PRESCOTT, Ariz. (AP) — A judge has imposed $4,000 in sanctions against prosecutors in the Arizona sweat lodge case but then stayed the penalties.

Yavapai County Superior Court Judge Warren Darrow agreed to the sanctions after finding that prosecutors broke disclosure rules in the case.

Attorneys for defendant James Arthur Ray had asked for $27,000, but Darrow says that’s unreasonable.

He set the penalty at $4,000 this week, but he says actual payment depends on the outcome of an expected appeal of the sanctions by prosecutors.

A jury convicted Ray on three counts of negligent homicide, stemming from an October 2009 sweat lodge ceremony he led.

He plans to appeal the conviction and his 2-year prison sentence.

A court spokeswoman says Darrow resigned earlier this month but is wrapping up a few matters.

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  1. Stanley Peterson says:

    Too many Judges over step their authority. That is whyJudges should be elected. Not the pawn of a political system with all the back room committee’s and croniies! All Judges must alway’s define their rulings based on our Constiution, rather than how they feel? For an example, we can alway look at the 4 idiots on the U.S.Supreme Court!

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