By Bill Hudson

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – There weren’t many snowplows on Twin Cities area roads on the way up to Duluth Tuesday afternoon, but there were plenty of Minnesotans pulling snowmobiles.

Man residents of northern Minnesota are anticipating a big storm that promises heavy snow. That, combined with relatively mild temperatures for February, makes it a perfect scenario for snowmobiling.

About the only snow clouding Duluth’s harbor Tuesday afternoon was being kicked up by a maneuvering coast guard ice boat. If heavy snow’s coming, the mallards don’t seem to mind even if the locals do.

“I don’t like winter. I spent six years in Phoenix so it messed with me a bit. I don’t like winter so any snow or cold isn’t welcome with me,” said Duluth resident Dan Dresser.

Dan Dresser and Caitlin Robertson were down on the lake front shooting videos and hoping the storm holds off. She’s got to hit the road back to the cities, and doesn’t like taking chances.

“I try to avoid the roads when it’s too icy, makes me a little nervous,” said Robertson.

It makes all of us a little nervous, but so far so good. There was minimal snow falling north of the Twin Cities metro as of early Tuesday evening, but that’s likely to change over several hours as several inches are expected to fall.


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