Gov. Dayton Vetoes Deadly Force Bill

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton has vetoed a bill that would have expanded the cases in which people could use deadly force to defend their dwellings.

The bill would have created the presumption that a person using deadly force believed that they were in danger of harm from any intruder in their home or dwelling. The bill would have expanded the definition of dwelling to include a hotel room, car, tent or boat.

Police and prosecutors had strongly opposed the measure, with police saying it could make it more dangerous for officers to enter homes.

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  • Corey

    Looks like Gov. Goofy just vetoed his job as well. As a CWP holder, in the event I witness a violent crime taking place I’ll just keep on walking by.

    • Tim

      that just changed my thoughts on voting, I always taught rep are for helping CWP holders, am now changing how i vote!

  • mj


  • Corey

    Yep, following the letter of the law and running away as required gets you shot in the back and leads to another sweet unsolved murder in Minnesota. And following the letter of the law by legally defending yourself within your home just lets you keep your home until you lose it in civil court. Winner plan there.

  • jake

    This sick freak should be impeached ASAP. lets build a stadium when millions are losing jobs and their homes!!! IMPEACHMENT NOW!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    vote the jack*** out of office.

  • Mike O.

    “Police and prosecutors had strongly opposed the measure, with police saying it could make it more dangerous for officers to enter homes.”

    I would like to know the arguement behind that statement, it seems to me like they’re just argueing because they feel like it, as that’s a preety darn weak reason to VETO a bill.

    Also, i’d like to say that your property is yours, simply by definition. if it’s yours you have the right to defend it, in my opinion.

    • Ask Lappegaard

      You reach out to break your fall as a uniform forcefully puts you on the ground while shouting “HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK! HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK!”. Resisting arrest for protecting your teeth is one of their oldest tricks…those who want you powerless so they can be more powerful.

    • Paul P

      ” Knock-Knock – We have a warrant – open the door. Open the door …. We are coming in” 5 shots ring out. 2 officers down. The perp says ” I didn’t hear them” and walks …. he thought they were the bad guys coming after him.
      It’ll be used all the time and the DA will have to prove otherwise. Good luck.

      We are opposed for this reason – it creates an even more dangerous setting than we already face when entering.

      You already have the right to defend yourself – if you do shot an officer , yes-it will be trouble for you. Unless of course you kill him -them. That is what we fear.
      You have nothing to fear from us if innocent now do you. ;-)

      • duh

        I don’t believe it is the innocent people who are worried about the cops bright one. If a cop knocks on my door and they can show they are cops everything is fine. The problem is when it is 3 am and someone is trying to break down my door I have to call the cops and wait the 5-10 minutes it takes for them to show up ( I live 10 miles out of town). If I go camping and someone is trying to get into my tent I can’t defend myself because it might be a cop? What would a cop want with me unless I am a criminal and do you honestly think they are going to follow the law? This is another infringement on my rights and honestly if someone is going to try and get into my tent where my wife and children are sleeping I am shooting and will pay the consequences later. Better my family alive then me dead and some criminal doing whatever they want.

      • Corey

        Until you morons kick in the wrong door….. Recall that incident Officer?

      • Sue

        Your scare tactics don’t work. We might have been born yesterday but not last night. Your argument does not hold water!!!!!

  • John Public

    Is it voting time yet?!

  • John Public

    Bet if he didn’t retreat and killed someone he’d just buy his way out. Why should he care. Damn a$$ clown.

  • pretzeldude

    Thank God I live in Florida where if you break into my home you’re DEAD!

    • Lanner

      here too – without recourse – assuming you intend to harm or take. If just to pizz out a jake maybe not ….

  • Tom

    time to start a recall, law or no law, I WILL protect myself or my family anywhere, anytime, and anyway that is legal or not.

  • Pat

    Stop whining and protect yourselves, gun lovers. Nothing in state law will stop you.

    The Republicans passed this turkey of a bill with a poison pill in it so that Governor Dayton had to veto it. It’s just an election ploy to use against democrats in the fall compaigns. That pill is a clause that would have allowed anyone issued a concealed carry permit from any other state to carry in Minnesota. You may be shocked to learn that many states don’t even conduct a decent background check before issuance of a permit. Why would we want other states to control our conceal carry rules? I don’t. I think ours are fine and that keeping felons and lunatics from conceal carry is a good idea.

    So this bill was made to fail. Maybe a “real” castle doctrine”bill would be vetoed also, but I doubt it. Ask your Repubican leaders to run it by again. Bet they don’t!

    • Joe

      You have no facts or logic. It is not a conceal and carry permit, it is simply a carry permit. Minnesota is an open carry state. We can do both here. Maybe you should research instead of making ignorant comments on this board.

      • Government&peoplealotofhotair

        But I like the ignorant comments, I come here during lunch to watch ALL the fools that post on here. Everyone complains and moans but that is a ALL these people do I never see and real solutions or ideas on this board. ALL these posters are as bad as all these people who are in our government offices from the President down to our own little state officials. Thank you for being so entertaining.

        • Joe

          Welcome Government&peoplealotofhotair you fit right in.

  • Jeff

    How did you get a 265 gr bullet in a 357 case?
    Please get off of my side. Don’t need you here.

    • jake

      Who are you idiot? For one, I’m surely not on YOUR side. Second, get a clue, 265 gr easily fits into a 357 case you moron. Perhaps we don’t need you here, nor do we want YOU here. It’s very that you haven’t a clue as to what a 357 is.

      • Mr D

        Magnum yes. Sig no.

        • jake

          Ans yes Sir, it’s a magnum. Not sure if DR JEFF knows what that even is?

      • Jeff

        Show me one.

        • jake

          Where, in the head? It’s not I or Mr D who are clueless, it’s you. So jump in your little mazda and go have a look for yourself. If your smart enough to know where to go, try a Gander Mnt. Store. You know what that is, don’t ya? You are a fool and it shows. I really hope you can breed as your children will be as stupid as you.

          • Jeff

            Wow! You want to shoot me for disagreeing with you? You bring kids into it?
            Your really are an unevolved little butt aren’t you sweetie?
            Go load up your 265 gr HP over as much 2400 as will still fit in the case with that long a.. bullet and let one fly. Hold it close in when you do. Don’t bother letting us know how it went.
            Later Ape man

  • Spanky

    Pansy ass gov goofy

    • David J. Conklin

      And the GOP wonders why no intelligent independent will vote for ANY of their candidates in 2012!

  • Rube

    This bill passed the house and senate by almost a 2 to 1 margin and this jerk veto’s it? 2014 can’t come fast enough to get rid fo this fool.

  • zee the reporter

    this veto shows dayton is not for the people of minnesota!

  • Face

    Can any of you gun loving spastics cite a case where a Minnesota homeowner has been charged for defending himself?

    • mrprfct

      I am one! I have recently been arrested & jailed for defending my property just 3 weeks ago. Because my garage is not attached to my house, I WENT TO JAIL because I held the perp at gunpoint until the cops showed up. Careful what you post A**hole!

      • jake

        Yes sir you are right. I read the bull in the paper, and in no way should you have gone to jail.

  • chris

    Burglars and Home Invaders for Dayton (aka Gov Senile) in 2014!! I swear if Emmer wasn’t such an arse I would have not voted for Dayton

  • Paul P

    I will play too. Thanks for the invite.
    First – as stated, no one has ever been charged with taking a life in a B & E or bodily harm situation. Not once. Could it happen ? Sure – and so could a nuke drop from the sky in your yard. Highly unlikely – like a million to one.
    I suspect, and think it is a fair bet, that many are fearful of the MN cowboy, the guy/gal who in an act of stupidity or irrational action, uses a gun when it’s not necessary because “they can” . I will assume everyone here reads the news – we indeed do have crazies out there. We also have them inside houses and love to do the “wanna be tough and bad ” things. Heck – read these silly posts and it makes one cringe.
    I encourage everyone to get their CC permit, to use reasonable and common sense like most do today and if someone eneters and threatens you – by all means protect yourself too. The boogie man will not get you, the systemd will not get you. It stuggles even taking the real bad guys off the streets as it is but you all know that now at that.
    I was in enforcement for 27 years, in PD and with the Feds. We have enough issues goin on in doing an enter as it is. Giving an open target opportunity to the bad guys is just not something we need or want. Step into an enforcement position even for just a single day and you will understand what I mean

    • Lanner

      ya sound like yer ex was a cop who snuck away with a real woman there mary. lol

      might be the only post here today that had a bit of sanity and fact inside it. you and yer kind to dumb to smell a rose and the other side to blinded with hate at ya…..sick pricks posting today fer sure.
      grab a vibrator mary and flail away

    • Huh

      This is what I don’t understand. In your example above, cops make entrance, give verbal commands they are entering and then, in your example, they get shot (very far fetched considering many states have this type of law on the books and it hasn’t happened). This law would not let the shooter off in your example. Just because someone enters your house you still have to identify the target and if it’s a threat before any action can be taken. I also don’t understand all the anti-gun comments and whether you’re a lib or a repub. This law is about using force to defend yourself, whether it be with your hands, a knife or a gun and I’m sure the person being attacked or threatened can be from either side of the polictical spectrum.

      • Bill

        Come back when you can speak English

      • Joe

        Its a battle trying to reason with the numnuts that post on this forum. The best course is to try to educate them on the constitution but some heads are so thick it will never sink in. Most of the anti gun comments are by fools who have not read the bill and who do not understand our constitution, sad very sad.

  • luvs

    If the law was written well enough and had the backing of the majority the veto would have been overturned.

  • Comrades Fidel and Che

    Comrade Michele-

    The people are more armed and determined in America than you could ever imagine. A revolution is coming comrade sister. Be certain you are on the right side.

    Comrade Fidel and Che

    P.S. After the coming victory of the great communist proletariat, we will give
    comrade sisters such as yourself access to free birth control; unlike that conservative and capitalist male chauvinist pig in the news these days.

    • Lanner

      240 years later the freaks come out all worried about …. nuttin lol ;-)

  • BrainsOverGuns

    Jake sounds like a future Uni-Bomber who’s sitting in mom’s basement talking to his guns. Get a life, Jake. Take the tin foil off your head. Everything will be OK. Just promise us all you’ll go get that coveted G.E.D. first.

    • Bill

      I would bet my last dollar that the people you malign are much more intelligent than you.

  • BrainsOverGuns

    Did anyone of the above graduate grade school? You all think and write like 2nd graders!

    • Dan

      Do you have anything constructive about the bill, or do you just get off on anonymously making fun of people?

  • kevin


  • dhillips

    Predictable, Here come the gun nuts!

    • Dan

      Just wait till you need the help of the “gun nuts” and they can’t do anything to help you because Dayton vetoed this bill

      • Susan

        when are you gun nuts going to get it????WE DO NOT WANT YOUR HELP, you are all trigger happy wacos

        • Bob

          SUzanne, who exactly is we ?

        • Dan

          Who are you calling a gun nut? I don’t own any guns, so don’t go around talking about what you don’t know. People like you give liberals a bad name.

        • Dan

          By the way Waco is a city in Texas, why would you call somebody a city in Texas?

    • here you come

      Predictable, here come the fools who would abdicate all their rights and responsibilities to the government for an illusion of security: liberals. As if only “gun nuts” (whatever that liberal buzz phrase means) would want the right to defend themselves.

  • just sayin

    Who isn’t surprised, dayton doesn’t have a clear head and can’t think straight. We’ve all know that alcoholics pose problems.

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