Woman Accused Of Mailing Puppy Deemed Incompetent

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 40-year-old woman charged with trying send a puppy through the mail has been deemed incompetent.

Stacey Champion was supposed to go on trial last July on two misdemeanor charges related to trying to send her dog “Guess” through the mail in January 2011, as a gift.

The trial was canceled and Champion was deemed incompetent. All charges — two counts of mistreatment of animals — have been dismissed on a basis of mental deficiency.

“Guess” was adopted earlier this year.

So many people were interested in adopting the pup that there was a drawing to pick the pet owner.

  • Reality

    Unreal. Guess that is a guarantee that she will be on the Welfare payroll in the state of MN for the rest of her life. If she is so incompetent to stand trial then lock her up in the mental ward tell she is fit to stand trial.

  • NorWex

    Each one of those is a good indicator she’s nuts

    • I'm just saying...

      As a parent and dog owner…. HA!!!!

  • Puppies for all

    The pounds should be empty with all that interest in adopting a dog.

  • Katie

    Chris Cook, dearie. Chris COOK.

  • do do

    This is unreal, all the court money and other B.S. Now she is to stupid to know better? What a wast the courts are……

    • Bob

      and you’re too stupid to know how to use the word too

      • Uncle Rico

        And YOU’RE too stupid to capitalize the first word in a sentence and finalize it with a full-stop at the end. Fun huh?

        • ahab

          Wow! Now I know where all those English teachers go when thry retire. They’re proofing comments on the internet. Thanks to all of you.

          • Joe Jakubik

            they, not thry (haha)

            • Nicole

              By the way, you are not supposed to start a sentence with ‘and’.

  • keith caple

    I’m sure if she would have went to a bus service, or an airline to have the dog shipped in a cage, things would have been fine. But the post office? Talk about being bi-polar!

    • Ace

      As long as we’re on the subject of grammar, it should read “would have gone” not “would have went” and that woman should be fined and be required to perform community service at the very least. I’d rather see her in jail but it’s not my call

  • Heyba Manba

    Incompetent – Hahahahahahahaha!!!

    Tell us something we didn’t already know…

  • O Bush Ma

    Just one look and I could bet money she has very low cognitive ability. I bet her children will be a fine contribution to society.

  • Wowser

    Wasn’t this dog intended for a child as a Birthday gift?
    Did that child ever get their gift, or was the child declared incompetent too???

  • sUE

    What was the Judges name?

  • Jeff

    WCCO, why do you let the above sub humans comment? Just report the news and stop the comments.

    • Huuahhhhh

      LOL! Are you embarrassed your mama is being made fun of on this forum?

  • Rufus Larkin

    If this is the kind of customer USPS is getting these days, no wonder they are going under.

  • John

    Was it a mail dog?

  • Ruth

    To the judge: she KNEW exactly what she was doing when she put the dog in a box and attempted to mail it to GA, and now she is too incompetent to stand trial?!? That is so bogus! The only incompetent person is this story now is the judge.

    • 2mitzid

      Ruth: I agree. But, if she was too incompetent to stand trial shouldn’t she have been institutionalized until able to stand trial? For her own protection and others! Also, shouldn’t she have been told that she couldn’t take care of animals, so she couldn’t own another one? And, finally that Judge should be taken from the court. What else does he do with sentencing that is so terriibly wrong on the bench? How dissapointing.

      • april

        I loathe her, but I’m betting she’s not so much incompetent as in crazy, but rather incompetent as in severely intellectually disabled. If you’re intellectually disabled, you can’t really be made not intellectually disabled.

        • O Bush Ma

          Spot on. She is just simply simple. AKA, dumb as a rock. The real travesty is she has bread more “rocks” that no doubt we will have to pay some sort of cost for going forward…….

    • desert eagle .50

      « The only incompetent person is this story now is the judge.»

      Until Jackactionqu**ro chirps up with some coprophagic nonsense.

  • Patty

    I will bet anyone one-thousand dollars that she voted for Obama.

    • april

      I would bet anyone $2000 that she did not vote at all.

    • Elwood

      And you probably don’t know how to vote. . . and never did. What has this got to do with the story anyway?

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  • Gary Lee

    I just knew that someone would figure out how to connect this to the presidential campaign. Congratulations, Patty, you are our Troll of the Day!

  • scott

    Box her up with no air holes & ship her to where the dog was suppose to go.Bet she gets competent real quick!

  • richard

    People like this also vote

  • Seriously?

    I remember when this story first broke and it said she worked for the state. So is she too incompetent for that?

  • Spanky

    Thank you MN welfare system!

  • jackactionhero

    Some guys do like the dumb ones, apparently…

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