MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 39-year-old Bloomington man has been arrested after being charged with first-degree damage to property and first-degree assault for 14 separate crimes.

Gerret Parks was arrested Wednesday night by the Scott County Sheriff’s Office after the Bloomington Police Department received information that he may be at an address in New Prague. A warrant was issued for his arrest after charges were filed Wednesday.

Parks was taken into custody and then transferred into the custody of Bloomington Police. Chief Deputy Rick Hart, of the Bloomington Police Department, said he has been cooperative. Scott County also said Parks was cooperative and was taken into custody without incident.

Parks’ bail has been set at $800,000.

Parks faces four counts of first-degree damage to property for 14 incidents of allegedly throwing items at vehicles. In one incident, Parks is accused of throwing a metal vise at the vehicle of a Iraq War veteran, which hit him in the face, broke his jaw and shattered nine of his teeth.

Parks posted bail early Sunday morning in Hennepin County, where he was being held in connection with property damage incidents. Then on Monday, he bailed out of a Polk County, Wis. jail, after being arrested for drunk driving and fleeing police.

Comments (14)
  1. BOB says:

    Where is Mommy’s check book now?

  2. big banjo says:

    he is innocent until PROVEN guilty……..judging by the sentiments here he would have been hung yesterday.

    1. Deep Thinker says:

      blah, blah, blah, stupid until proven intelligent

    2. Hang him..... says:

      …….from an overpass! With a vise tied to his ankle.

  3. Accounting62 says:

    Frying this guy seems to be a bit extreme, however, he does need to be punished for what he has done wrong and then maybe try and figure out why he has all of this issues of wanting to hurt others so terribly.

  4. Rita says:

    He should be scared to go to jail any inmate gets a hold of him he might be sorry especially if they are vetrans

  5. big banjo says:

    wouldn’t it be mystical if another person admitted guilt after all?….then what would you b.oners hve to say?……however if indeed he is guilty he should be dealt with harshly i must say.

    1. Joe says:

      Yes, it would be rather mystical considering the article states that the guy is cooperating with police. He’ll probably cut a plea deal which hopefully includes some serious mental evaluation.

  6. limbo says:

    One of the things thrown was a dumbbell. The police found the other matching half of the dumbbell. He said a friend must’ve stolen it from his trashcan and planted the other half at his house. Because that’s just what friends do.
    He was arrested in WI drinking and driving (he also ran his car at a police barricade and then changed his mind so there was no damage). He then fought with the police officers in WI. Even if he didn’t do the alleged throwing of items, he still was drinking and driving unless he has an actual doppelganger running around. He made bail both times (not sure how but I assume his mother, who said he is a good person, doesn’t do anything illegal and only made a few mistakes as a young kid, is probably helping). He needs help. If he is doing all this throwing of items at random drivers, he needs serious help before he kills someone.

  7. Raoul Duc says:

    If he isn’t guilty he shouldn’t have run from the police!

  8. NorWex says:

    What difference does it make that one victim was a vet? Who are the other the other 13 victims?

  9. northern minnesota says:

    I see the judge is coming to make sense. They have finally raised the bail. This man needs to sit for awhile and think about what he has done. Hope he gets the help that is needed.

  10. do do says:

    were did a dork like that get the bail money in the first place? and where does he get the BMW? when will they pull his welfare checks?,

  11. ahab says:

    How proud his family must be. Sounds like his momma is quite the enabler. Probably thinks her poor kid is just being picked on by the system. (Sounds like a case for the vice, oops, ‘vise’ squad.) Seriously, while I don’t want to have to pay to have him locked up for life, I hope he goes away for a few years. Then, after he gets out, maybe some of his victims will have a chance to deal with him.

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