MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Students at East High in Mankato, Minn. were evacuated briefly after a bomb threat was found on the floor of one of the school’s restrooms. The students have since returned to class.

Officials say the students were evacuated around 9:50 a.m. Monday to ensure safety. They returned to their classrooms at 12:40 p.m.

All East High students were sent to Hosanna, ninth grade and life skills students to Kennedy and East Junior High students were sent to Hilltop Methodist.

Officials say they found a bomb threat note on the bathroom floor in the high school. Staff and principals were with the students during the evacuation.

No issues were found during the evacuation.

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  1. Kevin says:

    This is so stupid. Either there is a bomb at the school…or there isnt. Some random piece of paper on the bathroom floor is a dumb reason to close the school.

    Plus…no one explicitly advertises they are going to blow up a bldg. That would defeat the point of the bombing as the number of victims is sure to decrease after an evactuation.

    People only threated to blow something up when they want the day off/some attention/cause a stir. In some cases, people call in a threat, knowing the evacution protocol and wait for the victims as they leave the bldg.

    If you are scared……go to church!!

    1. I know best says:

      well since you’re such an idiot I’m sure you haven’t reproduced so you have no children to be concerned about, if it were at my kids school I’d want them out of there, beter safe than sorry

      1. Kevin says:

        So what if the note claimed they were going to bomb the school every friday for the next two years?? If it were up to you….looks like we are moving to a 4-day school week.

        Estentially what you are doing is giving into terrorism. I dont care what you say…a note on the bathroom floor is NOT credible!!!

        But, you have obviously been frighten to within an inch of your life. Scare a person enough and they will do/believe anything. Boogey Boogey Boo!!!!

      2. iDog says:

        You don’t even have to send your kids to school. Just have them read Kevin’s comments here every day. They would learn a lot because he knows everything about everything.

    2. TG says:

      Your so right Kevin.. They should totally keep those hundreds of kids at school while they look for the bomb.. I’m sure that it would be a very productive day with all the cops and dogs around. Especially if there were actually a bomb and it went off.. Afterall its not likely to kill ALL of the students.. Probably just the lazy drifters who wander the halls. Your also right. No one who is actually going to bomb something says it before they do it.. I think it is totally worth taking that chance.. Again, its not like everyone is going to die if a bomb is there any goes off. You should probably be a principal.. Please let me know when this happens since I’d love to send my kids to your school.. I would be especially happy when/if there is a bomb threat and you “call their bluff” by risking my childrens lives just to prove a point.. Kudos to you my friend.

      1. Kevin says:

        You are right….a bomb going off at a school is likely to kill ALL the students. After alll it will probably be a military grade bomb to obliterate all the children. Totally logical and rational assumption there.

        Please, name the last time someone in the state of mn has called in or left a note of bomb threat…..and an acutal bomb was discovered???? Maybe i am wrong, and it happens all the time….but i really dont think so.

        So you are telling me….the safety and lives of everyone in that school hindered upon some not only finding, but reporting the note found on the bathroom floor. Because if that didnt happened…what would have distinguished this day from any other normal school day.

        You are so scared, i am willing to be you would wear a pink elephant hat if the government/media sufficently convinced you it was for your own safety. Logic and critical thinking are not here….fear, fear, fear…thats what you are peddling. Schools get bombed all the time…i’m sure your fears are very rational and well founded.

        Again….sounds like you need to go to church…take your kids with you!!

    3. Andy is nuts says:

      Hi Andy. When did you change your name to Kevin?

      1. Kevin says:

        Yes…i am nuts. But finding scribbles on a note on the bathroom floor and evacuated the whole school for what turn out to be SURPRISE….nothing…well that is perfectly logical.

        yep….i’m the crazy one. God forbid you open your eyes to prespectives that may not be the same as yours.

        1. Andy is nuts says:

          Since you’ve attempted to chastise anyone here who disagrees with you, why are you scolding me for disagreeing with you? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, right? Mine is that you are nuts. That is if you are Andy. I never said I disagreed with what Kevin said…

          1. Bob says:

            My opinion is that Kevin is nuts too. He is always whining in his posts about sheeples and lack of original thought, yet he can’t handle anyone disagreeing with him. He doesn’t care if people don’t have original thoughts, as long as their thoughts are the same as his. An acute case of narcissism. If Kevin speaks in the woods and no one is there to hear him, is he still wrong?

  2. Student says:

    it was a message that stated a bomb would be detonated at a certain time, the districts policy states the school has to be evacuated. students were returned to school and everything is fine. also it wasnt a not on the floor. it was a written message on the bathroom wall

  3. G Dog says:

    Somehow this is the fault of the teacher’s union. I await Kevin’s explanation.

  4. Concerned Mom says:

    What I want to know is what the police are doing to find the ones writing these notes?! There have been 3 in just a few days, New Ulm, Mankato and Mapleton. They need to get hand writing experts to compare the writing to all the students and find who is doing this in these schools and put them in jail. Yea it could just be teenagers who are pulling prank to get out of school , (which considering they were only out of school a couple hours and were not allowed to go home or anywhere else what is the point of that? hello they could just skip school if they just wanted a day off) but what if it’s to test the evac /response time? Or hoping that people will let down their guard it the threat happens often enough with no result that they’d think eh it won’t happen and then it does? Better safe than sorry.

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