Ellison: Congress’ Bill Will Cut MN Infrastructure Funding

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison is warning that money needed to fix crumbling bridges in our state may be cut by a bill going through Congress.

On Friday, Ellison spoke about the need to fix bridges at the Highway 7 Bridge that runs over Highway 100 in St. Louis Park, which is one of 1,400 bridges in Minnesota that have been declared structurally deficient.

“It kind of makes me a little nervous if the experts say this bridge is structurally deficient, to let me or my family or my friends drive over it every day,” said Ellison.

Ellison says the Transportation Bill before Congress right now would cut $315 million in funding to fix Minnesota infrastructure, and added that it would result in the loss of 11,000 jobs.

  • Pete

    Just heard today Obama is going to request more debt money before election. The last one was suppose to last until December, they just keep spending and spending and we keep getting deeper in debt. 45k per person now and Ellison wants to spend more. Has he ever had to balance a check book?

  • Bigot Bully

    Ellison should move to East Africa……

  • Redneck Purist

    Good! Cut, cut, cut. Somebody has to start telling these people no. Of course they’ll say people will die if we don’t give them our cash. But hey, that’s what they always say. It’s getting old.

  • Robby

    How about stop giving money to groups like Acorn and use THAT money for bridges.

    Come on Ellison, stop being stupid.

  • Al Frankenstien

    The 3 donut puncher: Ellisen, Fraklin and Daytun!

    • Orrest

      Conservative manners at their finest. Can’t think of anything intelligent to write so you name call.

      • Al Frankenstien

        Plenty of intellygint things to say…but you stoopid liberals wouldn’t understand anyway. All you know is take money from people, give it to the gub-mint then get 50 cents of service back to people who don’t deserve it. Self sufficiency is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Even for those of us born poor, with 1 parent around and facing racial discrimination. I worked my way to self sufficiency with the deck stacked against me…so anyone else can do the same.

      • Lucifer

        Yeah Al Frankenstien…. Don’t you know name calling is exclusively a liberal thing? Get with the program Al or switch parties.

  • Bill

    The negativity of the people posting sux. So good WCCO moderates intelligence.

    • Al Frankenstien

      Thanks BIll. Everyone knows ‘CCO is a barn full of liberal hacks.

      • Kevin

        Sackless liberals……..Kool Aid drinking obami vaginal sponges…..

  • See BS

    Rule 25 programs and the Department of Health and Human Services are hogging all the tax revenue in the State of Minnesota.

    The State of Minnesota was paying Hazelton $1,000 a night per patient at one time. 30 days in a AA “Group hug” program = $30,000??? and AA is suppose to be free and self supporting.

    Minnesota has to dump all the Oprah Winfrey Junkies

  • Jack Mehof

    The xspurts said the 35W bridge was safe and so was the new bridge with cables that snapped. When they say we need to replace somthing beacause it is unsafe should we believe them? I think most of this is just more Union welefare for the Democrypts friends.

  • Lucifer

    Ellison…. The other muslim politician in Washington.

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