Wilf, Dayton Meet On Stadium; Optimism On Deal

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Was it a sign of progress, or a sign of frustration?

Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf held a private meeting with Governor Mark Dayton on Tuesday. But there is still no Vikings stadium deal despite weeks of speculation that a deal was imminent.

I suppose you could call it progress compared to where the stadium was at this time last year. But now the legislature is past the halfway mark, and no Vikings bill to look at, let alone debate and vote.

Wilf met with Gov. Dayton for an hour behind closed doors on Tuesday. Wilf told reporters they are negotiating the final points of a deal to put the facility at the site of the Metrodome in Minneapolis. He said he is not frustrated by the stops and starts at the Capitol. And he predicts again, a deal is close.

“I believe that to get a deal like this done as complicated as it is, patience is needed and we will make sure to use that patience to make sure that we both agree on a term sheet that works for everyone’s benefit,” Wilf said.

When asked when a potential stadium deal might be finalized, Dayton said Tuesday that he had no idea. It’s a hot topic and debate that could easily go until the end of the legislative session, if not longer.

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  • Tock, Tock, Tic, Tic, Tock, Tock, Tic, Tic, Tock, Tock, . . .


    • DING! Time's up! (Flight 5150 to L.A. now in the final boarding process.)

      Oh, ahem, sorry, daydreaming there, haha

  • Jason

    I speak for many when I say PUT THIS TO A REFERENDUM! We are on to you wilf / dayton.

    • common sense

      We don’t put every decision to a vote that is an issue for the state. If that happened, nothing would ever get done; and you know it! Get over yourself and get a life!

      • Jason

        I know that we are talking about a he// of alot money when everyone is broke including myself. Our state is in the hole 5,000,000,000, How many schools have closed the last 5 years, how many police, fire , teachers have we laid off. My property tax and every other expense is going through the roof. If we have referendums for school levies than why not on something of this proportion. Many reasons not to pay for this, only few to do so.

        • jackactionhero

          Everyone is broke? Sorry, that’s YOUR story, not mine, and not “everybody’s” like you claim…

          • Jason

            @ jack, the word is deficit ( WE dont have enough to cover our expenses WE spend to much), are you a citizen of mn? OUR tax money NEEDS to be spent on projects that are used by EVERYONE, not ziggy and millionaire manchild types.

        • Mayhem

          HAHAHAAHHAHAHA….Jason, youre pretty funny…did you just pull that figure from Lucifer’s arse or…………………………..

          I believe I gave you the facts on this on an earlier post.

          Its ok to be in denial…you and the rest of your fellow morons that agree with your mis-information should probably seek some sort of low-income help for yourselves.

          • Jason

            @ mayhem, so im moron and in denial. Nice way to deflect while ignoring the issue of not being able to pay for services that benefit the public not big business. Stay on topic. Stop attacking, you do yourself no favors in promoting your ideas.

      • Jill

        Maybe anything over 100 million should be put to a vote.

        It’s our money.

        • Sonjay

          SOOO you want to obviously want to vote EVERY road project, EVERY transit adjustment, EVERY SINGLE INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENT there is. Great now WHY do we elect people?

          • Jill

            Look up straw-man argument.

            Maybe you can prevent yourself from appearing so foolish and ignorant in the future.

  • Your What Hurts?

    I say that we build a damn palace befitting the Vikings & their past Super Bowl success…heck we might even get Randy Moss back….oh boy….

    • common sense

      Great logic…no wonder your what hurts!

  • solarhoilday

    The vikings stadium will be built, just like target field. The Ramsay county board voted to build target field in Minneapolis, with only the Hennepin county taxpayers funding it. So in essence the entire state of Minnesota claims the Minnesota twins but Hennepin County taxpayers carry the entire burden. Should be the Minneapolis Twins, but that wouldn’t sell tickets to suburbanites.

  • We the TaxPayers

    If you are unsure of your position, Google this phrase: Publicly financed stadiums.

    Then contact your representative and tell them how you feel: email, phone, fax:


  • Dawn

    Someone should tell Dayton he’s not in the same league as Zygi the Pinhead.

    He’s going to give half a billion dollars of our money to a scam artist and all he’s going to get is a bag of beans.

    • Sonjay

      It’s great those with disabilities can use a computer but we don’t really care what you have to say.

      • Sonjay

        I can’t win this argument so I resort to name calling in an attempt to disrupt mature intelligent people from having a discussion.

        Yes, I am a loser.

  • Is it over yet

    Enough already about a stadium. Ghuck the Wilghs.

    • Sonjay

      Wow you prove you can’t fix stupid.

      • Duh

        It’s not stupid, it’s cleaver. The Gh is the sound of a Gh as in the word enough. Stupid is as stupid sees.

      • Sonjay

        Wow you prove you can’t fix stupid.

        • Casey

          Its a shame you lived so far from the Union Carbide plant.


    digital tv w/ surround sound plus enjoy cheap eats and libations.
    i live in anoka county/blaine and was ready to pay alittle bit more in my taxes
    to help fund an eyesore down the road from us.
    and make sure you enjoy the refurbished TARGET CENTER and the new
    WILLIAMS ARENA that will have to be built soon after…and the total cost
    for all that ? i dont care…its your wallets not mine/ours

    • Sonjay

      LAWLZ 40 friends! Your hand does not count as one friend let alone 40.

    • Carl

      lol, 40 friends.

      • tailgunner

        You must have a fish tank?

  • Zigy Wilf

    Give me your money.
    I’m tired of fooling around.
    Give me your money.
    Give it to me.

  • Iron Ranger

    I just love reading all these blogs. Let me educate you on stadiums.. First there was the Metropolitian Sports Stadium, then came the Metropolitian Sports Center, then came the St Paul Civic Center. After that came Target Center and Target Field. Do you really think a stadium for the Vikings is not going to be built? I want all you ranting and raving people that tell people to send Zygi to move to LA to shut up. This stadium is going to be built. This is going to get done. I guarantee a stadium is going to be built. Maybe you should spend your time on getting contreception stopped as a health insurance option for the 990/0 of women in this country. Or better yet, try to figure out how you will Michelle elected to her new district. HAHAHAHA

  • Bill

    What a waste of time.

    Those two bozos are not going to get anything past the legislature.

    • jackactionhero

      Bet your bottom dollar they will.

  • truth is finally told

    “Dayton said Tuesday that he had no idea”

  • i iz dum

    If it’s a stupid thing to do, Minnesota’s politicians will do it. Funding a stadium with public funds is beyond stupid, so it’s a certainty that Minnesota’s politicians will give Zippy at least 3/4 of a billion taxpayer dollars. The Zip will be laughing all the way to the bank – for at least another 30 years!

  • Journalism 1001

    Why is the meeting behind closed doors?

    What are they hiding?

    • snafu

      They’re hiding plans to steal your money. ssssssshhhhhhhhhh

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