WCCO Investigates Complaints Of Rosemount Police

ROSEMOUNT (WCCO) — For months, some businesses in one Twin Cities suburb have been complaining that the cops are costing them money.

Rosemount bar and restaurant owners have complained to the city council that people aren’t coming out as much at night, too afraid they’ll be pulled over by police.

So, WCCO asked for the numbers and spent a Friday night staked out on the streets.

In 20 minutes, three different cops drive down the same stretch of road.

Laure Thirion got pulled over leaving a bar here last year. She says she didn’t do anything wrong and had to go through a field sobriety test. Even though, that night she says she was the sober driver.

“Just because I left the bar with my friends they automatically thought I was drinking,” Thirion said.

The manager of the VFW, Steve Poppler got one of the latest tickets Saturday night for rolling a stop sign. He says it’s helped him to understand his customers’ complaints.

“We’re lucky to have people come in at 10 p.m. anymore. People getting off work, that second shift. We don’t have that anymore,” Poppler said.

WCCO requested to see the records of all traffic stops in Rosemount from the last 5 years. In most years, police are giving tickets to about half the people they’re pulling over. For example, in 2010, they made 4,208 traffic stops and gave 2,248 tickets.
While there are dozens of citations for things like not displaying a license plate, having a cracked windshield or windows tinted too dark, the vast majority are for things much more serious like DUI’s and speeding.

Rosemount Police Chief Gary Kalstabakken will go before the city council one week from Wednesday to explain what he’s found as he’s looked into the complaints. He said nothing is pointing to any problems.

Kalstabakken added that it’s important to remember that while there are 36 square miles to Rosemount, all of the bars are concentrated to about a one mile area.

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  • Terry



    • Criminals Rule

      Well stated!! I bet think twice about drinking and driving in Rosemount now.

      • TL

        I like the “they pul you over for NO REASON….” bull doo. ya, right.

        they pull you over for no reason – THAT YOU AGREE WITH – is really the issue when in actuality, every ticky-tacky thing like something hangin’ from the rear view mirror, plate light out, etc etc is actual illegal to have those things and is perfectly good reason to pull anyone over.

        Write a letter to your lawmaker but dont *itch when the coppers do their jobs. Take responsibility for yourself.

        • Some cops shouldn't be cops

          Whatever. I had a cop pull me over once for expired tabs on my car. I was doing 60 miles an hour one way and he was going 60 miles an hour the other way…at night. Yet he could see that my tabs were expired? No way. I just bought the car and had the yellow sticker in the back window so I didn’t get a ticket for that but I did get a ticket for a cracked windshield. He pulled me over for one reason and that was because it was late at night and I was the only car on the road. I also had a buddy pulled over at 2:00 am one morning for no reason. Of course he was coming home from the bar also because he owned it. Three cops showed up and yet no ticket for anything. When he asked why he was pulled over they basically told him to shut up.

          • TL

            “….and he was going 60 miles an hour the other way…..”

            and how would you know? Whatever. Anways, you conveniently left out the posted speed limit on the road in which you were driving 60 on.

            He pulled you over probably because you were speeding but also observed that you had expired tabs once he pulled you over…..until he saw your proof of purchase on the back window…which is hard to see at night, wouldnt you agree? And you had a cracked windshield. Illegal.

            Oh ya, Im sure your buddy was a saint too.

            Take responsibilty.

          • I see dumb people

            Whatever, dude. Yeah lets all get on the WCCO blog and whine about what nobody can prove. “Dude I remember this one time, I was at a gas station and a cop pulled into the lot. He came over to my car, shot me in the leg, then drove off like nothing happened. And then there was this other time when the exact same thing happened to my buddy, only he was at the bank…”

          • Mike

            Sounds like you bought a used car and the tabs on your plate did not match the color of the year you were in. There are colors you know. So if it is past the red year, and an officer sees a red tab marking on a plate in which that entire year has expired, it’s pretty easy to spot. If you have a cracked windshield, call your insurance company and get it fixed for free. (Most, if not all insurance companies have that option now) otherwise it is a hazard to yourself, passangers, and others if you get hit and that thing shatters.

            Keep it up Rosemount Police. These idiots have nothing to complain about. If they are losing business because they are afraid of being stopped after leaving a bar, it’s a good bet that they are driving home above .08 and are a danger to everyone around them. Maybe Bar Owners should quit over-serving and endangering the public for their pocket book. Get a sober driver or a cab and guess what? You can stay out as long as you want and spend as much as you want and support your local businesses that way then.

            • mannex67

              Wow, listen to all the excuses from the cop cheerleaders. You’re not fooling anyone. We all know there are plenty of true creeps in the cop ranks and the “good cops” really would love to be rid of them but the code of the fraternal brotherhood won’t allow it. The sacred creed of unquestioning loyalty and obedience to the blue brotherhood, bla, bla ,bla.

              • Real Deal

                Same line you use on the Star Tribune. Boring…..

  • Sam

    “The manager of the VFW, Steve Poppler got one of the latest tickets Saturday night for rolling a stop sign. He says it’s helped him to understand his customers’ complaints.”
    Rolling a stop sign is illegal. You should get ticketed for it.

    That being said, officers shouldn’t be pulling people over just to do the field sobriety tests, unless that person is driving erratically. “They left a place that serves alcohol, therefore, they could be drunk” shouldn’t be reason to pull someone over.

    • TL

      That would be an illegal stop to pull someone over just for field tests on a hunch. So I doubt that is the case in 99.9999% of traffic stops. They need something a bit more substantial than that…..probable cause as they call it in the biz. Headlamp out, plate light out, something hanging from a rearview mirror, cracked window, outside mirror. any ticky tacky thing an officer finds wrong on a vehicle at 1-2 or 3 am and they’re behind you…expect to be pulled over. Sure they’re looking to nab a drunk…or worse but the bottomline is take care of your car and dont drink and drive….personal responsibility.

    • Thin Blue Line

      Well said, Sam. And in fact, you are right! Police need reasonable artiulable suspicion to stop your car (not probable cause, as many believe). The same is true for asking the driver to perform SFSTs, which constitutes “expanding the scope of the stop.” In other words, they need to have an articulable reason to even ask you to perform field sobriety tests.

      In the case of Laurie Thirion, who complained she was stopped and required to perform field sobriety tests, imagine this scenario: you’re a cop and you stop a vehicle leaving the bar. The driver says you have no reason to stop her and her friends. The driver is sober, but as you stand there talking to her, the car reeks of booze. You have, at that point, reasonable suspicion the driver could be under the influence. You ask her to step out of the car to isolate her from the smell of booze inside. After having her perform the field sobriety tests, you see she’s not drunk and send her on her way.

  • If They Only Knew

    Missing the only real point.

    WCCO tracked the wrong numbers.
    Its not 4,208 traffic stops with 2,248 of those in tickets.
    The only question should be….how many of those stops were made on Federal Funded Enforcement versus regular patrol status (overtime versus regular patrol payment)? Go back to your 5 year lists.

    How many of these stops were made during FEDERALLY funded enforcement campaigns versus how many of the same citations/arrests are made during regular shift work (there shouldn’t be a difference but bet there is)…that’s the answer.

    The bartender doing a rolling stop sign– you deserved to be stopped regardless if Rosemount or the Feds are paying.

    No ticket quota system in Minnesota? Someone still isn’t doing the NEW math!

    I believe DWI arrests are important by WHY are they different on over-time shifts? Pension enhancement, maybe?

    • Growser

      Apparently your relatives are in the job for the wrong reason. Until you’ve waken a mother up at 2:00 am to tell her her daughter’s been killed by a drunk driver, or had the fire department wash down the road to remove the blood before morning rush hour, or spend two hours extricating the body from the car wreckage from the fatal wreck you have no clue buddy.

    • A cop

      Actually most shifts end around 6-7pm…and if you take 4 hours for a DWI arrest….you are doing it wrong….

    • Criminals Rule

      Officer Clancy: According to you, the Police shouldn’t worry about getting a drunk off the road. Glad you value money over someone’s life…….

  • JWar

    If the police have nothing better to do but to be “big brother” and harass citizens, whether they be guilty of the crime or not, they should be laid off or fired…

    • shel

      The police are doing their jobs! Personally, I feel much better knowing the police are stopping drunk drivers that could kill me or my family.

      • Marine0311

        Did you read the same story? The point of the story was they are pulling mostly sober drivers over for no reason. Comprehend what you read please.

    • mike

      Well if these cops were to lose their jobs, no other employer will ever hire them anywhere else. And some convicted felons would probably have a better chance of being hired than an ex-cop depending on what type of industry they both were to ever work in.

  • For the Ignorant

    Ignorance is bliss. Ain’t it grand to be able to armchair quarterback cops? Some of you need to take time to educate yourselves by riding along with an officer. You would be amazed at how many “innocent” people get stopped for doing abosolutely nothing (Sarchasm Intended).

    You might also be interested to know that cops do not make any money from stopping cars and writing tickets. They do it because it is their job. There is no quota. Just a bunch of good employees.

    Try not doing a part of your job requirement and see how that goes for you.

    • Criminals Rule

      Are you referring to the Safe n Sober shifts??? Isnt Rosemount in Dakota County?? Wasn’t Dakota County one of the counties with the highest alcohol related crash/fatal counties in the state?? Yep let them drive people……

    • Calling one out here

      Some expert you are “Clancy.” Looks like you didn’t get a job, then found it pointless. Thank you for not being a cop.

      Ask your “extended family members as Sheriffs, Chiefs of Police and Cops” if they are eating at the trough. What trough is it that you are eating at now?

  • CH

    Personally I commend the police on what they are doing. If one of you had a loved one killed by a drunk driver maybe you would feel differently about it. Besides, like someone else said if you haven’t done anything then you have nothing to worry about.

    • Officer Clancy likes to poach.

      Except have your freedom of moving about restrained and under go a field investigation via filed sobriety test. If you had a loss I’m sorry you suffered such but how does restraining one’s civil liberty make up for your loss?

      • Barney Fife

        “Restrainig your civil liberties”? News flash, moron: police have this little thing called Power of Arrest, which means they have the ability to take away your right to move freely upon probable cause. Now, whether or not YOU THINK they have probable cause is irrelevant. That’s why the courts are at your disposal.

        • Marine0311

          Hey Barney fife, first of all they can pull you over for reasonable suspicion. The courts are at our disposal, are you kidding me. You are talking about redress through the court, which is a joke by the way. It usually ends like this. 1. “Redress” is usually a payout, not affecting the cops or their department, and no admission of wrongdoing. How does that settle anything? The feeling of impunity cops have comes from the fact that they rarely suffer any consequences. Set an innocent person on fire with a flash bang and cripple her for life? No sweat, you guys are free to go, put it on the taxpayers tab. Not even a memo in your file. The Constitution is not just a piece of paper. It means what it says. Granting yourself a cop-level mother may I does not alter that. I would like to see cops having to defend their actions on the stand after a shooting, instead of slinking into the shadows because their department policy protects them.

      • shel

        Civil liberty also includes taking responsibility for yourself. CL does not give you the right to drive drunk and take away the civil liberty of others. Remember, driving is a privilege and not a right.

      • Criminals Rule

        What are you worried about?? So you want more drunks on the road?? Makes perfect sense…. Maybe the bars shouldn’t over serve or better yet maybe people take personal responibility and say to themselves, I have had too much to drink I should get a cab or get a sober person to drive me home. Keep up the great work Rosemount P.D

  • If They Only Knew

    Here’s another stat. Fatal accidents are up 50% from a year ago.
    Why isn’t WCCO following that story?

  • Min Da

    can’t win for losing.
    you want protection a moment away or not? impaired people have done undesirable things to people and or their property – it’s nice to have people about that are trained in handling those situations.
    Of course it isn’t only drunks the police are after, and the police also need back-up to help them to keep you and I safe.
    Me, I’m glad they’re about as they are also our first defense against terrorist attacks. Their job is more versatile than you realize.
    *** Thank You Law Enforcement Officer ****

    • Criminals Rule

      Well put!

  • WCCO needs to change their format on commenting

    I am kidding. This is my point. Anyone can say anything on here. The Rosemount Police Department have a decent Police Department. It is stupid here to have such a general forum where cowards can hide behind. I have never even been a cop. But I could say that I was a Four Star General or the Police Chief and no one would really know who I was. I think they are trying to make sure no one gets drunk and drives home and kills someone

    • Uncle_Rico

      That’s a really great solution you proposed, oh wait…

  • Criminals Rule

    Driving is a Privilege not right….. I think people need to watch the Chris Rock video in regards to law enforcement… First Rule OBEY THE LAW!!!

  • Crazy Joe

    Do they have probable cause or reasonable suspicion to pull you over? If not you don’t have to talk to them and never let them search your car. Do not let the cops violate your fourth amendment rights and if you suspect they will pull you over for no reason record them. And most of all don’t drink and drive.

  • Calling one out here

    “Rosemount Police are hypocrites”—

    If you went to Alexandria with a Rosemount cop you would know it’s not called “the Police Academy.” Were Steve Guttenberg and Bubba Smith there too?

  • Just saying...

    They do this in St. Paul, too. It happened to me once leaving a bar/restaurant. There were a few squads who pulled over people as soon as they left, I happened to be one of them and literally had just gotten across the street when out of no where lights were flashing. While I was not ticketed since I was just being pulled over for the sobriety test and hadn’t been drinking (just at the restaurant), I had to do the whole test and it was an major inconvenience and the reason I had left was because I was tired. By the way, I’m all for taking drunks off the road but if someone is drunk a trained, experienced police officer would be able to tell by the way they drive and wouldn’t need to do bogus stops of people leaving an establishment. I wasn’t driving erratic, barely drove at all before I was pulled over. Haven’t been thrilled to meet any friends there since then unless it’s around 5 p.m. and we’re out of there by 7 p.m. otherwise, I just pass…don’t want the hassle.

    • Please stop saying...

      Awww, poor you!

  • Chester

    Liz Collins,

    Please do a ride along with the Rosemount Police and then write an article on what you observe.

  • Rube

    The only time in my life I ever got pulled over was in Rosemount one friday evening about 10:30. The reason the officer gave for pulling me over was erattic driving by driving on the white line on the side of the road going around a curve near the school… I was on the way home and haven’t had a drink for more than 20 years. The thing that struck me was when I got pulled over another police car pulled up on the other side of the road and had his light shinning on me. It made me think it was an orchrestrated move such as a wolf pack would make. I was really amazed that two miles further down the road the same scenerio was taking place with two more cop cars and another driver.

  • dan

    Keep up the good work boys and girls in blue. Any drunk you stop for a cracked windshield or a light out is making us safer. My hat goes off to all of you.

  • steve

    They are doing their job. Do you want drunks on the road. You may be their next victom or your child.

    • English are us

      I may be my own child?

  • common_cents

    Peace officers engage in contracts with unsuspecting and ignorant americans. always remember you have the right to remain silent at all times, when asked ANY questions.. sadly, 99% forget that part.

  • reallypeople

    ha funny not everyone can get posted, I complained about how the fact the police department is located about 2 blocks away from where they sat stating they saw 3 squad cars in 20 minutes and they would not post my comment again nice hack job reporting

  • Marine0311

    The idiocy in these comments are amazing. YOU CAN’T pull citizens over for no reason, period! Quit with the “if you ever woke up a mother at 2:00am,” or they keeping us safer, I had a love one killed BS, it’s irrelevant. We live in a country(at least for now) that isn’t a complete police state yet. You have a right, yes right, to drive your car, and not be pulled over for some made up reason, and asked papers please. It’s against everything this country is about. Why do you think DWI check points are still unconstitutional in this state? Because they are. Before any of you wise ones accuses me if having DWI’S, haven’t had one in my life, so save it. Advice to the rosemount citizens who are being harassed especially the bar owners. If you find yourself pulled over, and have a smart phone, always always film the encounter. They will try and intimidate you by saying you need their permission, you don’t, check out the glick decision. It is perfectly legal to film a public servant performing their duties In a public place. Bar owners harrass them, if you see them parked out side your bar, walk up to the squad car at a safe distance, and begin filming their activity, and don’t let them intimidate you either, they will try. Now let’s come with the responses of how I am a criminal, and live in my moms basement, I hope I don’t call 911 if my house is broken into. I’ve heard it all before, and have a response to all of it so please don’t waste your time.

    • Blog Ref

      Nice try, Andy. Once again, you hide behind a new name, yet your idiocy shines through. A few things you’re wrong about: A) you don’t have a right to drive anything. Driving a car (leagally, with a driver’s license) is a privilege, not a right. B) The people making arguments in favor of the police or the people who have had relatives killed aren’t saying the cops have a right to stop someone for no reason. You’ve sung this song before. And I answer: the court system (district court, appellate court, supreme court) serves a purpose. If there is ANY validity to your claim of an unlawful stop, take it to court. They dismiss cases all the time! They are in place to keep the cops honest.

      • Marine0311

        Well blog ref I’m not Andy, and you prove my point. The court system really? You are supposed to log complaints in the same system the cops work for? Also I did not say you a right to drive a vehicle. I said you have a right to drive, and not be pulled over for no reason. So with you’re intelligent thinking, a cop has a right to stop you with no reasonable suspicion just because you are driving, and he feels like it, logical? Home ownership isn’t a right either so I guess under your bright thinking, acop can enter your home with no warrant, or PC because you don’t have a right to own. Also you are talking about redress through the court system? This is usually how that plays out.
        1. “Redress” is usually a payout, not affecting the cops or their department, and no admission of wrongdoing. How does that settle anything? The feeling of impunity cops have comes from the fact that they rarely suffer any consequences. Set an innocent person on fire with a flash bang and cripple her for life? No sweat, you guys are free to go, put it on the taxpayers tab.

        • Blog Ref

          @andy-The police don’t “work for” the court system. In fact, if you knew anything about government or the Constitution, you’d know that the police and the court system aren’t even the same branch of government. Maybe they don’t talk about stuff like that on those left-wing, Marxist-Leninist websites you visit…you know, the ones you like to post the links to on here. “oh dude, the cops beat and killed a homeless guy.” Nice try, sheep. Ever have any thoughts of your own, or to you drink the kool aid and sign on under any idea someone hand-feeds you?

          • Marine0311

            Still not Andy, instead of the insults how about addressing the BS system of redress though the court system? Do you know how stupid you make your self sound? You just condradicted your own statement! You said if you have a problem with police redress thought the court system, but now you’re saying the cops and the judicial system are not the same branches of government? So you are now saying that you shouldn’t redress cop criminal behavior through the court system, are you on drugs? 1. Never said the police was a branch of government, where did you get that from? Keep up with the insults because you have nothing of substance to say.

            • Am I talking too fast, Marine?

              “Never said the police was a branch of government, where did you get that from?” We know YOU never said it. By virtue of the fact you’re going to argue it leads me to think you’re a pretty dim bulb.

              I learned in 5th grade social studies about the three branches of government: legislative, executive (includes law enforcement), and the judicial branch (includes the court system). Blog Ref actually didn’t contradict anything. He’s right. 5th grade social studies also should have taught you about checks and balances. These are in place to make sure no one branch of government gains too much power (which, in your world, the police already have). Maybe, just maybe, your simply a bitter criminal who has been busted by the cops for your crimes and now you feel you’re the victim.

              • Marine0311

                There it was, the “you are probably a criminal comment”. I think you’re just a plain idiot, he did comtradict himself, and you read the whole stream you would have seen that. I love how you guys address issues that have nothing to do with the story so you can re-direct the conversation. If you notice above I predicted your pitiful attempts at redirection with the criminal comments. What’s next? Let me guess….yer a dern liberal. Read the stream from the beginning, and comprehend it this time. Also I was marine for 26 years so I didm”t have time to be a criminal. I was to busy protecting the constitution, and this country. Nice try.

            • Criminals Rule

              Marine 0311: Cops enforce the laws/ordinances set forth by the federal and state gov’ts as well as by the city/county they work for You also have judges creating case laws which cops have to follow Quit is using the Police state exuse because we are nothing like North Korea or China. If you want to record, well record but remember you might be asked for your phone in the court hearing.

              • Marine0311

                No problem, always always record your encounters with the police.

                • Real Deal

                  Record away, you are also more than likely being audio/video recorded as most departments are equipped with such technology. That way when derelicts come to complain about how they were improperly treated you can compare recordings. Win/lose for all.

    • Mayhem

      someone needs their meds….and quick

      • Marine0311

        Or this genius here with I guess someone needs their meds duh yeah I got him there.. Anything intellegent to add genius, or just another insult?

        • Mayhem

          nope, that’ll do….thanks.

          Thank you for your service though.

          Sorry you came out an angry militant.

          • Truth Hurts

            “Thanks for your service”? Don’t kid yourself. Marine0311 (aka Andy) is nothing special. Military=I follow orders (and don’t think for myself). then i blog about people who do their job because I think they violate people’s rights.

            • Marine0311

              Militant, I love it! Thanks for proving my point.

            • Mayhem

              Well I’m a vet too.

              Every Marine deserves at least some respect. They go to places others wouldnt so that I (we) can continue to live in a democratic country.

              Its too bad some “lifers” come out not ready or prepared for for civilian life where every thing has to be a insult laced paranoid induced fight or argument.

    • Crazy Joe


      Thank you for defending our constitution, SEMPER FI!

      • Marine0311

        Your welcome joe! Its good to know there are still people out there who believe the constitution isn’t just a piece of paper.

        • Mayhem

          Unfortunate that there are those who misinterpret it to fit their arguments and hide behind it though, right marine0311?

          • Marine0311

            Yes it is. We’re you Implying that’s what I’m doing? Because I can assure you I’m not.

            • Mayhem

              No attempt at implying anything, marine0311

            • Crazy Joe

              Well Mayhem the constitution is a pretty simple read but I guess with your particular mental deficiencies someone has to read it to you.

    • dan

      Boy I hope you aren’t or ever were a real Marine.

      • Marine0311

        26 years 0311 retired last year. Sorry to burst your bubble. Besides that do you have anything intellegent to add? I’m guessing not, because usually when people like you here a well thought out response that you secretly agree with, you try , and come back with some sort of personal insult like, ” dah, I sure hope you weren’t a marine dah.”

        • Truth Hurts

          26 years spend on the Navy’s b-squad. Ouch. So since you’re on here whining about cops, lets examine marines. A week and a half ago, 7 marines died in a helicopter crash. Gee, I’m so glad millions of tax dollars were wasted in a matter of seconds because some hot-shot flyboy marine wanted to show off. It’s a true testament to the claim that all marines are incompetent idiots who should have just stayed home.

    • Crazy Joe

      That is so true. You said it right.

  • reallypeople

    I love to hear all these people complaining, it just means the police are doing their jobs. Good Job Rosemount PD keep up the good work and thank you for doing what you were hired to do. Keeping the streets safe is an important part of doing your job.
    All these people crying and whining about this are the same people who feel they should not be held accountable for anything and refuse to accept personal responsiblity for anything. It is simple, dont drink too much and drive, that is all.
    I also would like to see Rosemount PD look into these bars and see if they are overserving and when they do revoke their liquor license for a little bit and then see if they complain. Obviously if their patrons are getting DUI’s the bars are obviously over serving
    Keep up the good work and thank you for spending my tax dollars appropriately.

    • Marine0311

      I’ll say the same thing to you genius. Know where in this story was it talking about people complaining about getting a DWI. Its sober individuals that are sick of getting pulled over for no reason. Comprehend what you read.

      • Ryan

        ya, and all the inmates in the prison system are innocent too.

        ya ba ‘leed that too marine0311?

        Governments out to get us, governments out to get us, governments out to get us, etc, etc, etc………………………………………………………..

        • Marine0311

          Ryan you are genius number 4. Any valid argument to make, or are you going to be the typical duh you are stupid man duh. “yer just a bleedn heart duh”

          • Ryan

            Your insecurities are running rampant in these posts of yours. how do you expect anyone to take you seriously?

            • Marine0311

              Duh I dun know duh. Still nothing to say about the subject. What’s the next insult genius?

              • Ryan

                oh, these arent insults….observations….of which Im sure you were under many times in your storied military career…if even that is true.

                I find it very hard to believe that a military outfit gave you any type of a weapon considering the magnitude of the lack of maturity you show in your comments.

                • Marine0311

                  The famous youmwern’t really in the military comment. There all coming out now! Still, anything to say about the subject, or are you just going to keep with the redirection of the subject. Defending your freedom for the last 26 years was no easy task. Just say thank you.

      • Criminals Rule

        Marine 0311: so what you are saying prior to every traffic stop a cop will know he is pulling over a drunk and that they should only pull then drunk over? Umm…. okay that makes perfect sense….. Maybe people should just honest with not only the cops but themselves in regards to being stopped. If u got caught speeding – well you got caught because you made the mistake. Are people thinking twice about driving drunk in rosemount -yep, are the roads safer in rosemount because they are out enforcing traffic laws-yep. If u don;t like it then don’t go to rosemount.

        • Marine0311

          .I have no problem if they pull someone over for a traffic violation, but if they are doing it, and making up reasonable suspicion just to make a stop I definitely have a problem with that. I don’t care how safe the roads are. Again always record them, and get them on video giving you the reason for the stop, and don’t let them intimidate you by saying you need their permission, you don’t. Finally a civil person who can make valid points in a discussion not just the the usual who throw insults.

          • Criminals Rule

            It is totally fine to record a police officer in action, but be careful that you don;t interfere with their duties regardless if you agree with what they are doing. Also those recordings can be used later in court and also most law enforcement agencies have cameras and recorders in their squads and on the officers’ person. Be smart in your decision making…. Most importantly it sounds like the city of Rosemount needs some taxi companies!!!

            • Marine0311

              I am well aware of what to do while filming police, and the reason I do it is so it can be used in court. The age of the smart phone has been great. In cases of police misconduct in the past it was always the officers word against the yours, and 999.9 percent of the time they would side with the officer in court , because he would lie in his reports, and on the stand. Well, they can’t do that anymore. Look at the case of Kelly Thomas, the homeless man who was savagely beaten, and murdered by the Fullerton PD. Citizens saw the assault, and got their phones out to begin filming. Because of this two officers are on trial for 2nd degree murder. They turned their dash cams off, which most corrupt officers do when they know they are doing something wrong, and lied on police reports, well the cameras told a different story. Before the cameras these murderers would still be patrolling the streets of fullerton. See something film something.

              • Criminals Rule

                Nearly all of the cell phone video that people record only gets a clip of the entire story scene. I have said it before, there are bad apples out there in the law enforcement field, but as you should there are bad apples everywhere including the military? You brought up the point of the case FUllerton, how about the UC Davis case this past fall?? The news media ran with that story until video was shown of the entire incident which showed the students being the issue which was noted in the officers report. cco showed be more concern about checking into welfare fraud or housing fraud then deciding to get all over one city. Obviously the city needs some taxi companies and has a DWI issue. Like I said in another post, Dakota was ranked in the top 7 counties for alcohol related incidents (DWI/crashes/fatals) Heavy traffic enforcement makes people think more about their driving habits and choices while out.

  • steve

    0311 get a clue.

    • Marine0311

      Genius number three who has nothing intellegent to add. So he comes with” duh, 0311 get a clue duh. I got him there!”

  • Rockford

    A bar in Ramsey had to close down because Anoka Deputys sat outside every night and pulled workers and customers over late at night. Business dwindled. The bar changed owners but the cops kept it up. Now it is vacant and an eyesore. Want to make the community safe and not lose business revenue, make law enforcement patrol all areas of their jurisdiction.

  • jr

    I do not think equipment violations are reason enough to be forcing people to go through field sobriety tests. Just because you have a taillamp out, dark windows or a cracked windsheild does not say anything about you ability to drive the vehicle. Now if you are speeding running stop lights or stop signs fine go ahead then stop the person. Also lets not push the envelop if you touch the white line on a curve once is not driving erratically either. As compared to back forth from the center line to the shouldeer line. different story. I also have an issue with them sitting outside a bar waiting for these occurences. They should be patroling looking to prevent all crimes might as well put up a sign that the posice are goiing to be sitting at the bar so go ahead and break into my garage because they are to worried about getting somebody on a DWI instead. If people do not think quotas are an issue I will call BS all day long. They may not have set number but when they spend extra money for extra patrols the people handing out that money want results. What do you think would happen to those funds if they spend 10,000 for extra patrols and they did not write one dwi ticket???? I do feel for those who have lost someone because someone has made poor choices and people do really need to be alot smarter in their choices and if they get caught should pay for what they have done. But to deliberatly stop someone for the a tail lamp to just so you can test the for drinking is wrong. How many cops stop someone at 1 in the afternoon vs 1 in the morning for the same reason? I would say the answer is none. That makes that all wrong.

    • TL

      Sorry, but you sir, are completely clueless.

      Public Safety – the integrity of your windshield is compromised becasue of the crack should you have a crash because someone didnt see your non-working lights sitting at a 4-way stop at a dark intersection or you didnt see them because the rest of your windows were all tinted out because its cool looking and stuff.

      Its not all about you, you, you sometimes pal.

    • VA172

      How many cops stop someone at 1 in the afternoon vs 1 in the morning for the same reason

      You are clueless. How many drunks are on the road at 1pm versus 1am? For your information, drunks are very dangerous on the road. You have no idea of a cops job.

      • jr

        @TL and @ VA172 You both have issues with your reading. I never said that equipment issues are not items that need attention nor are they things that should not be adressed. Your right that dark windows may be more of problem than the drinking as well. However I feel in my opinion those are not reasons to stop someone for the sole purpose of looking for a seperate offense. I am well aware people drink and drive at 1pm as 1 am. However if I have never heard of aperson getting stopped at 1pm and then ran through the roadside gymnastics because of it like you do at 1 am. Police should be on patrols for all crimes at all times. If they really want to protect the public. They should take their breatherlizer stand at the door of the bar and offer to have people check their level before they drive. Not sit on the side of the after it is too late. Fact is they miss more than catch with that anyway. A little more PREVENTION could go a long way.

        • VA172

          Like I said, you don’t have clue. You do not work in law enforcement, I do. So I do believe I have more of a clue than you.

        • TL

          @ jr

          you apparently have reading issues yourself…I never said “dark windows may be more of problem than the drinking as well.” The items that I listed are all stoppable offenses – illegal. If one hasnt been drinking/driving, one has nothing to worry about and he/she gets a fix it ticket a majority of the time and sent on their way.

          Prop a cop up at a door to breath test bar patrons before they leave for the evening is a good way to kill the business, dont cha think? Not practical. Its every person’s responsibility to know when to say when, not the cops. Chose to dance with the devil after an evening of alcohol…lets see how far down the road you get with a busted tail light or headlamp WHEREVER you are coming from. If he/she has you stopped already for one violation, nothing that says that cop cant cite you for whatever else he/she finds. Doesnt really matter if that cop is looking for something else if that something else presents itself…and usually it does. He/she already had reason to stop you to begin with.

          And they are on patrol for all other crimes…thats a dumb statement.

  • Ron Gaskin

    The problem is deeper then you think. With the Patriot Act in full effect say good bye to most of your constitutional rights. Rosemount just takes the police state to a higher level! Avoid Rosemount at all costs. I feel sorry for the people living in Rosemount but if they were not a bunch of lemmings they would get a city coucil to stop this police abuse.

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