CRYSTAL, Minn. (WCCO) — Police in a Twin Cities suburb want to know if a baby is buried in the backyard of a home. So Thursday, they spent the day in Crystal digging up the yard of that home.

They’re also holding Duane and Tiffany Clark on suspicion of first-degree murder and manslaughter of an unborn child. It’s important to note that they’ve not been charged with a crime and they are only being held in the Hennepin County Jail on suspicion that they committed a crime.

Crystal Police were told the infant died three to five years ago at the couple’s home at 57th and Quail Avenue North. The commotion surrounding the home was certainly surprising for neighbors.

“We came home.  A cop car was parked in front there,” said neighbor Jerry Rowley. “Then the Crime Lab cars started to come, and that kind of shocked me a bit.  What’s going on here?”

What really got Rowley going was why police were at the home, under the suspicion a baby is buried in the backyard.

“I didn’t even know she was pregnant,” said Rowley.

He often saw two adults at the home along with two children, but he knew nothing about a possible third child.

Crystal Police investigators and Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office Crime Lab Personnel started searching the property Wednesday, before actually digging it up on Thursday.

Crystal’s Police Chief won’t talk about the case on the phone or on camera.  Police will only say they learned of the possible death investigation during a domestic assault investigation at the home on Tuesday.

Police had to thaw the ground before they could dig, so they used a device that looks a lot like a barrel cut in half.  They put the barrel on the ground and stick a blow-torch inside to melt the ground.  They did this for more than 12 hours.

It’s been a slow search in the couple’s backyard. Authorities said Thursday they recovered what were possible human bones in the backyard of the home. The bones are being turned over to the Hennepin County Medical Examiner for further examination.

Even before he got to personally know the Clark’s, he knows all about the suspicion they’ve raised in what was once a quiet neighborhood.

“Yea!  Yea!  They’re real new in the neighborhood,” said Rowley.

The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office must file charges against Duane and Tiffay Clark by 4 p.m. Friday, or the couple will be released from jail.

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  1. Brett says:

    Scary stuff. Apparently, these two rate low on the IQ scale. Burying the evidence in your own back yard is a bad idea. Interesting that this is happening years after the fact. They must have snubbed the wrong former friend(s).

  2. Raw N Bleeding says:


  3. Murph says:

    No mention of a possible motive or witnessing of the crime ? At a time when voters are being asked repeatedly to vote for people who want to throw their parents and grandparents under the bus to save the ultra rich from taxes? Solving of ALL of these crimes should be better investigated! Be it two people in one case or too many politicians in the others.The victims are just as dead and many more on the way! Wake up and smell the criminal elements where ever they hide! Admit you are NOT part of the 99% or burn in the place your heroe’s SAY??? they have immunity ? Conservative or ?, question them a bit more and save your souls if not your aged,crippled or sick loved ones lives! We witnessed Pawlenty’s “conservative credential cementing moment “. A district judge decided,the State supreme court agreed it was obscenly much less than that! You do not endanger the old,the sick and the vulnerable..unless of course you are a conservative Republican! Reconsider just what you are and can stomach from your vote and your candidate of choice!

  4. pumphandle-Kevin says:

    Oint Doyvoysity Grund!

  5. Lindy Chamberlain says:

    The Dingo ate my baby.

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