Dayton Heads To Washington For Governors Meeting

WASHINGTON (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton is in Washington for the winter meeting of the National Governors Association.

Dayton is joining other Democratic governors on Friday morning for meetings at the White House. Later in the day he’s attending a meeting of the NGA’s executive committee, of which he is a member.

On Saturday, Dayton is participating in a session with the governors of Kansas and Missouri on how to encourage economic growth and entrepreneurialism in the states.

The afternoon meeting is scheduled to be broadcast live on C-Span. On Sunday he’ll participate in sessions on reducing health care costs and on the future of energy and natural resources.

Before he returns to Minnesota on Monday, Dayton will attend another White House meeting with President Obama and other governors.

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  • Who is Dayton trying to fool?

    “he’ll participate in sessions on reducing health care costs”

  • Walt Kowalski

    Hey Dayton, before you go on your trip please sign HB1467 now get off my lawn.

  • politiciansSUX

    “Dayton is joining other Democratic governors on Friday morning for meetings at the White House”. So is this a national governors meeting, or “only the Democrat Governors need to show up meeting?” More of the same old same old. So this is the change you voted for folks. Just like the health care debate, “we love your ideas, but we will not invite you to the meetings to share them.” Hope and change, hope and change…..

    • Joe Hanson

      Perhaps all the Democratic Governors will be having a session with Hypnotoad

  • Al

    Taking the Greyhound bus Gov?

    • The Guv

      Yes, and I am now in Montana headed west on I-94 and will be in Washington soon. I can’t wait to see the space needle and eat fish!

  • politiciansSUX

    Where is the story on this web site about Maher giving 1 million dollars to Obama super pac? It is all over the web. Is this the change we all voted for? We hoped for change and got more of the same. Our politicians are bought and paid for adn this “news” site is not telling the whole story.


    WCCO, I’m not posting to fast You are sensoring to fast, now put up my privious post please.

    • Orrest

      Perhaps if you knew how to civil post an opinion it would go through. Kevin=jerk

    • Rich Field


      I have had that problem too but I think is is a word press error if you hit the submit button too fast or something, I just go back and resubmit and then it seems to work.

      OH and Dayton please sign HB 1467

    • politiciansSUX

      Kevin, Just hit the refresh button, it tends to post the comment you just tried to post. what do you expect from a company that does not hire proof editors and they can not even report national sotires like the MILLION dollar donation to the Obama Super Pac from Maher? This is not a news organization, it is Democrat Blog site. Keep them honest man.

      • Jason

        I get that problem also. Not really sure about hitting the submit button too fast though? Wonder if word press error is a common problem?


    When you leave don’t forget to drive over the new stillwater bridge. After that take a left,then another left, then another left. AFTER ALL THAT’S WHERE YOU ARE. WAY TO THE LEFT. AFTER THAT JUST STAY WHERE YOU ARE.

  • Spanky

    Don’t forget your prozac & ziloft.



  • Jim

    Try to find some sucker governor to take the Vikings off our hands.

  • Spanky

    Did somebody compose a song called Marky Dayton eyes? Jesus Christ, only in MN could a nut case like him hold public office.

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