Bloomington Students Discover Dead Body On Field Trip

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (WCCO) — A group of students from a Bloomington middle school wandered upon an unwelcome surprise while on a field trip Thursday afternoon.

A group of 125 students from Oak Grove Middle School in Bloomington were on a field trip at the Richard T. Anderson Conservation Area in Eden Prairie when the group came upon the dead body of an adult male, according to police.

The group who actually discovered the body was about 30 eighth grade students and a supervising teacher. They were participating in an activity when they found the body of a man who had suffered a gunshot wound.

“The teacher removed the students from the area,” said Rick Kaufman, the director of communications for Bloomington School District. “Called 911 and Eden Prairie Police responded and talked with the teacher and a number of students.”

Police said they believe the man killed himself before the students were in the area, and the students were never in danger. Police also recovered a gun at the scene.

Grief counselors were at the school when the students returned, and their parents were also notified of the incident.

“It was very disturbing for the students we had the students return to the school and obviously canceled the field trip,” said Kaufman. “We had our crisis response team of grief counselors ready for the students upon arrival. We brought students into the auditorium. Any student struggling with the incident we offered one-on-one counseling.”

Kaufman said students on the field trip were texting their parents and sending messages on their phones after the incident. The school got in touch with parents leaving them messages and giving them accurate information.

The identity of the victim has not been released.

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  • Get A Life

    You know if you don’t have any better way to spend your time than to complain and pick apart how the news is written/broadcast, you must have a pretty empty life. I feel sorry for you, Mr. PERFECT!

    • markH

      And then there are those who are indifferent to mediocrity. Peace.

      • deep thinker

        the hookster laying it down for all of us to see….peace….may you blossom into another Kubiak…wink, wink

      • Jack

        And then there are those who are indifferent to human suffering. Don’t use the peace word as you don’t care about peace, just punctuation.

    • Larry Dentz

      Glad to know that about you.

  • questioning

    What were a bunch of 8th graders wandering around a field in the dead of winter for anyway?

    • ahab

      I guess the concept of a field trip totally escapes you. There is much to learn about winter ecology when you take a winter field trip. You need to get out more and find out for yourself. But try to avoid the dead bodies.

    • Larry Dentz

      What are you talking about its a nature preserve wow !!!

  • Kevin


    • Larry Dentz

      just gotta write something ha!!

  • Rufus Larkin

    Was the body in a tree on on the ground?

  • do do

    OOO MY Gosh. a few ppl saw some dude laying in the snow, so now they all get “grief counselors ” ??? How many vet’s who saw there friends get there guts blown out got “grief counselors ” NONE.

    • DAVE

      They are in 8th grade you idiot. And I’m sure there is counseling available for that.

      • Darren

        yeah 4 years before they can go to war, let them get used to dead bodies, they will be seeing many more.

    • Larry Dentz

      You are an idiot they saw a guy probly shot himself in the head what f ing idiot you are.

    • Larry Dentz

      Vets are different than kids first of all they volunteered, That’s a pretty big thing and they are KIDS!!!!!! You are do do

      • davy

        cry me a river

  • Cathleen

    OHHH please do do, how many vets are offered the counseling and turn it down. So you know it goes both way. So your answer of none is really stupid!! Grow up!!!

  • markH

    Crisis response teams and grief counselors? These kids probably see more violence during the course of an episode of CSI than they did on that field trip. We need to stop coddling these kids (who are a few years short of becoming adults) and help them to understand that people die (and sometimes it isn’t pretty), but we should value our lives while we are here. Peace.

    • JEAN

      Amen, good point, and each other!

    • GH

      Seeing an actual dead body from a self-inflicted gunshot wound is a little different then CSI on TV.
      Also, these kids are about 13 years old!! They have a lot of growing up to do. I couldn’t imagine seeing some bloody dead body up close when I was that age. Give these kids a break.

      • Marcus Bachmann

        sssssh – don’t educate the imbeciles here. They are so funny they make my wife seem smart.
        well – almost smart

      • Ace

        I was in my 40’s walking my dog and found a dead body of a teenage girl with a rope around her neck, one arm tied to a tree and her face was blue. Believe me you don’t forget things like that and the gruesome picture is always there to haunt you. Grief counseling is appropriate. Unless you experience something like this, you have no right to judge

        • jackactionhero

          Different people have different emotional responses to that particular sight. To say that everybody who sees it is emotionally traumatized is not accurate either.

    • Larry Dentz

      c s i is not real you dumb non thinker. I am glad i am not your kid , should not even say thinker cause that is’nt happening

  • Larry Dentz

    yes it is cause I do not know you!!!

  • Kim

    I am a parent of one of these students you are all talking about. This has been a very traumatic thing that happened to these kids. We as adults have the tools to deal with things like this. We are talking about 13-14 year old kids who shouldn’t be expected to have all the tools they need to deal with a situation like this.So whatever can be done to help these kids get through this tragedy is a good thing. Like Ace said-unless you have experienced it yourself, you have no right to judge!

    • kerry

      I’m so sorry your child had to go through this. I can’t even imagine.

  • Leave those kids alone

    Grief counselors teach dependency and how to wallow in self pity.

    • missy

      Yes, better to stuff down all their emotions so they don’t bother anyone.

      • See I told ya

        That’s what booze is for! DUH!!!!!

    • jackactionhero

      Have you been to a grief counselor then?

    • suckitup

      I’d rather have a kid who wallows in self pity than a callous self absorbed axxhole such as you. I bet your kids the fat bully at school…

  • all the luck

    What an awesome field Trip! They could have learned about Law Enforcement, Forensics, Human Biology, ecology, abnormal psychology, botany all in one trip but NOOOOO they had to take the kids away from a great teachable moment. No wonder our schools are failing.

  • pamik

    I would think a lot of those 8th graders would think it was cool to find a body.

  • mona

    Unfreaking believable!!!! These were CHILDREN that found a DEAD BODY! It’s not TV where you get up and grab a snack. It’s real life unexpectedly handing you a corpse. No big deal? Don’t be a sissy? No need for counseling? Wow. A little compassion. For everyone.

  • Upyurs

    And on your left boys and girls is another example of a soon to be botched police investigation. Now if you’ll follow me we’ll be coming up on the Anthony house….

  • Kat

    I am in my 30’s and if I stumbled upon a dead body I would welcome the counseling. Ironically, those of you who are of the mindset “it’s no big deal” and treat life and death so casually are the ones who need the help the most!

  • Phil

    Should’ve just made a lesson out of the situation. “Kids, under that tree is a man on drugs….over there by the creek are his brains on drugs”.

  • vampiregirl1700

    hm…..I’m 13, i think finding some dude’s dead body in the woods would be kinda cool….i would call 911 of course…but it would be cool.

  • vampiregirl1700

    hm…..I’m 13, i think finding some dude’s dead body in the woods would be kinda cool….i would call 911 of course…but it would be cool.

  • Poopy McGee

    Weekend at Bernie’s???

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