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Minor Injuries After School Bus Crashes In St. Paul

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — None of the kids aboard a school bus were injured after it crashed into a vehicle and ended up in the front yard of a St. Paul home Wednesday.

The bus crashed into a vehicle at Earl and Minnehaha in St. Paul Wednesday afternoon, before driving into a tree and coming to rest. Police say the bus driver ran through a red light and admitted to being distracted.

“All of the sudden I see a flash of orange coming and hit me, right through a red light,” said John Abresch, of Moundsview, who was the driver hit by the bus.

Remarkably, he climbed out of his totaled car with minor injuries. The bus had significant damage, and it also took out a stoplight when it careened into the yard.

“Luckily, the airbag went off. That’s all I remember. It almost knocked me out, but I got out,” said Abresch.

April Naastad lives across the street, and says she saw the bus run the red light. She rushed to help the children off the bus, and says many were crying and shaken.

“The emotions of being a mom kicked in. Ran over grabbing kids, comforting them, making sure they are OK, each one by one,” said Naastad.

None of the 29 students on board were injured. Police say the students go to the St. Paul French Immersion School and were between 7 and 10 years old.

Another bus will picked up the students and brought them home.

“Boy, that was an impact,” said Abresch. “I am happy everybody is OK.”

The bus driver on scene told WCCO he had no comment, nor did his bus company representative on scene, from First Student.

school bus Minor Injuries After School Bus Crashes In St. Paul

(credit: CBS)


One Comment

  1. Axe Me Sumpiin says:

    I hope everyone is ok…..but can you imagine all the adults sneaking onto the bus after the fact so they could sue the bus company… Of course some people in their 20’s are still going to highschool

  2. Rufus Larkin says:

    That poor tree!

  3. Will says:

    Did the student passengers have their seat beats fastened?

  4. Bus Driver says:

    Bugsy you are dumb

  5. Kevin says:

    Great reporting……who hit who? What caused the wreck?

  6. Kevin says:

    Man and they call me a racist…….You must be my racist brother…..sup bro…….just remember…they only take jobs that real MN dont want or wont do…….I mean before all the somalians came…we had no taxi drivers……

  7. Mike says:

    The bus crashed into a vehicle at Earl and Minnehaha in St. Paul Wednesday afternoon, before driving into a tree and coming to rest. Police say the bus driver ran through a red light and admitted to being distracted

  8. Mary says:

    School buses do not have seat belts. Kids are actually safer without them.. Under 65 lbs, kids’ pelvic bones would be toast in a crash like this one. The padding of school buses actually protect kids much better than any seat belt could. The driver, if distracted and not trying to beat the light change, was probably watching the kids in the big rear view mirror, didn’t see the light change and wham.
    How do I know these things? Tomorrow is my last day of drivng school bus after 10 1/2 yrs. I’m going full-time with Metro Transit starting the 27th. I currently have a route thru the area where this happened, so we cruised by today. It became great teaching lesson for the kids though a tragic illustration. Some of my more challenging kids apologized to me for causing distractions on our bus after seeing the aftermath of the broken concrete of the yard it “rested” in. I am proud of them and hope they remember this on Monday when they break ina new driver…..

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