Bomb Threat Causes Evacuation At Mapleton School

MAPLETON, Minn. (WCCO) — The Mapleton School Building was evacuated Monday afternoon due to a bomb threat, according to the School District.

At 2:15 p.m., students were evacuated to the Mapleton Catholic and Lutheran Churches.

When at the school, police interviewed a student that they believe acted alone in the bomb threat.

Authorities released the student to the custody of his/her parents after speaking to law enforcement.

Once an investigation is completed, the county attorney’s office may bring possible criminal charges.

Parents were told to pick up their child at those locations if they wish, but students will be dismissed at the usual times when the buses arrive in Mapleton.

  • Rufus Larkin

    This is the SECOND time the same day for a school bomb threat in Minnesota.

  • G Dog

    Again, this must be the fault of the teacher’s union.

    Kev, where are you?

    • Andy/Kevin/Alan/Phil/Charles/George/Robert/Lakewood, etc, etc

      He’s too busy preening in front of his mirror, patting himself on the back and believing he’s so much smarter than the rest of us. He’s also getting a headache trying to decide which name he is going to use this time.

      • Uncle Rico

        I always thought Kevin was one guy but you’re right, there’s a few psychos on here that have long running conversations with themselves under 13 different user names. Weirdos.

      • Eve

        Haha! So true!! Sometimes I think he’s really a ‘CCO employee hired to write incendiary comments just to get reactions

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