Edina Offering ‘Hazing’ Classes To Ward Off Coyotes

EDINA (WCCO) — Coyote sightings, even encounters, are becoming a common problem in Edina. Now, the City is offering a coyote hazing class as a solution.

“What we found is hazing was the one effort that could be made that had long term, long lasting, effects with coyote behavior,” said Edina animal control officer Tim Hunter.

Hunter teaches residents how to change the animal’s behavior by instilling fear of humans. During the class, residents learn the key to making sure coyote hazing is effective, is variety. He encourages several methods of scaring the animals: Shouting and raising your arms to carrying noisemakers and throwing rocks or sticks.

“If it’s a variety of things, a variety of methods, a variety of people. They begin generalizing and realizing everyone is a threat and they should stay away from everyone,” said Hunter.

Even with a 6-foot fence, Bob Rudell refuses to leave his cocker spaniel, Hannah, alone outside his home. Rudell still won’t let Hannah out of his sight, but sees hazing as a step where coyotes and communities can co-exist.

“I think we have to learn how to get along with them and keep them away as best we can,” said Rudell.

Hunter said this method can be effective after only two encounters with humans. He also recommends making sure the animal isn’t hurt and has an escape route before you haze the animal. If the coyote feels like it doesn’t have an escape route, it may attack to defend itself.

To sign up for the class, click here.

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