MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 50-year-old Maple Grove man is accused of threatening to blow up two Twin Cities high schools by posting a cartoon on the social media site Facebook, according to charges filed Wednesday in Hennepin County Court.

Robert Christopher Baker was charged with one felony count of terroristic threats in connection with the incident, which happened Monday.

According to the charges, Maple Grove Police received a report on Monday from a concerned parent about threats to blow up the Maple Grove and Osseo High Schools. When authorities spoke with the reporting party, he told police his daughter informed him that she saw a suspicious post on Facebook from Baker.

The complaint states Baker, a former teacher, posted a cartoon character who was holding what appeared to be a rocket launcher.  It included the statement “First we’ll blow up Osseo Senior, then we’ll blow up Maple Grove senior.”

Officers located Baker, who admitted to posting the cartoon and the message about the two schools on Facebook and did so on his account from his Maple Grove home. He told police he was expressing his anger after being fired from the school district in January. He told police he didn’t want to blow up the schools when students were there, the complaint states.

Baker has been previously banned from all school district property after making offensive and obscene statements about district employees and students. That included threats against staff and their children, according to the complaint.

Baker is currently in custody and faces up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

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  1. tan pup says:

    Guess the district made a pretty good decision. Maybe instead of math and science tests for teachers in MN perhaps consider a mental health evaluation!

  2. Chris says:

    How do you tie the union into this???
    There is no mention of it and unions do not fire their folks anyway… the supervisors/school district does!
    Unless you are referring to the union not fighting it for him… and that is another story.

    1. Mark says:

      Funny – I have no position on the unions and schools. I do know for a fact 2 people who were teachers and no longer are – bith fired for cause.
      I get a kick out of all who say it’s never done and spew the bullchit they do. They are factually clueless.

  3. Sanity says:

    A cartoon? Really?

    This is as bad as the kid who got in trouble because he ate his pizza into the shape of a gun.

    1. MNm says:

      More to it than that. He was obsessively posting pictures of teenage girls with names and schools they attended on that “blog” as well as professing his love for one of them, not to mention posting pictures of a nuclear blast saying he wished everyone would die.

      Pay more attention to the part where they said threatened staff and children, its a bit more revealing of the man.

      1. LemonDrop says:

        I am a student at one of the two schools. All the students feel deeply for Mr.Baker and it makes me very sad that you are trying to make him into the bad person he is not. He has just been taking the situations he’s been put in poorly. You are blowing things out of proportion. He loves his students VERY MUCH and we miss him a lot. We hope the best for him. Mr.Baker is one of the sweetest men I’ve met my entire life. Also, about him “professing his love” to one of the female students. I know this girl, It is very understandable that he would show his admiration towards her as she is a very sweet person but not “love” as in the way you are thinking it to be.

        1. Les Johnson says:

          You are naive and foolish. I might add blind to the description. He did what he did. Period. There are no valid excuses. Grow up and open your eyes to the dangers of people like him.

        2. Sgt. York says:

          Baker said he loved her. Posted disturbing pics including a cartoon character drawn in his own blood.

          You need to stop being so foolish and learn there are bad people in this world. Baker is one of them.

    2. Sgt. York says:

      OK, there is a SERIOUS lack of reading comprehension on your part. You saw the word “cartoon” and somehow filtered out the part where he confessed to police his intent to blow up the schools, just without the kids inside them, in addition to the fact that he was initially fired because he made threats against School Personnel AND their kids. Please, if you are thinking of going to law school…don’t you would make the WORST defense attorney in existence.

      1. mad pup says:

        im sorry where does it say intended to blow up the school. It was a cartoon drawing. i don’t recall there being anything within this story saying that he was PLANNING on doing it do you? all the cartoon said was “First we’ll blow up Osseo Senior, then we’ll blow up Maple Grove senior.” Was he found to have possession of explosives or weapons that could effectively “blow up” a school? no he wasn’t.

        1. Oy says:

          You must’ve missed the line where it said, “He told police he didn’t want to blow up the schools when students were there”. Other reports on the matter say he wanted to blow up the schools when there weren’t any students in there. Same difference. Doesn’t matter if or how far he planned things out.

  4. Paul Solinger says:

    Gee, I thought teachers were supposed to be impossible to fire…according to Republicans.

    1. Sgt. York says:

      He was a sub. They don;’t have unions.

  5. matt says:

    I actually had this dude as a substitute teacher a few times. Creepy, He drives a truck that has kim possible all over it and that leads me to believe he may be a pedo. Check out his facebook page. a lot of his stuff is viewable to the public. and the stuff that isnt… even more creepy

  6. yladt says:

    He was one of the best sub teachers osseo district had and they fired him because he was depressed one day and decided to seek help through his blog

    1. Sgt. York says:

      Really? Because the article says he threatened school staff AND their kids. What form of drug are you on?

  7. Cool says:

    He brought this upon himself.

    1. MNm says:

      More than most people will ever know.

  8. KC says:

    Bob Baker was not a regular classroom teacher. He was a licensed substitute teacher who posted inappropriate images and comments on a personal site where ISD 279 students could see them. A student reported the content and after investigation by the district, Mr. Baker was fired. He has since pulled the content from the site.

  9. Rube says:

    The union probably fought the school district tooth and nail when they were going to fire him.

  10. Amy says:

    First, to ask if this person is using any type of recreational drug is very rude and quite frankly not your business. You obviously don’t go to this school and don’t know him OR his story. There is so much more him than this report.

    1. mad pup says:

      i agree that he wasnt using any recreational drugs he was using what was prescribed. Yes he was consuming alcohol with them not the best tactic but i agree with everything that you just said.

      No i did not go to the school but i do know him i have talked to him and everything. Ive known him for quiet some time so i completely agree with EVERYTHING you just stated

      1. Amy says:

        Oh I’m sorry, I was directing my comment towards Sgt. York when he said “What form of drug are you on?”, I thought that was really rude.

        Thank you for agreeing. I think these people should not say anything unless they REALLY knew what is going on.

        1. mad pup says:

          no harm no foul i thought it wasnt towards me as i did not mention any drugs and thought about making a more snarky comment but we’re both in a similar boat when it comes to defending bob. You having been a student of his and him being what i consider a friend to me 😀

        2. Sgt. York says:

          Um…I really do know what’s going on. Which why I am saying something. I’m one of those who helped get him fired because of his dangerous behavior, including stalking a teenage girl. I’ve seen him post a picture of a cartoon character drawn in his own blood, posted a picture of a nuclear explosion in expressed his wish that everyone would die. Saw him verbally abuse people who criticized him and watched him praise the virtues of suicide, drinking and drug abuse. He made threats against school administrators and their children. I don’t think YOU have any clue as to what’s really going on.

  11. anonymous says:

    Mr. Baker has Asperger’s and depression, something people don’t understand.Also mabe before you guys start talking trash about him you should research it. You can’t judge a person solely on one preposterous account in which he was expressing his feelings.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      I understand it just fine. But I do not care. He doesn’t get a free pass for publically implying he was going to blow up two high schools because he’s sad and has issues. Sorry. There are no valid excuses for what he’s done.
      Do the crime and pay the time.

  12. WhatdIdo says:

    The guy proved he is to stupid to teach kids by even having a dorkbook account then he compounds that by posting something like that on dorkbook and think it’s ok. I hope the judge hangs him.

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