ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton has proclaimed this coming week, March 4-10, as Minnesota Agriculture Week.

It’s an effort to raise awareness of the contributions agriculture makes to Minnesota’s economy and its people. State officials say nearly one in five jobs in the state are linked to agriculture. And according to the U. S. Department of Agriculture, Minnesota agriculture generated $15 billion in farm income and $5 billion in exports in 2010.

Agriculture Commissioner Dave Frederickson says Minnesota’s farmers and ranchers work hard each day to grow wholesome and healthy food and to produce renewable fuel, with an emphasis on environmental stewardship and a concern for generations to come.

Minnesota Agriculture Week is being recognized in conjunction with National Ag Week. 2012 marks the 39th anniversary of the national observance.

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Comments (4)
  1. 21Dort says:

    The Great Proclaimer —— NOW MORE TAXes , MORE Big Government Controls , Less Individual Freedom & Responsiblity !

  2. GN says:

    What a bunch of BS. Farm welfare, a worthless product like corn based ethanol, continuous pattern tiling to remove all the surface water, and sucking up the precious ground water to make ethanol. The farm lobby is sure putting the money in someones pockets.

    1. Bob Mofffitt says:

      No more food for you.

  3. The Editor says:

    “Gov. Dayton Proclaims Minnesota Agriculture Week”

    How can Minnesota be a week, much less an agriculture week?

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