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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A strong winter storm is racing across the plains and bringing a mixed bag of precipitation across Minnesota and western Wisconsin. We have seen it all with heavy rain to the south, areas of freezing rain and snow that is really starting to pile up north of the Twin Cities.

WCCO Chief Meteorologist Chris Shaffer says the greatest accumulation will occur along a line from Alexandria through Brainerd, Mora and toward Duluth. It will be a heavy, wet snow causing slick spots on area roads.

“At this point I am more concerned about the areas dealing with freezing rain and ice over the heavy snowfall towns,” said Shaffer. “I would much rather this be an all snow event.”

GALLERY: Your Wintry Snow Photos

Shaffer noted the heavy rain south and into parts of the metro significantly cut down on the snow totals.

“We are getting a great deal of moisture,” said Shaffer. “It’s just not in the form of snow.”

Drivers can expect a longer commute Wednesday morning as the storm changes to all snow and slowly withdraws to the east. Thursday will be much calmer with a few snow showers possible mainly north of the Twin Cities.

Longer range models show a good chance of temps warming into the 40s next week with a shot at 50s by the second week of March.

The storm will be a distant memory at that time. For now, however, it is a dangerous reality in parts of the state.

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Comments (36)
  1. overdone news sucks says:

    This station is another one that cried wolf all week.

    1. Mike says:

      Who is the fool now?
      Looking out my window at 4:13am 2/29/12………

      1. You says:

        Umm, you? I only see 2″ in Minnetonka

      2. I'm just saying... says:

        An inch of snow here in St Paul – not exactly the “blizzard” they predicted.

  2. roberto says:

    For the love of god…. just say there is a 50/50 chance and get over it.

  3. Tom says:

    They built this one for a week and it turns out to be a dud!

    1. Larry says:


  4. Mike says:

    All weather stations should just tell everyone that there will be weather today
    and be done with it. Wish I could make their salary and be wrong 99% of the time. What a joke these people are.

  5. Nicole says:

    I think wcco did a good job keeping us updated. The weather changes quickly and it is hard to predict so thank you for keeping on top of it.

    1. Kevin says:

      They did NOTHING that the average rube couldnt have done by sticking their head out of a window. Sometimes they do good work….not the case here wiht this one.

  6. cash up front says:

    i knew this would be a dud. should i send my resume?

  7. Mike 2 says:

    The bottom line is much of the area will get significant snowfall. Personally I’m happy it’s going through north of us:)

  8. big banjo says:

    sensationalism is what this paper is all about…….like i said 3 days ago, we in the metro will only get about 3 inches of sloppy stuff………..the “big storm” as these fools put it will only affect the minority of the state where only 20% of the state populace lives…..this paper needs new editors badly.

    1. Bill says:

      ??? “this paper” ??? You realize you’re on the ‘CCO TV website, right???

    2. BLP says:

      We 20% of the state populace like to know if we can drive from work to home safely. Any weather report is greatly appreciated by rural people….I can tell you have never been stuck halfway between work and home in a blizzard. The whole state is not made out of concrete!!

  9. AP says:

    Another swing and a miss. Great work.

  10. Jen says:

    Mr. Gribble??????? Are you an alien from outer space , or are you missing some genes from the gene pool buddy????

  11. Cathy says:

    Haven’t you seen King of the Hill…..Dale is hilarious !

    1. I'm just saying... says:

      You do realize that says a lot about your level of intelligence, correct?

  12. barrister says:

    cco really needs to get rid of Mike Lynch
    What a bumbling fool!

  13. cloudynik says:

    I, for one, thank the weather forecasters for doing the best they can with a job where you’re right only about 1/2 the time. Weather is not an exact science, we only understand a fraction of what happens to create weather. All you bumbling idiots wouldn’t make it through one class for meteorology (let alone spell it correctly). Is there hype? Of course. But better to be prepared & fizzle than caught with your pants down in a blizzard!

  14. Weather Nut says:

    So far ‘CCO has had the most accurate forecast. While the NWS still had amounts of 6-10 inches ‘CCO was sticking to the 3 or less prediction…and look what has happened so far.

    Weather forecasting is tough! It’s a science that is based off of probabilities and probabilities don’t guarantee anything. Unfortunately most people out there are too simple-minded or uneducated to realize that (like the first 4 people that posted).

  15. Joke says:

    Five o’clock in the north metro and still not even a severe dusting as it seems Minneapolis was getting around 2pm. This storm and the one I braced for last Sunday adds up a to a nice total…I expect temps to plummet two or three degrees by nightfall. Stock up on can goods and water.

  16. Bill Sheet says:

    I think we can expect 1″ to 10″ inches of snow…wait this just got updated to 2″ to 14″

  17. Media Critic says:

    Every spring when the first thunderstorm occurs they panic like it’s the end of the world.

    These idiot have apparently never been told the story of the little boy who cried ‘Wolf’.

    What is going to happen when everyone ignores them because of their silly hysteria and a REAL weather storm comes along?

  18. Fox9 says:

    Yea I agree…FOX9 a.m&p.m weather guys are strange…Keith&Ian mainly. i won’t watch’m ,,,so maybe they’ve improved I wouldn’t know anymore, never tune in

  19. what?!? says:

    Ignore all of these idiots!.. they always try to use drama to boost ratings.. news.. weather… HA.. what a joke!

  20. Dave says:

    Did anyone notice that when they were doing the 3rd story of the weather. The one female reporter was riding in the vehicle, while reporting, with no seatbelt on. Isn’t breaking traffic laws in dangerous conditions a more serious story?

  21. Nate says:

    I can’t believe all the harsh comments. Shame on all of you! My uncle is a weather professional and he has told me time and time again that the “average joe” can predict weather no better than a monkey. At least these professionals get the weather correct 75% of the time. If all of you peanut gallery folks did your job correct 75% of the time you’d all be millionaires. These guys practically do their jobs for FREE and then you criticize? Wow!

  22. Hpn says:

    Nate…I was all good reading these insane comments until i saw yours. 3 Months ago someone in the insurance idustry who had to do a claim on a local weather “personality”‘s vehicle…also found a pay-stub in the unclaimed items. Trust me….there is NO local media doing this job fore FREE…not even close. Even the worst are more well paid then most of the American public wants to know. Period,,,,

  23. Sue says:

    A transformer just blew up on the west side of Tonka, looked like a bomb going off!!!
    Roads are beyond slippery from Tonka west

  24. NEW WORLD ORDER says:

    This is a monster storm, Can’t wait to get out there and enjoy it….

  25. sue says:

    come on up to mille lacs, we have plenty of snow at least 6 inches and….still snowing!!1

  26. Kevin says:

    Its Snowmagedan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Mike says:

    Ian Leonard is GAY!!!!

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