Teacher’s Aide Sentenced For Sexual Conduct With Boy

SHAKOPEE (WCCO) — A Shakopee teacher’s aide has been sentenced to three months in jail for engaging in multiple sex acts with a 16-year-old student.

Michelle Rose Chlan, 26 of Shakopee, can serve her sentence in a work release program, if eligible. In addition to 15 years of probation, she must register as a predatory offender.

In December 2011, Chlan pleaded guilty to one of three counts of third-degree sexual conduct in connection with the case.

According to a criminal complaint, Chlan was engaging in multiple sex acts with the boy she had met at a school in Shakopee through her job as a para-professional. The incidents happened between June of 2009 and July of 2010 in Burnsville.

The complaint states that Chlan performed oral sex on the boy at least three times during that time period. Chlan told police she was a teacher’s aide in one of the classes the boy was in and knew the behavior was wrong. Chlan would give the boy rides home when his mother wasn’t available for transportation. Sher performed oral sex on the boy once behind a K-Mart and twice behind a Burnsville soccer complex, according to the complaint.

Chlan must adhere to a long list of condition including psychiatric treatment, attend a sex offender program, submit to polygraphs as directed, have no contact with minors, submit to random searches and have no contact with victims.

  • Kevin

    WHAT? My god reverse this! If were a man……he would be gone for years. What a bs double standard…..What is that a month per bj ????

  • Brian

    More reverse discrimination…just like U of Michican and UT-Austin with race in admission. Two steps forward, three steps backward.

  • John

    Just like the South Park Episode

    “Was she hot”…..”Nice”……If this was a guy he would have had way more time. Interesting.

  • Mark

    Tog only way to get femail teachers to stop giving students oral sex is to make them marry the students. That has stopped oral sex on men for generations.

  • Peter Paul

    Newt Gingrich began his career by “tapping” his geography teacher. Now four wives and many “girlfriends” later, many ‘good’ christians think he can be president. Meanwhile, Ricky Santorium looked like the kind of person many a priests would have driven home (pit stop behind K-mart) when Ricky was a teenager.

  • Redneck Purist

    Is she available for private tutoring?

  • Kevin

    Gotta tell ya…that is one ugly she / it……….

  • Larry

    is she ugly or what!!!

  • Ryan

    She definitley left no branches on the way down the ugly tree.

    Im guessing she took the tree out too.

  • Kevin


    So lets see what a man gets for the same crime…….

  • See BS

    Sex Offense laws are only suppose to punish male and genetically inferior people.

    So much for the 14th Amendment “Equal Protection clause”

  • J

    Where were these teachers when I was 16?

    • Suzi N.

      DId you get a look at this woman? Scary.

  • Spanky

    YIKES!!! Surprised he could get wood….

    • Dynamo


  • luvs

    I agree a man would have served jail time for sure. Her conditions seem pretty bad though, and registering as a sex offender means the career she has chosen is ruined forever.

  • Jesus Christ!

    What a skank! I’d be p!$$ed if she forcefully banged me too!

    • A. Senser

      come on —- you’d sow them seeds in a minute.
      You just know you would…maybe try for seconds even

  • Murph

    Hey even igly babes get a case of the horns now and then.Lighten up,it’s not like any kid who had any experience at all would go near her.Just cuz your cherry was lost to Rosie Palm and mine too! Judge not lest…. Sure she’s butt ugly ,but any port in a storm! Maybe she can cook!. Might not be a bad catch for some starving person! I am not afraid but YOU try her first,ok?

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