ROCHESTER, Minn. (WCCO/AP) — Rochester police say the injuries a toddler sustained at the hands of an intruder are life threatening.

The 2-year-old boy was stabbed in the abdomen by a male suspect about 6 a.m. Thursday. The intruder also stabbed a 26-year-old man who tried to intervene. A second man staying in the apartment received minor wounds during a struggle with the suspect.

Police Capt. Brian Winters says the mother of the toddler and a 4-year-old in the apartment had a prior domestic relationship with the suspect, but he is not the father of the children. He says it appears clear the toddler was targeted in the attack.

The toddler and the 26-year-old man underwent surgery for their wounds at Saint Marys Hospital.

The Post-Bulletin says the suspect was treated at the hospital for injuries inflicted by a police dog. He has now been moved to the Olmsted County Jail. He is being held on suspicion of attempted murder.

This case has been forwarded to the Olmsted County Attorney’s Office and Roebuck is expected to be arraigned Monday morning, according to Winters
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Comments (19)
  1. Gun Nut says:

    If the 2 year old had a gun, would this have happened?

    1. Andy says:

      No, but if one of the adults in the residence did it might not have happend. Cmon Dayton sign the bill

      1. christine says:

        Dayton doesn’t have to sign any new bill to cover a situation like this. You are already within your legal rights to shoot an intruder in your home !

        1. CJ says:

          Yes Christine, we can defend ourselves in our homes. However, under the current law you have no protection against endless civil litigation should you choose to defend yourself with deadly force.

          1. christine says:

            Oh I didn’t know that. So if the new bill is signed people can basically shoot anyone, anywhere without any reprecussions? That doesn’t sound like a positive thing; but I guess it’s what the world is coming to anyway…

            1. jackactionhero says:

              No. That is not what it says. Good grief.

              1. Amy Senser' says:

                kinda does so jacky…but you kno wthat now, don’t you ?

  2. christine says:

    So very, very sad. Why would someone stab a baby?? This story makes me cry. I hope the police dog bit his f’n nuts off!

    1. why house them? says:

      Its is time we start deballing them, isn’t it? So fed up with the disgusting vile trash of mutant human males that plague the earth.

      1. Uncle Rico says:

        “de-balling” would be pointless, extermination is the way to go. Overpopulation and lack of purpose is so obvious in this day and age. People clearly have very little respect for their own lives, which means they do not respect yours.

        1. jackactionhero says:

          Agreed. Why do we, as a society, warehouse those among us who are enemies to humanity itself? What is the purpose of it? To keep our consciences clean, but our society in danger? Or do you think you can make someone a good person after they do something like this?

          1. Real Talk says:

            dont know…used to think it was because as a society we had to be better than the indivudal. Not giving into your animalistic urges to exact revenge when we’ve been wronged. That somehow that higher level of thinking helped to aid the advancement of our human race.

            However, things are just so effed up all over the world…not sure it even makes a difference. Perhaps selectively purging undesirble DNA from our society by force is the way to go….although that has trouble written all over it too.

  3. Guy says:

    No; but if the parents had had one; we wouldn’t have to warehouse this …. person

  4. jackactionhero says:

    Way to pick a winner there, chica. Who enters into a relationship with someone like this? If you don’t know the guy had psycho tendencies, then you didn’t get to know him well enough before taking your clothes off for him.

  5. red says:

    hope this little one makes it-

  6. missy says:

    I hope he’s not charged with assault. I hope they charge him with premeditated attempted murder, 2 counts. He won’t last long in jail when the other inmates catch wind he tried to kill a baby.

  7. jackactionzero says:


  8. altavista says:

    The natural result of 40 years of the Women’s Movement. They made mothers feel that they were nothing if they didn’t work outside of the home. We have had two generations who have not received the nurturing that children need, Drive by the chain day-care centers and see the tiny children standing alone on the playground while the staff ignore them and occupy themselves by talking to each other. Insecure women jeopardize their children just to have any guy around who will tell them that they love them. No wonder our society is such a mess. The plight of these little kids is heart-breaking.

  9. js says:

    This is not a human. Put it to sleep.

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