MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Three people suffered critical injuries Saturday after a two-car crash in Blaine, authorities said.

The Blaine Police Department said alcohol may have been a contributing factor in the crash.

The incident happened around 6:30 p.m. near the 9600 block of Radisson Road, police said.

A 38-year-old woman from Blaine was driving northbound in a Pontiac G6 when she crossed the median and drove into southbound traffic. The Pontiac collided with a Honda Civic, police said.

Alcohol consumption on the part of the 38-year-old woman may have contributed to the crash. The woman, who was the driver and lone occupant of the Pontiac, suffered critical injuries and was brought to the Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) for treatment.

Both people in the Civic suffered critical injuries. The 35-year-old driver, who was from Blaine, was airlifted to HCMC. The 33-year-old female passenger was brought by ambulance to HCMC. Extraction was necessary to free both from the Civic.

The names of those involved are being withheld until their families are notified, police said.

The crash is still under investigation.

Comments (37)
  1. Big Red says:

    Tragic – I hope they recover and are able to live a wonderful life thereafter

    My thoughts again to the people who drink, even a drop, and drive – WHY???
    Frankly – we do not care about you but the other people out there like myself —- we do

    1. Trish Hayden says:

      Get the entire story before you pass judgement……

  2. Denney Hekers wrinkly ol butt says:


  3. Marty says:

    No – Joe keeps her locked in a closet. A steel one.
    After the trial I suspect he’ll turn up the heat on it and make a spirit

  4. big banjo says:

    20 years in prison and no less……when the punishment starts reflecting the seriousness of the crime there then might be some deterent value…..otherwise the law and its consequence does little if anything to discourage this behavior.

  5. big banjo says:

    alchohol should be illegal

    1. Tim says:

      Go onto DUIBlog.com and educate yourself if your pea sized brain can handle it???

  6. NO MERCY! says:

    What a senseless act. Being under the influence shouldn’t even be a liable exuse for lesser time. Everyone out on the road has been made aware of the dangers with drinking and driving at one point or another. My prayers to the inoccent lives involved, hoping for the better and to the drunky, MAY YOU NEVER DRIVE AGAIN!!!

    1. BigDog says:

      No it should not be an excuse. It should be an automatic reason for 10x what just careless or neglient driving is. No exceptions

    2. Trish Hayden says:

      To No Mercy…that junky wont ever drive again..she was my neice and she DIED

    3. Tim says:

      Ya. Let’s become more of a “Nazi Police State” than we already are! Especially in that Facist Anoka County/Blaine!

  7. billy bob says:

    They sure did that BAC test fast!!! super troopers all the way!!!

  8. BigJim says:

    Did any of you catch the word POSSIBLE ? before you judge know the whole story. just saying

  9. Not Perfect says:

    For those of you who are quick to judge…look in a mirrir I bet you are not perfect either. I know drinking and driving is a horrible thing, but she made a mistake and paid the highest price for it now.

  10. Betsy says:

    This story is wrong there was no alcohol involved. I am friends with the driver.

  11. Trish Hayden says:

    I am the Aunt of the driver and for all of you who are so very quick to pass judgment on her let it be known she is paying the highest price there is to pay and that is she has died….I was with her all day and she did not have one thing to drink…..sad how quickly we are to throw stones..I’ll bet not one of you…not one has never did anything wrong….pathetic..you are all pathetic…

    1. CJS says:

      Trish, I was a friend of Jenny’s 20 yrs ago. Make sure to have the car inspected for defective or recalled parts. TO:No MERCY. How would you feel if this was someone you cared about and KNEW she was NOT drinking.

      1. CJS says:

        How do I find more info about her funeral?

    2. BIGJIM says:

      Trish , my fiance is Sheila Seals her and jenny went to school together and was best friends . they had just talked on the phone a few days prior to the accident. we are very sorry for your loss . The lord has a new angel .

  12. a co-worker says:

    Rest peacefully Jenny you will be missed.

  13. Linda says:

    who are any of you to try and pass judgement on anyone??? You all dont know the story and if you actually read it says may…. BUT guess what. no alchol was involved the police just released that information. So now you can all start apologizing to her family for the way you lied and tried to start drama about this poor woman. BEFORE CASTING STONES>>>> KNOW GOD IS THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN JUDGE! Three people were seriously hurt that day and only Two will know what happened. GOD and the other driving alone. im sorry to all the familys involved all my love and prayers and thoughts are with you all.

  14. Trish says:

    To everyone who has stood up for my neice whose car lost control in this horrific accident I want to thank you for your heartfelt words and respect….YES, Jenny did die and No she was not drinking…..I am so ashamed of your people who say you are holier than thou……this was a horrible, horrific ACCIDENT and our family lost a very young vibrant neice, daughter and mother…..yes there are still others who are hurting and my heart goes out to them….I am so very very sorry for your pain and I will keep the other family up in prayer as well as you people who have posted on here and who dont know what the heck you are talking about…..Im sure your families are very proud of you……

    1. Not Perfect says:

      Trish I totally agree with you on this. These people who think they are perfect need to take a long look in a mirror at themself…I bet they don’t see perfect either. I was a co-woker of Jenny’s and it has been a very hard couple days at work, she is missed terribly and will be for long time. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your entire family, and just know she is in a better place and watching over all who do care about her.

    2. Jane says:


      What is your niece’s name? What a tragedy this is all around.

      1. Trish Hayden says:

        Her name is Jenny Soukup and thank you so much or your respect

        1. Tim says:

          Amazing how all these self-rightous pricks go on with their rants about drinking and driving or wanting to outlaw alcohol just because the irresponsible media has to say that alcohol may have been a factor. To BigBanjo : Get a life dork. This country already tried Prohibition.. It began to fail the very first day and created organized crime gangs that are still here today! Now go drink your apple juice, read your bible and go to bed at 8pm like a good judgemental christian A-hole!

  15. BIGJIM says:

    I am Jenny’s friend Sheila’s fiance . We are saddened by the loss of her. There was no alcahol in the car. Sheila & Jenny had been friends since they was 15. All the lies need to stop. The good lord has a new angel now and her name is Jenny.

  16. linda says:

    I find it so funny that All these ignorant people that said Bad stuff dont want to say anything now they wanna keep their two cents to themself now. thats what they should have did from the beggining! Again so sorry For the loss of jenny and the other family involved. all my prayers for the other family to keep strenghth now during this rough time in their lives.

  17. Sheila says:

    i was beat friends with her about 25 years and she was the best kind of person you would want to be around we had alot of good times i will miss you jenny i love you be at peace

  18. Trish Hayden says:

    Lida thank you for your kindness and prayers…you are so right….everyone who has said terrbile things have certainly turned to COWARDS now….I will post Jennys funeral arrangements soon. I know it is on Monday in Coon Rapids. Many blessings to everyone and I continue to pray for the other family

    1. Lisa says:

      Every death is a tragedy, but to be fair, we should wait until toxicology results are made public before either making accusations OR saying alcohol wasn’t a factor. Jenny’s death is tragic either way, but if alcohol was a factor, then she is also responsible for leaving two innocent people fighting for survival.

      1. linda says:

        This is the point we have been saying all along no one can judge. im sure there are alot of questions from both sides…. But also Jenny has paid for any type of mistake with her life. I’M sure 100% that if she could say sorry for crossing that mediam for what ever reason she would. And im sure her Family and friends are even still and will continue to pray for the Tiedeman’s and their family and friends. So please understand this Yes this just a tragic situation all over, but no one can judge anyone. its not anyone on this earths place to try and do that when only one person can do that and that would be GOD. and no one in this world can say they never made a mistake and regreted whatever it may be. So on that Note…. Lord we ask for forgiveness in this tragedy and ask you to heal the Tiedeman’s and their family and friends, we also ask that you start to heal Jenny’s Family and friends. we ask that you watch over all that were envolved in this and we ask that you help bring understanding and calmness to everyones hearts. Amen

  19. Trish Hayden says:

    Jennys funeral will be monday at 10am at Washburn McGreavy funeral home
    1827 coon Rapids Blvd. Father in heaven we as that you watch ver the Tiedeman family and that you bring healing to both of them , as well as, the family. We ask that you send your skilled Angels down to hold and comfort the Tiedemans through this tragic and saddened time. We pray that you touch them both with your healing hands Father and if it is your will we pray they be healed. Father in heaven we know that each and every one of our lives are already planned by you, that you from the time of conception know when each and everyone of us will be brought home and how they will be brought home and the time down to the second will be brought home and we ask that you bring understandng to everyone involved. Father we ask for your forgiveness for this terrible tragidy from my neice lord and we ask forgiveness for the ignorance of people who have posted mean and harmful posts. We thank you Father in Jesus name. Amen

  20. just saying... says:

    Oh geez. That prayer isn’t really helping now, is it? And according to other news sources there is a definite possibility alcohol WAS a factor. Not a guarantee, but a likelihood.

  21. CommonSenseForSure says:

    NY State has the authority seize your vehicle permanently if you are pulled over for DUI….works for me . Minnesota needs to start getting serious about crime!

  22. Lisa says:

    So much for the assertions that she hadn’t been drinking at all.

    We now know that her BAC was .12, and one month ago she ruined the life of a beautiful couple. She killed Sara and left Chris with months of painful healing ahead. Those are the tragic facts.

  23. K. Battle says:

    It is what it is a Tragedy!!!! 2 Family’s lost loved one’s that tragic day, but I have heard of 7 lives being helped from it.. Jennifer payed the ultimate price for her actions and I am sure she would take it all back if she could. No one here should judge her only GOD has that power!

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