MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin lawmakers are getting ready to honor the man who used cheese to create one of the state’s most beloved cultural symbols.

The state Assembly will vote Tuesday on a joint resolution to honor entrepreneur Ralph Bruno. He created the famous foam cheesehead hat that has become an enduring symbol of the state.

Bruno made the first hat in 1987 using stuffing from his couch, after Chicago Bears fans taunted him and called him a cheesehead.

The resolution would also honor Bruno’s employees at Foamation Inc. in Milwaukee, where the hats are made.

Cheesehead hats are sold today in all 50 states and in more than 30 countries.

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Comments (13)
  1. Ninja says:

    bah humbug

    1. Jacko says:

      Now wait a minute. Back in 1981, in LaCrosse, WI a guy that owned a comic book shop near the new “LaCrosse Center”, right next to Side-kicks bar, had a line of t-shirts and posters called “Cheddar Heads” and “Swiss Heads”, both part of the “Cheese Head Family.” They featured cheese head figures saying peculiar things (I wonder if one ever said “I wonder who will steal my idea and make big bucks.”). He also sold similar hats, made of cardboard. They sort of hung down over your eyes and were crude, but Ralph Bruno is not the inventor of this concept/idea. A Side-kicks DJ used to wear one an do Packer rah-rah stuff. Just one more reason to hate the Packers!

  2. G Dog says:

    Wisconsin Republicans – Proving that Neanderthals survived the Ice Age.

    1. GH says:

      Really? What does your stupid comment have to do with this story? Liberal nut job

      1. G Dog says:


        They’re just as moronic as Minnesota Republicans!!! ‘Cuz recognizing the inventor of the cheesehead is part of of their focus on jobs.

        1. GH says:

          They are recognizing a man that not only started his own business, but created something that Wisconsin has grown to love. There should be a little room for these kinds of things. Not every minute of every day has to be a battle over funds, taxes and who’s right and who’s wrong.
          Btw…Only a far left liberal would attack republicans in every post they make

  3. Twins FAN says:

    Glad the government employees of of the state have time for this. I would find irony in the whole story if perhaps the hats were manufactured in a union shop. But with the numbers given, probably would cut into profits of a chance product. Oh well, awards are the only reason we have to go to work. Just keep the that profit coming for the MAN.

  4. Rufus Larkin says:

    The way to get ahead these days is forget about creativity and just act like an idiot.

  5. Swamp Rat says:

    Wisconsinites at least has a tangible edible symbols for their state-cheese and cheesehead hats. What does MN has for its symbol a–“Golden Gopher”–a rodent!

    Now I realize some of you might say the state symbol is a bird {The Common Loon} or a fish {Walleye} but at the present time a gopher, whose near cousin is a rat, should suffice for this state at present. For all you Wisconsin soothsayers rodents rodents eat cheese! [LMAO!] Gotcha!

    So don’t worry, the MN Legislature, this session, might as well as pass definitive, decisive legislation honoring our rodent Gopher symbol. It won’t pass anything else as meaningful as the honoring the state symbol. At least we Minnesotans will keep legislative pace with Wisconsin! LOL!

  6. News Scout says:

    News flash…. Not to be outdone the MN Legislature introduced a bill to honor the maker of the “hot dish” and the person that called it a “hot dish” to distinguish it from what the rest of the world calls it – a casserole! They also want to honor the person who decided to create the Helga horns and braids to cheer on the Vikings.

    In other news…. important pending legislature took a back seat while the sandbox childish games continued in the WI legislature.

  7. News Scout says:

    This just in…. Michelle Bachman supports the WI Bill saying “Wisconsin has always been like a home to me. I always enjoy visiting it and i always take the chance to stop by that cheesehead store at the Mall of America to admire all the cool hats. If it wasn’t for it messing up my nice hair, i would be seen wearing one on a daily basis. It’s functional, cool looking and keeps the sun and slow out of my eyes”

  8. Fresno says:

    This just in…democrats are stinky, aids-spreading donut punchers!

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