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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Beginning now through Election Day 2012 you may be exposed to numerous political campaign commercials purchased on all the major media outlets in the Twin Cities. WCCO-TV has had a long-standing policy of allowing citizens and organizations to use the public airways to express viewpoints and engage in vigorous debate on issues of controversial and public importance.

During the ensuing months, we have little doubt our viewers will be exposed to messages underwritten by candidates running for office, political action committees, and advocacy groups. You may not agree with all of the messages contained in these commercials. Other messages you may heartily support and endorse. It is all part of the fabric of a democracy in action, ultimately seeking your vote on election day.

WCCO-TV believes that the best forum for the public debate will be the ongoing coverage in our daily newscasts. Pat Kessler will regularly research and review these commercial messages for accuracy and truthfulness. His Reality Checks may be seen evenings at 10 p.m. These segments are also posted at

Brien Kennedy
WCCO-TV Vice President & General Manager


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  1. Gary Ryan says:

    Good–I’ll be watching for Kessler’s reports. Please tell him to quit signing off with, “you got it” and “yep”. His poor use of the English language minimizes his expertise.

  2. james2 says:

    I am getting prepared for the onslaught of propaganda, endless soundbites, etc. while making sure the mute button works at all times.

    You stand to make a lot of money, no sales needed. They will come to you.

  3. Dry Cleaner says:

    Commercials are what the “mute” button on the remote is for.

  4. jjht says:

    To be honest, I have already quit watching the news as I am tired of all the political rhetoric in the stories presented. I would rather read online where I can filter it.

  5. politiciansSUX says:

    It is lent, Give up TV and then use the internet to reality check Pat Kessler. He routinely falls flat on his face and fails to give the same scruitiny to the democrats that he applies to the republicans. Tell it both ways Pat and get a little integrity.

    1. TL says:

      I think most people would agree that republicans vigorously open themselves up for scruitiny every time they talk.

      Which is good…since every time they talk they increases Obama’s reelection bid, which is fine by me.

      1. DontTread says:

        Every time Obama wakes up he decreases his re-election chances. The liberal fantasy world will be shaken to consciousness quite soon. Dollars and sense.

        1. TL says:

          De-Nile is a river in Egypt too.

          See ya at the polls, me boy!!!!!!!!!!

          Hopefully your vote will make it at least somewhat respectable for the reaps.

  6. tan pup says:

    Translation from the GM – money, Money, MONEY!!!!!! Think sound affect from little weasel from a Fog Horn Leghorn cartoon!

  7. Mike in Minneapolis says:

    People still watch live broadcast TV? I haven’t watched a commercial in years.

  8. Sure says:

    I love my DVR, goodbye commercials

  9. Brett says:

    Thanks, but I don’t need ANY of pat’s “translations” in these ads, or any other political “stories” pat is a true blue uber lib, and he and ‘cco should admit it. There is NO moderation or middle ground in his so=called “reporting”, it is political slant disguised as “reporting” and the electorate has put up with it for far too long.

  10. Jack K says:

    Forgot to add that we are the standard liberal unbiased DFL supporting network and station and he will continue to report and investigate only the theories and utter failures that have resulted in the socialist agenda and policies that are the backbone and voice of this network and station.

    1. truth hurts says:

      Let’s see, Hubbard openly donates to GOP and we have hat Fox station in town. WCCO is not liberal and Pat is bashing the GOP in his fact checks. GOP use lies in ads more often than not as does the DFL, so the truth hurts.

      I wish there was a station that the owner donated only to the DFL and one that clearly had an agenda like KMSP in town. Then, we could see what a “real” liberal TV station would be like. For now, there is only KTFN 950AM radio.

  11. now that's funny says:

    Translation: Please disregard all propaganda except ours. Only we know what’s best for the flock to hear.

  12. Anne says:

    Hate the basketball!!!!!!!!!! NO Mentalist again this week!!

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