Esme’s Blog: The Battle Over Birth Control

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — With millions of Americans under water on their mortgages and unemployment still over eight percent, the debate over birth control suddenly had become the hot button issue of the presidential campaign.

Rush Limbaugh’s personal attack on a Georgetown University Law student who testified in support of insurance coverage for birth control has even some Republicans reeling. In case you missed it, Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a “slut,” a “prostitute” and suggested she post sex videos on line.

Rep. Senator Scott Brown called on Limbaugh to apologize. Sen. Rick Santorum called the comments “absurd,” but went on to note they are coming from an entertainer. President Obama jumped in calling Fluke to show his support.

Earlier this year, Santorum backer Foster Friese created a furor by saying in his day women held aspirin between their knees for birth control. Women are traditional swing voters and the birth control controversies have Democrats salivating that birth control will be a wedge issue that will send women into the Democratic voting column.

Among women, Mitt Romney beat Santorum in Arizona by 17 points and in Michigan by five points. As for Rush Limbaugh he is unapologetic, saying the controversy is “hilarious.” As Santorum pointed out, he is an entertainer who has generated an awful lot of attention for his show, and an awful lot of attention on an issue that seems to be here to stay in 2012.

Late Saturday afternoon, Limbaugh apologized to Fluke for his “insulting word choices.”

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