MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — They’ve come up with plans to build a new Viking stadium. But leaders from the Vikings, Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota need to sell their new stadium deal.

The bill will likely go to lawmakers next week. It puts the new stadium in the same space as the Metrodome.

Gov. Mark Dayton is calling it “The People’s Stadium.”

Here’s a break down on who would pay for what:
— The state’s $398 million share would come from new electronic pulltabs.

— The city of Minneapolis would kick in $339 million.

— The Vikings would give $754 million to build it and operate it.

Still, one hurdle could be the Minneapolis City Council. Council member Gary Schiff has concerns with the final costs of a new Vikings stadium. He began a petition against building a new stadium, which has about 250 signatures. Watch his full interview below.

Gary Schiff On Financial Concerns

Lester Bagley, vice president of public Affairs and stadium development for the Minnesota Vikings said they’re moving forward with their plan and have received positive feedback in the legislature.

Bagley On Next Steps

Comments (10)
  1. djones says:

    Seams like any gift should be you Mr. Schiff getting voted out of the city council. Negative thinking never results in anything positive. To me putting seven thousand people to work is a god send to put construction workers and other trades associated with building this new stadium.

    1. Andrew says:

      Publicly subsidized stadiums do not create jobs.
      Anyone who tells you different is lying.

      Google it yourself: Publicly subsidized stadiums

      Or use these links:


      1. ted says:

        1.5 Billion Dollars for a stadium. How ridiculous.

  2. rufus says:

    Bagley’s words are 10 pounds of droppings in a 5 pound bag. This is the biggest joke, the largest waste of public funds in the history of the universe.

  3. Karen says:

    The Peoples’s Stadium?

    Are you kidding? The vast majority want nothing to do with this scam.

    If it’s the “People’s Stadium” how about putting it to a referendum?

  4. Ace says:

    Calling it a “People’s Stadium” sounds like a name the communists would choose for one of their buildings, i.e., the people’s republic of china. They will never let us vote because they know we’d vote no

  5. trebor says:

    Where do they come up with 750 mil as the Vikings contribution?

  6. trebor says:

    Who put out these numbers?

  7. AntiTeabagger says:

    Some ones calculator is broken, obviously. Who is robbing Peter to pay Paul on this one? Guess what, one way or another, the PEOPLE’S stadium will be paid for by the PEOPLE! BOO!

  8. KEN says:

    enough bikering—- get it done, —-put people to work —-. HOPE FOR THE BEST. if you don’t like the stadium, watch on tv

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