Minn. Senate Field May Be On Verge Of Expansion

ROSEMOUNT, Minn. (AP) — A freshman Republican Minnesota legislator is ready to say whether he will try to trade up to the U.S. Senate.

GOP State Rep. Kurt Bills planned to announce his campaign intentions Thursday in his hometown of Rosemount. He said earlier in the week that he was seriously considering a run. Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar is seeking a second term.

Bills has libertarian leanings and was a prominent in-state backer of presidential candidate Ron Paul before the state’s February precinct caucuses. Paul finished second in Minnesota’s straw ballot, revealing a solid base of support Bills would try to harness in a Senate bid.

Others in the race include former state Rep. Dan Severson and war veteran Pete Hegseth, both of whom are vying for the Republican nomination.

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  • John

    I think Kurt Bills should give it a shot. If he supports Ron Paul he’s probably not a neocon or a big spender. Those attributes would be a breath of fresh air in Washington.

  • steve

    ya right. if he supports paul he must be great!!

  • John

    Now you’re gettin’ it Steve.

    • Larry Dentz

      Ron Paul is a nutty old coot! He has some good ideas but the notion he is the savior What a joke.

      • DontTread

        The only times I’ve heard someone refer to him as a savior has been in a condescending fashion, such as yours. I’m yet to hear a supporter call him the Messiah. Funny how people try to discredit him for having strong support while thinking candidates like Romney and Santorum, who people are only warm towards, are the real deal. People are tools.

  • dev

    I support Paul as those in the know do. However, Amy will be very ahrd to beat if not impossible.

  • John

    No doubt, but at least some of the important issues will be addressed, and maybe people will realize how much of an empty pantsuit she really is.

  • RR Guy

    Hmmmm. Why isn’t the potential candidates picture shown on the home page story? Instead we see Klobuchar face……again and again and again. Get used to it.

    Typical liberal bias at WCCO and the other left-leaning media outlets.

    • Super PAC See BS

      The local media “Super Pac’s” like to do free stuff for democrats.

    • Paul Solinger

      This person should be lucky WCCO even reported on him. It’s not as if he is going to be a legitimate candidate, much like his icon, Ron Paul.

      • DontTread

        His lack of legitimacy has garnered him more delegates than Santorum or Gingrich. What do you really know besides baseless comments?

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