ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Governor Mark Dayton and Secretary of State Mark Ritchie said Thursday they have a better alternative to a voter ID amendment.

It’s called an electronic poll book.  Along with legislators from both parties on Thursday, they promoted a device they say is inexpensive and would cut down on voter fraud.

“Poll books is something that we want, it’s something we can use to bring our election system into the 21st century,” said Ritchie.

Instead of asking people to bring id’s to the polls, election officials would look up existing drivers’ license photos in the motor vehicles data base or they would take a new picture right on the spot. They said this would not disenfranchise the elderly or minorities.

“There’s 84,000 people in Minnesota who don’t carry a photo ID, don’t need it but their photo could be inside of the system,” said Ritchie. “This is also very inexpensive and the electronic poll books gives us some other options for reducing costs after the elections.”

He also said the electronic books would cost the state about $10 million, which is less than the $30 million that’s estimated for a voter photo identification system.

Not everyone is on board with this plan. State Representative Mary Kiffmeyer said the electronic poll book is not an acceptable substitute on her proposed constitutional amendment to require voters to bring photo IDs to the polls.

“Any technology that still allows vouching is not an acceptable substitute for photo ID’s for voters,” said Kiffmeyer.

Gov. Mark Dayton is optimistic that both Democrats and Republicans can come up with a solution.

“I’m hopeful they will be able to persuade their colleagues that this is a far better route to go,” Dayton said.

Last year, Dayton vetoed a bill that would require a photo ID for voting.

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Comments (30)
  1. Nevermind says:

    Whoa! Time for your anti-psychotic medication to be adjusted.

    1. Hank Hill Strickland Propane says:

      Dale you Giblet-head!

      Let me see if I get this: President Obama has a plan to do something and he is going to take a chance and wait for his second term to complete it? ??? Considering that about 30 of the last 44 Presidents were NOT reelected, why would anyone take a chance at hoping to be reelected before they unleash this so-called “master plan”

      You’ve been sucking on your rat poison again, haven’t you? Gotta love the hairbrained accusations that the right just throws out hoping something will stick!

      1. Chris M says:

        Obviously he is waiting for the Democrats to take control of both the Senate and the House so that way things he wants to accomplish might actually get done. As opposed to now with the “Party of No” who shoots down everything he tries to get done based soley on the fact they want him to be a 1 term president.

        1. Peace says:

          Actually the Dems are the party of No, they always reject anything the Republicans to try pass. However the Republicans are the party of Know, as they know better than to pass the junk Obama and the rest of the Libs try push on us.

          1. Tom says:

            @ Peace

            Its actually the other way around. Conservatives say NO to everything!

          2. frozenrunner says:

            @ Peace
            What the Republicans don’t know is fiscal responsibility. In 8 years Pawlenty could not shrink the size of government as the chief administrator of government. In 8 years George W took a surplus and made it record deficits. Both men as leaders had to sign off on any budget. You call them the party of “know” They know how to benefit their friends, The sad thing is the supports who think they know and support them

            1. Vote NO on your next Referendum says:

              @ Frozenrunner –

              Can you explain what Obama did to the deficit? BTW… didn’t some of his investments into “Green Companies” fail and cost the taxpayer?! (NBC Nightly News) Oh ya… Huh

              I wonder how the high gas prices and taking a pass on the pipeline will play in the presidential election??…. Most folks hate high gas prices, I’m glad their here…. just another reason for Change!! 🙂

              1. Best3800 says:

                Hey ,I want the economy to tank and fuel prices to go up,says Mr. Vote No. Now that’s un-American and disgusting. You must come from the RUSH school of thought!

        2. Rube says:

          The first two years in office the Dems held control of both the house and the senate with a veto proof majority …. Explain that ‘Party of No” thing again to me

    2. Vote NO on your next Referendum says:

      @ Nevermind…

      Are you saying illegal aliens don’t vote? Please explain how this is true…

      VOTE NO on your next school referendum.

    3. PoliticiansSUX says:

      When you have no arguement, you result to personal insults, really? Apparently you can not disagree with Brett so your only recourse is personal attacks. So much for Minnesota nice.

  2. Rube says:

    Hmmmm… show up at the polling place, reach in back pocket and pull out your drivers license. Show it to poll judge and then vote.
    how tough is that? Whats the need for some Rube Goldberg setup?
    They can use the same ID they use to buy smokes, liquor, drive and about 1,000 other things. Whats the bid deal?
    Elections then couldn’t be stolen by either party!!!

    1. Gypsy says:

      A driver’s license is not proof of citizenship. Only a passport is. Plenty of noncitizens have driver’s licenses.

    2. Why not the better method? says:

      Richie’s idea is better and modern and encourages and makes it easier for everyone to vote. The picture that is on your ID will be available in an on-line database – and for those without one, a picture will be taken and added to the database. So why does everyone keep wanting to hold on to people carrying an ID – which is not EASY for everyone to get. And just think, if your wallet was stolen before an election, you will be denied your right to vote – because you will not have a picture ID. A thief will have power over your right to vote. But the computer program would have the picture that was on your ID.

  3. See BS says:

    Joshua Reed from Saint Louis Park pled guilty to a felony for having over 300 fake registration cards in the trunk of his car (former ACORN Worker)

    In the last election, attorneys made an attempt to unearth vote fraud, but the court system ruled “Minnesota law does not matter for this election” So our Court System completely dismissed a public policy made by the entire State Legislature.

    The string of slanted rulings by our court system from the past 4 years is evidence of vote fraud in itself — they are aiding adn abetting vote fraud.

    1. See BS says:

      The Court also ruled against transparency in the Franken/Coleman race — they don’t want the public to know how many legit ballots got rejected (after they included totally phantom missing ballots into the vote totals)

      “Count all the votes until Franken wins and then don’t count the rest of the rejected ballots”

      1. Super PAC See BS says:

        No — I’m saying the Minnesota Judicial Branch is the source of election fraud in the State of Minnesota.

        That’s why they completely ignore Article 3, section 1 of the State of Minnesota Constitution and make “Gerrymander” election maps.

        The Vietnam Draft Dodgers sitting on the bench think their DFL Media Super Pacs are keeping everyone in the dark like the old days.

  4. Jay says:

    As you might know, WI has the voter ID. They ran a test during the primary elections just to see how it would work. Those of us having a Drivers License use that as our ID. Those that do not have a license are able to get a FREE Id card the last I heard. Those without a DL presently have an ID card they use for check cashing and other instances required use of Identification, but evidently, they HAVE to have a new ID card with an expiration date on it. So far I believe they found just TWENTY violators of the voting process. Does that make the millions of dollars spent to implement the program worth it??

    1. Jack M says:

      Absolutely YES!

  5. KEVIN says:

    I have an idea for being allowed to vote. Ifyou pay state and federal taxes you are allowed to vote. If you live on the fat of the land you do not have a right to vote. That way niether republicans or democrats can buy your vote with entitlements.

    1. Jack M says:

      And the Unions cannot pay the homeless to vote.

  6. Ace says:

    Let me repeat again-most seniors have photo IDs. My mother had a state issued photo ID and she voted until she was 96 years old. I don’t care who you are, you must have some way to get to the place where they issue photo IDs, you get to doctors and dentists appointments and you get to the barber shop or beauty shop. There are volunteers who take seniors around, there is metro mobility, there are friends and relatives, I am a “senior” and I have a photo ID. What’s the matter with people that they don’t want to take responsibility for anything anymore?

  7. Brett says:

    The proof is there, you just refuse to see it. You wouldn’t believe it if someone shoved it down your throat.

  8. Brett says:

    Dayton and Ritchie are desperate, because they know that this Amendment will pass. Dayton should have signed Voter ID into law LAST YEAR, but couldn’t read the polls or find the brains to do it.

  9. Brett says:

    There *is* *NO* alternative to a Voter Id CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Dayton assured us of that when he VETOED a Voter ID Bill LAST YEAR. Why this loser named ritchie got re-elected is beyond BELIEF. This is the SAME PARTY that delayed the Stillwater Bridge for *!0* YEARS, DOUBLING the COST of CONSTRUCTION and to the taxPAYERS, etc. The lunacy of the Left has NO bounds.

  10. Hank Rearden says:

    Why don’t democrats want voter ID?

  11. Uncle_Rico says:

    If you were around more often you’d see that ‘CCO promotes the arguments with their “gotcha” journalism headlines, poor fact checking, and very left leaning intent.

    1. Citizen says:

      @Uncle Rico. I try to avoid this website as much as possible, although there are stories that other stations don’t cover. You can see that my comment is awaiting moderation, so it appears that ‘CCO can’t take criticism, either, even though I have e-mailed this station and voiced my concerns. Now I need to go clean the CBS cookies from my hard drive.

  12. Tressa says:

    Why does the Dem leadership believe that the black MN is too dumb to obtain a photo ID?

  13. Citizen says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Nice to see the conservative, foaming-at-the-mouth, conspiracy-touting, ignorant, name-calling trolls have almost taken over ‘CCO’s poster boards. I hope you are happy, ‘CCO, with the filth spread in your comment sections. It is disturbing to see a mainstream media outfit promoting this type of sordidness, but then it is all about money, ratings, and viewership, isn’t it. Certainly can’t be about informed disagreement. I’m surprised some of the more rational posters even come back to participate. They must be trying in vain to elevate the political discourse, but until ‘CCO decides to fix its incompetent WordPress program and tech support, the Trolls will run this website and poster boards which is why I haven’t commented in months and won’t do so again for a long time. Get your act together, ‘CCO, or risk having your poster boards become the sewer that the Strib’s used to be until it took action.

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