DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — House Democrats have left the Statehouse, stalling debate on two measures dealing with gun rights.

The House had been scheduled on Wednesday morning to debate the gun-rights measures. One would allow people to use deadly force to protect themselves and the other calls for writing gun rights protections into the Iowa Constitution.

When the House came into session, Democrats asked for a break to hold a closed door caucus, but they quickly left the building.

House Democratic Leader Kevin McCarthy says Democrats took the action because Republicans didn’t tell them they would debate the bills, which he labeled as extreme.

House Speaker Kraig Paulsen says Republicans told Democrats in advance of their plans for debating the measures.

Republicans hold a 60 seat to 40 seat majority in the House.

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Comments (13)
  1. deltadawn says:

    Maybe they should elect grown-ups!!

    1. The Infidel says:

      No kidding. Sheesh.

  2. John Campbell says:

    It seems the leftist wannabe dictators are in an uproar over protecting our rights. Funny thing about leftists. They never met a right they actually liked unless they were hiding behind it at that given moment. Let them walk. No one of a Constitutional Republic loving mind would want them anyway and it’s not our job to beg them to show up for the job we pay them to be at. Fire them and replace them with adults. .

  3. Marie says:

    If the Republicans had walked off the job and hid in mommy’s closet you know the liberal media would be castigating them.

    1. Parker Schnobel says:

      It’s detestable for sure and just a reflection of the bullchit that goes on daily in our pathetic political system.
      Not unique to a party either – GOP has spent countless hours in verious committees and chambers to thwart a DFL bill…they called it locked sessions for a reason.
      Now you get one of the very few who can get the SOB’s to a table who is walking away in Sen. Snowe —- what the hell does that tell you about the inabilities of either party getting a thing done
      It’s no joke anymore – we have to damkit near clean all out to get a fresh group who think about us Voters….instead they’ll keep getting everuyones undies all twisted up so we don’t see the bigger _ and BRIGHTER _ picture. The skys not fallen yet. It is getting mighty low to the ground.
      Wake up people,,,,wake up

      1. Andy says:

        That’s why there needs to be term limits in the senate.

  4. No Guns, No Problem says:

    The Uncle whose gun was used in the Ohio shooting should be charge with murder for not locking up his gun.

    1. Brett says:

      Well, my gun isn’t locked up tonight as I get ready to go to bed. Go ahead and break into my house and see what happens. Get ready for a dirt nap, loser.

      1. luvs says:

        Wow, big man here. Using a gun in a close quarters, high stress situation is different than shooting clays. You are just as likely to shoot yourself.

  5. DougT says:

    And hammers, saws and sharp knives should also be locked up – because they kill many more people than guns…..

    really? you cant stop the very determined. its the intent not the tool


    1. No Guns, No Problem says:

      Only tools carry guns.

  6. Murph says:

    Any guy without a tool is really at a disadvantage!

  7. luvs says:

    So what happens if you use deadly force to protect yourself now?

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