MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A man is dead after a Saturday night shooting in Minneapolis.

Police say officers were dispatched around 10:20 p.m. Saturday to a residence in the 2600 block of Emerson Avenue North in the city’s Fourth Precinct.

When they arrived, they found a man with an apparent gunshot wound to his upper body. Officers detained several people until investigators arrived.

The man was transported to North Memorial Medical Center in critical condition and died at approximately 1 a.m. Sunday.

No one is in custody at this time.

The victim’s identity and cause of death will be released by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s office after the investigation is complete.

The Minneapolis Police Department Homicide Unit is investigating the circumstances of the incident. Anyone with information is asked to call the police department’s tip line at 612-692-TIPS (8477).

Comments (49)
  1. Bob says:

    Anyone surprised ?

    1. I wonder says:

      How long can North Memorial survive by giving care to all these patients that have no insurance or don’t pay their bills?

  2. PT says:

    once again ….stupid is stupid does…..not surprised

  3. Northside Resident says:

    Higher property taxes, moratorium on rental licenses, ending L3SO dumping in North, making welfare recipients actually work for their help, and higher gas and home prices. Combining all of these things is the only way North will ever change for the better. Voting out all of these wishy-washy council people and getting some real skull crushers in there would help as well. Not to mention, Rybak and his staff are inadequate too. They’re the “everybody is a winner crowd” and I’m sick of it. It’s time for the good people of North to DEMAND change!!

    1. Papa Joe says:

      Higher taxes – higher gas taxes
      LMFAO – you sound like someone that should be on a think tank of fools
      You will never get the young educated white folk to move into that area using this mentality. Hell – I can move anywhere _ as cheaply _ and not have the nonsense around me that will take years to clean up.
      The North side is done – like Detroit, Chicago, parts of LA and NYC, DONE
      Let it decay – and if you have a lick of sense take the loss and run while there is some value left. BTW – grew up on Golden Vallet RD right dead center of the decay. Don’t wanna look back….sad deal

      1. Brian says:

        I think you’re right, Papa Joe. You can spend, spend, spend, but this problem isn’t going away. It would take billions to even make a dent. And even if the city decided they wanted to spend that to fix the problem, you’d only fix the problem on the north side. You’re not doing away with any problem, no matter how much you spend. North Mpls problem children will migrate to Brooklyn Center, Robbinsdale, and Crystal (even more than they already have. You said it best: sad deal.

  4. O Bush Ma says:

    Grew up on the North side….. moved away. I prefer to live around other people that are nice, peaceful and have jobs…..

  5. Billyboy says:

    Also grew up on northside … and left as soon as I was done with college.
    It’s scary and frankly has nothing at all worthy of spending the money to save.
    You cannot change the mentality of those who just don’t give a damn – and many there simply don’t.
    I feek for the ones that do but you got to accept the fact you have to get out of there. Let the bangers and slummers live within a confined area but YOU do not have to.
    I lost my shirt on my house and credit is now bad..but I am alive and have hope. Get out people before the trash kills you too

  6. Whoever smell't it, dealt it. says:

    Huh. You were the first person to throw race into the mix. I guess that makes you the racist.

  7. Jody says:

    No one is making racist rants. They are simply stating facts.

  8. John says:

    And just to think…….I was considering selling my riverfront home in Marine on St. Croix and moving to the 2600 block of Emerson Ave. North…………

  9. Brian says:

    See what “Whoever smell’t it, dealt it” said above. Nobody on the blog has even used the word “black” yet. Nor have they said anything to even remotely suggest race. You’re assuming that all of the bloggers on here are white. You don’t think there are black people living in north Mpls who are fed up as well? The problems in north Minneapolis have more than one color, if you catch my drift. White people aren’t blameless either. Maybe you should take your Holier Than Thou microscope and analyze yourself, v.

  10. Billy says:

    Close North Minneapolis to local vehicle traffic ONLY! No through vehicle traffic allowed!

    1. Steve says:

      Keeping out all of the suburban drug dealers, pushers, and Johns would go a long way to recovery.

      1. Brian says:

        Yeah, because I’m sure all of the drug dealers, pushers, and johns are driving in from Maple Grove and Edina. I will say one thing though: Billy is right, in a sense. Keeping north Mpls as closed off as possible wouldn’t be a bad idea. I can promise you that nobody in northeast Mpls is excited for the Lowry Bridge to be completed. I’d be interested to see what the change in the crime rate has been there since they demolished the bridge. I know Broadway is still up and running over the river, but still. You can’t tell me the Lowry Bridge work hasn’t helped the crime rate in NE.

        1. Steve says:

          The lack of the bridge has definitely reduced crime in NE and I don’t blame them for not wanting it reopened. However, I do disagree with you. I watch crime trends, maps, the news, and am active in the community constantly because I’m a resident here (grad, school educated, military, homeowner, married, employed, stock holder, etc. I’m the type of person that this neighborhood wants and needs). It’s shocking to see how many non-residents, i.e., outsiders come here for their wares. North is/ was (during the housing peak) the last affordable place to buy this close to downtown (where we work and play). There are many decent people of all races and backgrounds here and we all love it, except for the crime of course, but it has gotten a lot better since we’ve even moved here. I of course would love to see North take off but not too much, I think Uptown was a bit overdone. The good and common people in North love the diversity, their good neighbors, and their neighborhoods. This is why there is some backlash on this thread, people of very protective of North despite the thugish crime.

          1. Steve says:

            That’s cool because we don’t want your luddite uncultured kind here anyways, stay in your burb. Thanks for spending your money here though! But, I suppose we still have to subsidize your entertainment and community services while you visit. Why don’t you just admit it, you’re a leech and always will be with that attitude. You should also thank us for our state taxes as we’re a net contributor who’s possibly even subsidizing you in your Minneapolis subsidized suburb. I’ll also add that there is going to be a time when we won’t accept anymore outstate or metro area L3s, they should stay where they committed the crime and not be dumped here. Also,say hello to those “tanned” people too you refer to, they’ll be knock’in on your suburban door in greater numbers soon as well.

            1. John says:

              And you can thank Minnesota Democrats for that.

            2. Taxpayer says:

              That neighborhood is not a net contributor. You on dope? It’s been a sink hole of subsidies for decades. It’s the suburbs that contribute to the lower income areas. It’s called the Fiscal Disparities program. Those communities with business growth have 40% of their property taxes thrown into a pot, from which the poorer communities without a tax base, get payment. In order to be tax neutral, you would have to have profitable business. Minneapolis as a whole does have profitable business. Your neighborhood DOES NOT! So please, stop stretching the truth.

            3. pumphandle- says:

              The majority of your residents live on taxpayers money, many of us live in the suburbs, If i want to see a show I see it when i go to Vegas, Im a leech? I was unaware Leechs paid for half of the Ghetto welfare residents to live everyday, I’m sorry you bought a home in the warzone, thats your problem not mine I knew better!

              1. Steve says:

                You don’t pay MINNEAPOLIS pays, we most likely even pay for you too. It’s great that you choose to live in an area in which you possibly pay lower taxes but have no amendities that you choose to utilize and have to go else where for your recreation. It’s not my problem as a Minneapolis resident to make sure that you have a stadium to go to. Furthermore, I’m not sorry about my choice. You’ll be visiting North before you know it, just like you were in Uptown. It takes the hard work of individuals like me and others to make a place “cool” for leeches like you to come and exploit it. You have to be told what’s cool don’t you because you yourself never bothered to create it on your own. Stay in your burb, you deserve it.

                1. Cheers says:

                  Cool to me is going out with friends at local bars drinking, gambling, doing as we please, knowing the worst that could happen is a bar fight, instead of a stab wound,gunshot, or being robbed yea those inner cities got so much to offer. Tell me the culture and the theater are so cool, many of us have no interest in those things, id rather sit home and shoot pool with friends or sit on the patio and grill.

                2. Cheers says:

                  A stadium I go to 3-4 times a year, thanks for the huge contribution Minneapolis residents to my life, you’re welcome for my continued financial support via welfare, Steve you’ve lost this battle, now change the grease in the fryer.

                3. Steve says:

                  You need to catch up on your policy reading before you comment, i.e., think before speaking. Your meme is tired and ill informed. However, I’m sure you still like seeing your rubbish published anonymously because you’re probably too embarrassed to say it to anyone in person with an IQ over 40. Go cry to your good ‘ol boys in the trailer park you uneducated twit.

            4. Enlightened says:

              When your income is 0 dollars and 0 cents you DON’T PAY TAXES. So that dismisses the first part of your argument and if you want to look at something subsidized a bus fare ACTUALLY COST something like 6.75 per rider while they collect $1.25 for non-rush hour rides. You’re living in fantasy land if you think you can stop the CONSTANT flow of Ghetto that LOVES our social services.

          2. Billyboy says:

            Your mind is about the size and shape of a raisen dude-I’m not a fan of the N side, the way things handled, et al
            and I don’t much like a city. I live in a western burb today. Hmmm 6.5 miles away. We best not be neighbors. lol
            The city serves as the hub for the ‘burbs. We can be as arroagant and in denial as we want but the city goes the burbs die. That be fact.So don’t damn it to death ….. but we need to end the feeding the beast too. Web have a business disctrict. We have some great areas. Then we have that north side…. once Lake street and even the Uptown area reeked. The Lake was settiled when the Hispanics took ownership of area, Uptown when business and the youth did. Both vibrant today ….. but that north….

        2. sad but true says:

          The Lowry bridge is the longest bridge in the world. It extends from Africa to Poland.

      2. Taxpayer says:

        Steve, you are sooooooo delusional. You are defending that neighborhood? Do you always overlook the so obvious? Dopers don’t have to go into that neighborhood to buy their wants. That neighborhood is full of blacks feeding on blacks. The rest of the community, the successful ones have flooded that neighborhood with new homes, food support, free medical, schools, free transportation, free daycare, emergency services, counseling; for decades. IT HASN’T CHANGED ONE THING.

        1. Steve says:

          I’m a property tax payer in the city of Minneapolis who is a net contributor to the rest of the state of MN. The city as a whole pays more in state taxes than we recieve back. Why is that so hard to understand. It would seem the burban mind set is in denial about this topic.

          1. pumphandle- says:

            The most population is there thats why, I pay twice what u do in property taxes because my home has value, I support many of your residents, why do I owe them more?

          2. pumphandle- says:

            Steve I will not be visiting North same as I never visit Uptown. WHy explain to me whats cool there? People who choose the same sex as companions and some restaraunts with coo lighting, Id rather go to TGIF, get a grip many of us can give or take Minneapolis I go 4-5 months at a time without even driving thru there, obviously I must make more than you if u live in North, I pay higher property taxes, so explain to me where your huge tax comes from? Oh that tiny part of a percent that sales tax is higher, guess what I spend more than you therefore you don’t pay more, keep hating your life if you were a success and like Minneapolis North wouldn’t be where you chose to live!

          3. pumphandle- says:

            Please remind me of the % of people on welfare in North? Yet you pay the majority of the states taxes.

        2. Steve says:

          @Taxpayer: The reason why I’m defemding MY neighborhood is because I’m a stake holder and the transient thugs are not. I want the thugs and the slumlords OUT. Also, you obviously have no frame of reference to your argument about outsiders. I encourage you to contact the 4th Precinct and look over the stats. for how may non-North residents are busted there everyday. Furthermore, what “obvious” are you talking about, not everybody is a xenophobe such as yourself.

  11. David wagner says:

    I think that people need to learn to leave there guns at home people there are other ways to solve problems shooting someone is not the answer my thought s and prayers go out to the family of the victim

    1. Bob says:

      Yeah Dave, it’s the guns faults, they shoot people.

  12. Steve says:

    You’re right, but we tried that after the last one: move all the L3s’ and thugs to your neighborhoods instead. Plus, you suburbanites seem to like North. You buy a bunch of cheap houses, never fix them up, and then rent them to the same people you complain about. What gives?

    1. Enlightened says:

      Yeah because obviously the houses are doing the shootings. I had NO idea that the houses on the Northside had become sentient. Thanks for the insight!

      1. Steve says:

        Really Enlightened, the houses are doing the shooting? I’ll make a deal with you if you can’t or choose not to understand what I mean. You rent to some decent folks, and I won’t call 311, 911, our city council, neighborhood groups, and the Mayor’s office on your property on daily basis and advocate to have your rental licenses stripped. Slumlords are even worse than thugs for North in the sense that they profit from and enable the continuation of this behavior.

        1. Enlightened says:

          The wear and tear these people put on the housing they live in can’t POSSIBLY kept up with compared to the rent taken in. ALSO there are LAWS stating you have to be an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY renter so NOT renting to these special people isn’t an option. Then on TOP of that imagine going into these nasty thug caves to fix things where you probably can’t pay someone enough to go do the ACTUAL work. So where does that leave us?

          1. Billyboy says:

            IMAGINE that – laws and regs are the problem(s)? LOL
            I have many friends who do in fact own rental units. They have no problem in finding decent tenants who are a positive to the unit. They do have problems with the properties around them that are slumlord owned. That in turn leads to lower grade tenants in their units in crime – no one likes a bullet in the wall or their kids caught up in the gang banging mentality …………..
            so yeah – to a degree the ‘burban slumlord is an issue. That said – just a part of a bigger problem called the “F’ U and I don’t give a chit” mentality that is the rule in a certain community. Why ??? God only knows….guess they have the answer within. Until then ….. it’ll rot to the ground

  13. Enlightened says:

    So you support shootings? Because why else would you criticize these comments. It’s good that there are Pro-thug people out there. Hope one of the people you support accidently unleashes in your direction.

  14. Enlightened says:

    1 to 6 parent to child ratios will ALWAYS result in thugs which leads to gangs which leads to shootings.

  15. Taxpayer says:

    Racist rants? Are you kidding? Look at the facts. Blacks are 10% of the population. Where are all the murders at? By whom? More importantly, to whom?
    Seems to me that it is the black child gangsta’s who are being racist to blacks.
    As for church, maybe if all these church-going mama’s of these gunners were to stop hiding out in church’s and ignoring the problems, and maybe confronting and parenting their children, then just maybe there would be a livable community up there. Praying has gotten you nowhere.

  16. Non-Hater says:

    Sheesh – I have zero issue living in a black community and yep-me white.
    I do have an issue living in what I call a ghetto community. That’s one within the other where they are ruled by punks, where the houses have no Dad’s, where the occupants have learned to live on the system and where they act like they have no hope. That is my definition of a ghetto. And what the northside has allowed itself to become.
    We have many vioices who talk – few who act for a million reasons. RT and the previous admin keep tossing programs and money at something as it is easier than addressing, Maybe now it is just to late.
    If I want dope it’s there – but my old buds in Minnetonka and Wayzata deal the same stuff. Sometimez down here even. The “johns” – most seem to be white and from outside the area – then again the local men just “take” the thing they want without fear mostly of the police coming. They called gang bangers and the ‘hood boys. As far as the free money from the system – it’s everywhere. Then again – the burbs have it too.
    The difference – we have the violence. All the time. I carry and so does everyone I know. To be honest – I dunno that it does much good other than a feel good thing…drive byes and ambushes take away any protection it might provide.
    It is a flippin mess and I am nearing the hang it up mindset too. I like to live

  17. Steve says:

    What happened to North Minneapolis? It was a good area when I lived there in 1977. Put up a wal

  18. RIII says:

    People that do not work for a living have very little respect for the lives and property of others. We need to stop taking tax dollars from the perople that earned it to support this.

  19. just sayin says:

    I’m white, and there are dirtball whites. There are a lot of successful blacks, the sad thing is – and truthfully they all live in the south.

  20. Andrew says:

    I know the brother of the victim and this man was a very good person; a hard-working, caring, husband and father. This is not just one-more-story of a shooting on the north side. This is personal. This incredibly horrible incident has made an entire family of victims; a very good family. This is for the rest of their lives.

    We all need to hear more about this. Even though we don’t like to think about bad news and tragedies like this, it is something we need to know. If they were your friends or relatives, wouldn’t you want to let others know about this? It has been two days now. In the name of “ongoing investigation”, the name of the victim is still “being withheld”. So, the story is disappearing as old news.

    We can’t keep ignoring tragedies like this or making ignorant comments based on biased stereotypes of where they live. The media hasn’t the opportunity to tell us about the humanity in the story. The part “after”, where we hear about his good family and their incredible loss. This will become one more statistic. When will the violence stop? What if this was your relative? Would you still say the same things?

  21. NavyVet says:

    It’s funny that people complain about the “black” population in Minnesota, when they only add up to about four percent of the 5,300,000 people in this state! And that includes the Somalians and others of African descent! Even on the north side they are not the majority!

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