BOVEY, Minn. (AP) — The artist who hand-colored a photo that’s hung in homes and churches across the country has died at age 95.

The colorized photo called “Grace” of a white-bearded man bowed in prayer before a simple meal was taken by Eric Enstrom in his Bovey studio in 1918. It was Enstrom’s daughter, Rhoda Nyberg, who brought the photo to life and widespread distribution with her colorization. Nyberg died Tuesday at a nursing home near Proctor.

Nyberg was born above her father’s photography studio a year before the famous “Grace” photo was taken. After college and a stint at Minnesota Woolen, Nyberg returned to the Bovey photo studio and began coloring black and white photos with heavy oil.

Her daughter, Kris Mayerle, says her mother brought color into pictures before there was color photography. The image has been designated as Minnesota’s official state photo.

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Comments (3)
  1. jackactionhero says:

    The official state photograph of Minnesota is a man kneeling in prayer?

    What if it was a muslim man on a prayer mat? Still ok?

  2. ShaonBowers says:

    I’ve always loved this picture. I warms the heart.

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