MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The countdown has begun as to when the first patient from the Minnesota Sex Offender program to be released to a halfway house.

Clarence Opheim has admitted to more than 100 sexually predatory acts, many with young boys.

He has been civilly committed for nearly 20 years.

Now there is word he will be released to a halfway house in Golden Valley.

Golden Valley police and corrections officials will hold a meeting at the Perpich Center at 6 p.m. Monday night.

They expect the crowd to be big, so big that our cameras may not be allowed inside because residents will have first priority.

It is their chance to ask questions about what will happen when Opheim moves in.

“We’ve been talking about this for a while, not a good feeling,” said Dan Nordmarken.

Dan and Colleen Nordmarken have lots of questions about the man who will soon be their new neighbor.

Normarken wants to know, “what are they going to do, what is he going to do?”

The big questions, how will the department of human services monitor Opheim and what will stop him from re-offending, in their community.

“There is really nothing you can do. The guy is going to be here,” Normarken said.

In the shadows of the Minneapolis skyline, near Zane and Highway 55, Opheim will live in a halfway house.

There he will have to wear a GPS ankle bracelet and be subject to random drug and alcohol checks.

State officials say he’s been given a provisional discharge from the state hospital in St. Peter and he can be snapped up for violating any of 32 conditions.

“I do suppose there is something to be said about redemption and everything, makes me a little bit nervous,” said Golden Valley resident Bill Reker.

Bill and Rebecca Reker want to know more.

They’ll hear from police and corrections officials at the Perpich Center Monday.

What we do know, Opheim’s phone calls will be logged and he will continue to get sex offender treatment while at the halfway house.

“I would be concerned about his movements I think at this point,” Reker said.

What many people in Golden Valley want to know is how much freedom Opheim will have to walk around the community.

“If I had younger children, I think I would be very concerned about it,” said Reker.

Lawmakers recently passed a law to require state officials to notify the community surrounding the halfway house where Opheim will be released.

Once again, that notification meeting begins at 6 p.m. Monday.

Comments (9)
  1. moe says:

    They may be holding the meeting not to increase fear but i seriously doubt the chief is going to find any civility. It’s terribly lacking in today’s society.

    1. Dontelle says:

      Hide ya wife, hide ya kids, hide ya husband…cause they rapin everybody up in hur!!

  2. steVE says:

    this guy is a pos. he wii abuse again. lock him up !!

  3. 70 year old lady says:

    How many have offended again after being released? Answer: All of them.

  4. Niki says:

    No, not all of them have reoffended. I’m not defending anyone, I’m just stating the facts. The man isn’t locked up any longer because he has served his court appointed jail sentence and after being civially commited as a level three sex offender in the MSOP program somehow managed to work his way through the program. An amazing accomplishment, since noone has completed the program yet in Minnesota. The problem that MN is facing is that noone has “graduated” from the sex offender program which means that these animals have been simply warehoused, which goes against anyone’s civil rights. If they were senteced to life in prison it’s different, but his prison sentence is complete. No it’s not right that this guy is getting released, but it’s reality. And many if not all of you have a level 1 or 2 sex offender living close to you, the only difference is that their presence isn’t made public. Stay safe and keep your kids safe. The most dangerous sex offender is the one not yet arrested and labled as such. Be smart.

  5. mom says:

    so if this man is “cured” why do they have to put him in a halfway house and monitor him so much? If the state, his lawyer and whoever else thinks he won’t hurt another child why go through all this trouble of monitoring him? the answer is simple he isn’t cured and there is no gurantee that he won’t hurt another child. The law in MN and around the nation needs to be changed, these monsters are not curable. There is obviously something wrong with them to be attracted to young children in the first place and should be locked up for the rest of their lives. I have a better idea why not once they are allowed out of prison we just send them to some far off island and let them all live together . Child molesters are pure evil and there is no excuse for the harm they cause a child. The child that is molested has to spend the rest of their life wondering what they did wrong, what they did to have this preditor come after them. The molested child will spend the rest of their life in their own prison feeling ashemed and violated. Who is standing up for the rights of the children that are molested, they don’t get to just serve a few yrs of their prison and then be released, their prison lasts a life time and so it is only fair that a molester receive the same fate of his/her victim.

  6. Niki says:

    I agree with you totally and whole heartedly Mom…I have always thought an island where they can victimize eachother would be a good solution. No child should ever live in fear because of some animal like this. Too bad we don’t still have the death penalty in MN, he and others like him would be great candidates.

  7. hunnybear18 says:

    The community notifications are a joke. They will sit there and tell you he is so intensely supervised he can’t get away with anything. They act as though were are too stupid to remember the 6-10 Level III’s they lose track of every year.

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