MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Representatives from Ramsey, Dakota and Washington counties got together Tuesday to talk about what they can do about the growing concern in the metro about prescription drug abuse.

“I think the public is completely unaware that there are as many Americans, as I mentioned, 12 million every year, who are illegally using prescription medications,” said James Backstrom, Dakota County attorney. “And there are people dying every day, so we need to get the message out, we need to share information.”

The county attorneys and sheriffs say parents need to keep an eye on prescriptions at home, and dispose of all unused drugs.

The three counties plan to hold a series of education forums for the public.

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  1. DEEP says:

    First of all end all drug prohibitions in Minnesota. Just allowing farmers to plant hemp would create a huge economic boom! Bypassing the obvious medicinal use of the female hemp flower and just allowing people to grow, sell and consume cannabis like tomatoes, wine or what ever would create even more wealth and jobs for our people! Every area of our economy would be positively affected! Crime would drop! Profit motivated gangsters that rely on prohibition prices would leave the state! The evidence is clear. The facts speak for themselves. We can see from Portugal to Amsterdam – from Oakland to Denver. We need only to study the prohibition of alcohol to understand that prohibition does not work! Only freedom works.

    1. Zing says:

      It would boost sales of potato chips and cookies as well.

      1. DEEP says:

        Actually most of the cannabis consumers I know eat very healthy locally produced food. I have consumed cannabis for over 20 years and haven’t ate McDonalds in over 15 years. I hear ya tho Zing the munchies stereotype is funny. I love the bit in the film Up in Smoke when Sargent Stadanko stuff’s the pizza in his face.

  2. Pharmacist says:

    God bless Vicodin!

  3. Dos Equis Man says:

    I had a very severe neck Injury and have had major pain for 12 years. I can’t get pain meds because of all the freaks that use these meds illegally! My Doctor does not want the liability! It looks like the only way to get meds is off the sreets!

    1. Jah Know says:

      Exactly why “laws” don’t work. Education works. Freedom works. “Law” always becomes an iron fist.

  4. Solomon says:

    They can’t do anything because it’s all LEGAL.

    The only way to fix the problem would be to create carefully crafted laws to limit when the drugs can be prescribed but not deny the drugs to people that benefit from them.

    The law should be drafted by doctors and NOT politicians.

  5. R III says:

    We do not live in a free country. We live in a country where a group of people tell the rest what they can and cannot do and what is moral and what is not. Cocain, opium and pot were all legel and available over the counter at the turn of the century (1900). We now have a worse abuse problem then when everything was available. The nanny state mentality has ruined this country.

  6. Bruce Finkelson says:

    vote for Ron PAUL.our best HOPE!!!

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