “Boss of Judges” as you allude to but American jurisprudence as set down by the US Constitution, MN State Constitution, and legal practice or case precedence.

          Nearly 200 years have past since raucous gerrymandering reared its Hydra political heads. As imperfect, impractical, and messy redistricting can be, the courts have done a relatively fair job of doing what state legislatures couldn’t.

          If you are going to quote the MN Constitution don’t forget the related other pertinent details and statutes and all relating to the argument you are espousing. You must admit, for better or worse, our system of jurisprudence does serve well. Think about it!!!

          1. See BS says:

            The Minnesota Constitution is the boss of the Minnesota Supreme Court.

            And the Boss says the Legislative Branch makes the district maps and the Judicial Branch is not allowed to do the Legislatures job.

            The Minnesota Supreme Court is involved in an act of insurrection.

            1. Swamp Rat says:

              Did you read what I posted? When the Legislature doesn’t do its constitutional duties legal juris prudence prevails. Why? Because, related applicable MN and US statutes along with US case law dictate taking legal precedence applicable to correct the incongruities of the failed state legislative impasse over redistricting. There is over 200 years of US legal juris prudence to back up what I just said.

              In other words, in the matter of the state of Minnesota doing its [US] Constitutional duty to redistricting after the current Census is completed, the matter is up to the state Legislature to do its duty in the time specified. If the state’s Legislative body, IE the MN Legislature, fails to do the redistricting in said time, then higher legal authority takes over.

              In Minnesota’s case–the MN Supreme Court. If the state court fails to complete redistricting or has challenges to its decision then the US Supreme Court steps in. BS, this is basically how it has worked for over 200 years. It is not neat and/or clean a process but it serve the country well.

              Now why can’t you accept this fact? US History for over 200 years can’t be that wrong or convoluted as you allude it is. The system works be it ever so dented at times.

              Enough said………..

  14. Ed says:

    Last I heard from her, she was an Iowan. Looking at her record, it would be hard to find evidence that she represents the people.

  15. Tom says:

    When referring to the “heart” of the district she is referring to her nutty followers!

  16. Deep Thinker says:

    I just hope the dumb one loses

    1. politicianssux says:

      Can they both lose?

  17. Dawn says:

    Please, please, please Ms. Bachmann…leave the 6th district (and MN altogether), we don’t want or need you!!

  18. Crazy Joe says:

    I don’t care who marries who, I will not let you take my guns, I have worked for everything I have, I don’t like democrats, I don’t like republicans, I am the real 99% I work for a living not like the so called 99% who don’t and whine and cry.

    1. The Truth says:

      Based on your name and comments, I think it’s vital that someone take your guns. It’s obvious that you aren’t mentally stable.

      1. Crazy Joe says:

        @ The truth, OK to be fair, explain yourself. Do you not work? Are you one of Obamas children? Do you not believe in the second amendment, your comment makes no sense.

    2. Citizen says:

      Hey Crazy Joe – I’m right there with you. I too am part of the 99%. But unlike those fakes at the protest . . . I work for a living. Everything I have, I earned. Government handouts are below me.

    3. politicianssux says:

      Hey Crazy Joe, How do we start this revolution? all the left and right candidates appear a little nuts to me and there appears to be no solid third party that does not have some crazy idea about marrying cows or some other stupid platform idea. Let me know what you want to do and I will put up the 99% web site in a matter of days. It is time for the crazy average joe’s to take back ouir country.

    4. The Architect says:

      I’m in that group too, Joe!

  19. The Truth says:

    She’s a coward. She knows she would get defeated in the 4th district, whereas the 6th district is still predominantly conservative.

  20. missy says:

    Well, if you can’t vote her out, redistrict her.

  21. @See BS says:

    Is See BS getting paid to schill for people?
    Well – does a bear chit in the woods you say

  22. max says:

    She won’t run in the 4th District because she knows she would lose there. Since she is planning to run in the 6th, “Shelley the Carpetbagger” can be added to her many titles.

    If she really had any cajones, she would run against Amy Klobuchar for the Senate. I would love to see that. Shelley would get trounced.

  23. What could've been says:

    Its just a damned shame that Bachman won’t be President, we could be enjoying all the gas we want for less than two bucks a gallon folks! Just a damned shame!

    1. Papa Ken says:

      You’re getting a lot of gas for nothing, pal! No charge for all her hot air.

  24. The Crux of the Buscuit says:

    Bachmann is an idiot.

    1. Papa Ken says:

      Actually, she’d have to boost up a few steps to get that high.

  25. Kevin says:

    I like Bachmann because so many dont…….

    1. niveK says:

      And Kevin, she likes you for the same reason.

  26. Papa Ken says:

    Hey! I think I’ll run for Congress from Hawaii. Then when I win, I can have the government send me back “home” on a regular basis to have town hall meetings or whatever. Not living in the district one represents reminds us of the pocket boroughs of Parliament which provided a seat, when purchased, by the wealthy and/or their minions. It is unbelievably STUPID.

  27. KEVIN says:

    With the expansion of the 4th district the welfare state of St Paul is sure to expand with Mcullum in there.

  28. John says:

    The redistricting clearly was designed to benefit the democrats.

    1. aeiou says:

      It’s designed to meet the population.

  29. Joe Hanson says:

    The biggest change appears to be the extension of the fourth Congressional District to the Minnesota – Wisconsin border to increase the population in the fourth. Otherwise it looks like small changes.

    A good question is why has the population of the fourth Congressional District, currently represented by democrat Betty McCollum, fled her district…

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      It’s a matter of urban flight and demographic shifts. It has nothing to due with the present representation. If history holds true with precedents you should see growth in the core 4th district again. It’s just a matter of time and urbanization renewal.

  30. Common_Cents says:

    Ok.. who opened up the comment section to the middle schoolers again?! Sad.

  31. Charles says:

    “..but I’m choosing to stay with my people,” So she IS going back to Iowa!

  32. Deep Thinker says:

    I’m just thankful that the headline didn’t read “Bachman picks her old seat”

    1. 1968 Was Brilliant Man says:

      Or how about “Marcus is seeking old seat”

  33. Life Goes On, But it Never Gets Easy says:

    God I hope these nut jobs never go away, they are funnier than a Twins team that lost 99 games, or the Gophers getting drilled by a football team from North Dakota.

    1. Your What Hurts? says:

      Granted a lot of the NDSU players are from Minnesota…..our brilliant college football program loses recruits to NDSU….that is some funny stuff

  34. Mary says:

    Why is Washington County the only county in the state to be split into three congressional districts? As an east metro resident I knew it was inevitable we’d get moved into district 4 because of course they couldn’t go west and stay urban.

  35. j speedbag 64 says:

    aye murph….

  36. aeiou says:

    And the comedianne didn’t know when to exit the stage. No, that addiction to attention overwhelmed her until finally the joke was no longer funny.

    But her bank account was full. She did not need the little people anymore. They just got in the way.

    They will do as I legislate, for Nanny government is best when forced!

  37. Paul Solinger says:

    Time to see how smart the 6th district really is. She turned her back on our district and state (remember all those glowing Iowa comments a few months ago). She’s been completely worthless as a representative and now she doesn’t even live in the district she wants to represent. I’m a Democrat, but if I were a Republican I would be clamoring for another Republican to replace her.

  38. OLY says:

    I wonder when she or palin just give up and pose for playboy?

  39. Spanky says:

    Nice…Skip Playboy, try Taboo magazine. They are both so HOT. She’s got my vote. End of story.

    1. effoff says:

      How about Swank?

    2. Marcus Bachmann says:

      spanky the meat eh Spanky….Michele makes it happen for ya?
      careful as she’s my woman.
      nuff said

  40. Spanky says:

    Your a lucky man Marcus. Hats off to ya!

  41. free back links says:

    I don’t even know how I ended up right here, however I thought this post used to be good. I do not understand who you might be however certainly you are going to a well-known blogger if you happen to aren’t already. Cheers!

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